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Sixth Grade.

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1 Sixth Grade

2 “Path Through the Cemetery”
Literary Elements Conflict Vocabulary Making Predictions

3 Conflict: Inner and Outer

4 Conflict

5 Conflict

6 All Kinds of Conflicts

7 All Kinds of Solutions



10 Character: Inner and Outer Conflict

11 What kind of conflict is it?

12 What kind of conflict is it?

13 What kind of conflict is it?

14 What kind of conflict is it?
I want gum, but it is against the rules.

15 What kind of conflict is it?

16 Path Through the Cemetery

17 Character Ivan- inner and outer conflicts
Other Soldiers- What do they do? They bully and tease him. They also dare him to do something. CHALLENGE vs. DARE

18 Making Your Prediction(s)
You will know Ivan`s character and the nature of the dare. What do you think he will do? What do you think will happen? When you predict an event, you must tell why you think it will happen. You must support your opinion (assertion) with reasons. Use information from the story, your own experience, and your thinking skills (YOUR BRAIN).

19 Think Like a Sociologist
I study individuals, groups, and institutions that make up human society. I observe and record how people relate to one another and to their environments. I also study the formation of groups, the cuses of various forms of social behavior, and the role of churches, schools, and other institutions (groups of soldiers?) within society. I study relationships relationships among individuals and groups in order to determine their effect on the overall function of the society. Scientific Method: theories, surveys, controlled experiments, and field observations.

20 Let`s read and predict!

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