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Nags Head Woods Preserve Annual Report for Town of Nags Head September 2006.

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1 Nags Head Woods Preserve Annual Report for Town of Nags Head September 2006

2 Nags Head Woods Preserve Deer Management Monitoring NC Natural Heritage Rare Plants Invasive Control KDH disabled hiking trail Educational Trail Signs Outreach

3 Nags Head Woods Preserve

4 Deer management Bow Hunting DMAP APC study ( SE Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study UG)

5 Deer Management Hunters HuntsDoesBucksRoad Kills Reported Total YearRegisteredActiveReportedKilled 199215NA 01 1 199331NA2120347 199465NA4624131027 199546NA2206101534 199643NA1381141736 19976434256136930 1998442223221111244 1999351425321111244 2000491714255717 200149241031179 20024824198641025 200351231461412733 20044917235117725 2005562422768418

6 Rare Plant Monitoring Common NameScientific namestatus N.C Rank N.CGlobal Water violetHottonia inflataSR-OS2G4 Carolina GrasswortLilaeopsis carolinensisTS3G3G5 Wooly Beach HeatherHudsonia tomentosaSR-PS2G5 Southern TwaybladeListera australisW1S3G4 Mosquito FernAzolla caroliniana S3G5 Fern OrchidLiparis loeseliiSR-PS1G5 Long Beach SeedboxLudwigia brevipesSR-TS2G2G3 Spreading SandwortArenaria Lanuginosa ssp lanuginosaSR-PS2G5T5

7 Common NameScientific namestatus N.CRank N.CGlobalDatelatitudelongitude# of species Water violetHottonia inflataSR-OS2G44/25/2006N35 59.799W75 39.93946 Water violetHottonia inflataSR-OS2G44/26/2006N35 59.900W75 39.97438

8 Common NameScientific namestatus N.C Rank N.CGlobalDatelatitudelongitude # of species Southern TwaybladeListera australisW1S3G45/6/2006N35 59.406W75 40.126298 Southern TwaybladeListera australisW1S3G45/6/2006N35 59.863W75 39.76416 Southern TwaybladeListera australisW1S3G45/6/2006N35 59.856W75 39.76045 Southern TwaybladeListera australisW1S3G45/6/2006N35 59.829W75 40.03366 Southern TwaybladeListera australisW1S3G45/6/2006N35 59.458W75 40.07212

9 Invasive Work Boys Scout Project: (Japanese Grass) Invasive Plant Control (Oriental Bittersweet)

10 Invasive Work Gypsy Moth to date: none found in traps Nutria management plan: partnering with Jockeys Ridge State Park

11 Nags Head Woods Preserve KDH Disabled Hiking Trail Partnering Project Town of Kill Devil Hills Wildlife Recourse Commission NC Handicapped Sportsman Inc. The Nature Conservancy Vision: To restore a 5 acre parcel from a retired sanitation facility back to a maritime forest/marsh ecosystem and create a eco-friendly hiking trail/hunting area for disabled persons.




15 Trail Map layer over aerial picture

16 Educational Trail Signs



19 Outreach Efforts Partner with Jockey Ridge to build shallow water oyster reefs Field trips for NC Aquarium and Wings Over Water (USFW)

20 Dare County Fire Wise Committee Partnership effort USFWS NCFS Dare County Fire Marshall NC Cooperative Extension Park Service TNC The objective of Fire Wise is to educate the Towns and community of Dare County about the program and how they can protect their property in Urban interface areas.

21 Town Trail

22 Yellow fringed Orchid

23 Crane-fly Orchid Thank You

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