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Community Relations & Traffic Safety The Automobile Club of Southern California Anita Lorz Manager, Community Relations and Traffic Safety

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1 Community Relations & Traffic Safety The Automobile Club of Southern California Anita Lorz Manager, Community Relations and Traffic Safety (714) 885-2311

2 Community Relations & Traffic Safety Auto Club has been a recognized and well respected corporate citizen and contributor to the well being and quality of life in the communities we serve for over a century. Advocacy, Research Analysis and Traffic safety outreach Key Focus areas - Senior mobility - Teen driving - Child passenger safety - DUI

3 Senior Mobility Research, Education & Programs

4 AAA Educational Tools Roadwise Review − Available to members and non-members − Over 500 donated to senior centers & libraries throughout the state Carfit − Assesses how well the senior and vehicle work together − Opportunity to meet with an Occupational Therapist

5 The Vehicle: CarFit

6 CarFit Helping Mature Drivers Find Their Perfect Fit Trained personnel will conduct a 15 minute review with each senior driver to identify and address how their vehicles “fit” them. At the end of the program, participants are given handout educational materials on safety issues and local resources to assist the older driver on any recommended follow-up action. Developed with the American Society on Aging and a collaborative effort among three nationally recognized organizations: − American Occupational Therapy Association − AARP − AAA

7 The CarFit Checklist Safety Belt Use Steering Wheel Tilt Head Restraint Setting Positioning to Air Bag Line of Sight Over Steering Wheel Positioning to gas/brake pedals Mirror Adjustments Operation of Parking Brake/Ignition Key Operation of Other Vehicle Controls

8 AAA Roadwise Review: A Tool To Help Seniors Drive Safely Longer Scientifically validated screening tool Roadwise Review is a tool that enables older drivers to identify and address physiological changes which could affect driving. Both PC and Mac versions on CD-ROM Takes about 30 minutes to complete Allows seniors to take it in the privacy of their own home with a partner

9 AAA Roadwise Review The skills tested in Roadwise Review™ include: Leg Strength and General Mobility Head/Neck Flexibility High- and Low-Contrast Visual Acuity Working Memory Visualization of Missing Information Visual Search Useful Field of View

10 Smart Features for Mature Drivers Criteria developed in collaboration with the University of Florida Highlights features for mature drivers related to: Ergonomics Comfort Safety Value More at:

11 Current offerings for Mature Drivers

12 Teen Driver Safety Research, Education & Programs

13 Dare to Prepare Dare to Prepare is a 90-minute curriculum targeting pre-GDL teens and parents. The workshop is available in Southern California at various locations.

14 Dare to Prepare Program Focus State and National GDL components Parent’s and Teen’s role and responsibilities Practical tips on teaching teens to drive California-specific Parent Teen Driving Agreement Included Driving School and Insurance information Interactive Activities Parent Report Card Distracted Driving Activity Facebook Game 1 in 5 Exercise Driving Dollars

15 Activities for teens

16 Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of deaths for teens. To help reduce these tragic occurrences, the Auto Club hosts a series of traffic safety fairs for teen-age drivers and their parents around the Southland Teen Driving Fairs are designed to educate teens, parents and Community members about local groups, agencies and organizations that provide support and resources for young drivers and their parents The fair is free to the public and offers information on a wide range of teen driving safety topics The fairs feature a special teen “Car check,” distracted driving demonstrations, under the hood education, and structured education sessions hosted by safety experts Teen Driving Safety Fairs

17 Collaborative community events targeted to members and non-members Host three to five event each year throughout Southern California

18 Driver-ZED is a computer-based DVD software program that helps novice drivers recognize and avoid driving hazards. The Driver-ZED DVD puts teens into 100 live-action situations – the equivalent of several years of actual driving. They face everything from a child chasing a ball into the street to dangerous two-lane passing. Driver-ZED offers four kinds of challenges across multiple venues of highway driving, in-town driving, driving in the country, and driving through work zones. The Auto Club offers Driver-Zed free of charge to teens who participate in the Teen Car check portion of the Teen Driving Fairs The Driver-Zed program is also offered as an incentive at many of our additional community events Driver-Zed

19 Child Passenger Safety Education & Programs

20 Child Passenger Safety Physician Tool Kits Goal - Create and evaluate effectiveness of CPS AAA-branded educational materials tailored for medical offices Develop and test materials in English and Spanish Uses Health Belief Model as a basis for material development Auto Club Southern California has trained staff from USC Women & Children’s Hospital and WIC Clinics in Santa Ana, which are currently utilizing the kits with their patients. Current Marketing efforts under way to implement to other locations

21 Child Passenger Safety Physician Tool Kits Contents

22 School’s Open-Drive Carefully! The greatest threat children face today is motor vehicle crashes. While walking, cycling or as a passenger in a motor vehicle, these crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 3 and older The majority of child pedestrian fatalities occur at non-intersections. Contributing factors include a child’s tendency to dart into the street without looking for oncoming traffic and little instruction for children on the right way to cross the street. A national survey of speeding in school zones found that two-thirds of drivers exceed the posted speed limit during the 30-minute period before and after school. Used widely by schools and communities across the nation, AAA's annual School's Open - Drive Carefully! program uses colorful graphics and a wide variety of products and publications to deliver this important safety message.

23 Law Enforcement Resources

24 Digest of Traffic Legislation and Vehicle Code Booklets The Digest of Traffic Legislation presents Senate and Assembly measures that were enacted into law the previous year, as well as changes to the Vehicle Code. The supplemental Principal California Vehicle Code Sections, commonly referred to as “Cheat Sheets” are a great tool for law enforcement officers. The Auto Club offers these materials free of charge to law enforcements agencies and traffic safety professionals throughout Southern California every year.

25 Law Enforcement CPS Roll Call Video Part of the CA SHSP Challenge 4: Increase use of Safety Belts and child safety seats Developed in partnership with Livermore Police and AAA Northern California Can viewed on the Clubs RoadAhead website

26 DUI Initiatives

27 Current DUI Education and Policy Efforts DUI Forum RBS Training Public Information Campaign Working with City, Law Enforcement on ordinance to incorporate RBS training to restaurants and retail outlets DUI Justice Link Tipsy Tow (New Years Eve) Educational materials

28 Free Educational Resources Alcohol Related Bicycle Safety Child Passenger Safety Driver Education Law Enforcement Resources Mature Driver Pedestrian Safety School Bus To order materials, contact: (800) 541-5552

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