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“The Opportunity is Today! Our work is solemn, Therefore we dare not trifle; Our task is difficult, Therefore we dare not relax; Our opportunities are.

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1 “The Opportunity is Today! Our work is solemn, Therefore we dare not trifle; Our task is difficult, Therefore we dare not relax; Our opportunities are brief, Therefore we dare not delay; Our path is narrow, Therefore we dare not wander; But our PRIZE will be glorious, Therefore we dare not faint.” Awana God’s Miracle

2 There are 97 Awana Missionaries across the United States, which serve 12,053 churches that have the Awana Ministry.

3 Oversees 50 Awana Missionaries which represents 6,998 Awana Clubs. Regional Missionary (Eastern US) Harvey & Pat Hagen

4 Northeast 7,476,307 Children under 18 Ken & Karen Hoffmeyer Bob & Dorinda Bennett Doug & Cindy Schoenheit Mark & Pat DeQuoy

5 Northeast Pastor of one of the largest churches started Awana because of the importance placed on children learning Bible verses. Ken & Karen Hoffmeyer

6 Tri-State 5,066,245 Children under 18 Marlin & Donna Fuller Lanty & Tammy Moss Gary & Sharon Goodrow Randy & Donna Meyers

7 NYPENN area has started Chinese, Haitian, Christian Arabic, Korean, Messianic Jewish, African American, Indian (India), and Hispanic churches. Marlin & Donna Fuller

8 Mid-Atlantic 3,308,338 Children under 18 Bill & Judy Bianco Ken & Eileen Lorow Phill & Joanne Jordan

9 Lord give a vision burning within of sinners dying lost in their sin. Awana God’s Miracle

10 The Carolinas 3,361,316 Children under 18 Al & Mildred Schlosser Allen & Marion Bailey Tommy & Paula Nash Kevin & Marietta Chewning David & Liz Roach Bill & Denise Fugel Mike & Kay Hawkins

11 On a club visit following council time, a child responded. He said that he had been getting ‘some good information on salvation.’ Going over the gospel wheel with him, he preceded to trust in Jesus. As we opened our eyes there stood…his father…he had been asking a lot of questions at home and they were giving him the information.” Mike & Kay Hawkins

12 Georgia 2,489,727 Children under 18 Brian & Carolyn Crowe Pete & Nancy Cyprian Beth Greene Brian & LaRyssa Bixel

13 If you are not working with children, you are missing out on a blessing. Brian & Carolyn Crowe

14 Florida 4,004,679 Children under 18 Bruce & Ruth Jernigan Tom & Sandi Hofmann Tim & Fern Johnson Jim & Tara Lambeth

15 We have come to a turning point in the road. If we turn to the right mayhap our children and our children's children will go that way; but if we turn to the left, generations yet unborn will curse our names for having been unfaithful to God and to His Word. Charles Spurgeon

16 Mid-America 7,071,883 Children under 18 Ken & Debbie Rohrer Ken & Melinda Cogley Steve & Pam Schenk Jeff & Suzan Rupp Jim & Helen Alexander Rick & Connie Stomps Mark & Diane Britton Bob & Bette Pycraft Brian & Sherri Jenks Rick & Mary Glover Dave & Cindy Rollings

17 Leader attending Basic Training finally felt confident to present the gospel with clarity. The role playing segment cemented it in her heart. Mark & Diane Britton

18 Illinois/Wisconsin 4,472,803 Children under 18 Tim & Sherry Thomas Bruce & Marti Brumfield Roy & Betty Koopman Ken & Denise Krup Don & Nancy Estep J.P. & Cheryl Morgan

19 A grandmother attending Awana training thought of her grandson in another town. Through a ministry team member and the grandmother working together this little boy started to attend club. Younger siblings soon followed and even the parents are now attending church. Bruce & Marti Brumfield

20 Kentucky/Tennessee 2,521,771 Children under 18 Mike & Kris Reed Tim & Cheryl Welcher Frank & Linda Hobart Gerald & Susan Vanderford J.J. & Laura Gillette

21 One child having fun at Awana has lead two entire families with several of the members trusting Christ to come to church. Gerald & Susan Vanderford

22 Alabama/Mississippi 4,111,309 Children under 18 Bruce & Melanie Patrick T.J. & Kathy Sipes Mark & Josie Morgan

23 Many millions of youngsters are facing a Christless eternity. Such news should break our hearts and steel our resolve. Let’s work together to ensure that kids are given the opportunity to discover that they matter to God. Jack Eggar

24 Brad & Margie Iverson Oversees 46 Awana Missionaries which represents 5,055 Awana Clubs. Regional Missionary (Western US)

25 North Central 2,958,029 Children under 18 Rick & Fairy Hatten Arlyn & Marcy Nies Paul & Janet Harkness Ron & Claudine Glynn Bill & Cindy Hoppe Tim & Cheryl Gilley

26 On a club visit the Sparks Director was surprised to see her commander and leader when she was a Sparky. Only now they were the Awana Missionaries and she was the Sparks Director! Ron & Claudine Glynn

27 Kansas/Missouri 2,152,910 Children under 18 Mark & Marjorie Schoonover Michael & Michelle Bowen Joel & Veronica Culberson Jeff & Pat Schuessler

28 If you want to do a work for eternity, reach boys and girls for Christ. Lance “Doc” Latham

29 Arkansas/Louisana 1,831,227 Children under 18 Rusty & Amy Menke Curt & Karen Talley Dave & Patti Stone Carroll & Martha Wherry

30 One couple out of Arkansas now supports 2 additional missionaries due to catching the vision of missions through their partnership with their Awana missionaries. Curt & Karen Talley

31 Oklahoma 930,335 Children under 18 James & Paula Cavanaugh

32 Texas/Oklahoma 7,795,073 Children under 18 Jo Ellen Ballard Kevin & Jennifer Ivie Kelvin & Sandra Gunnells Ralph & Grace Deffendall Raine & Penny Gunn Taylor & Meredith Lassiter Lynn Baker Doug & Ellen Rolando James & Paula Cavanaugh

33 Following a small AwanaGames and Bible Quiz event, a 5 th grade girl went home and shared with her parents how she now understood the gospel. That afternoon, her parents were able to lead her to the Lord. This young girl is continuing to grow strong in her faith. Taylor & Meredith Lassiter

34 Four Corners 4,246,625 Children under 18 Chad & Karen Smith Mark & Deanna Meyer Dave & Diane Farmer Joe & Jill Cook Wes & Jennifer Miller

35 Church of 100 members has close to 100 children from the neighborhood coming each week to club. Only 10- 12 are from their church family with the rest from homes not impacted by other churches. Chad & Karen Smith

36 Pacific North West 3,286,716 Children under 18 Jim & Bev VanMersbergen Brion & Connie Frakes Jeff & Shelly Kessler Ed & Kim Gossien Jerry & Angie Berheim Kyle & Nancy Herr Dan & Geraldine Bylsma

37 In the time we have before Christ returns, may we all be more zealous than ever to present the life-giving message of the Gospel to a lost world. Art Rorheim

38 Pacific South West 10,281,172 Children under 18 Don & Debi Isaacs Joel & Virginia Cook Bob & Jo-Ann Meier Mike & Becky Sexton Gene & Nancy Goertzen Miguel & Lorena Montes Cindy Vesperman Tom & Marti Chance Steve & Karen Hydanus Jeff & Judy Gilpin

39 Hawaiian church and San Diego church had 18 decisions for Christ in the same month. Gene & Nancy Goertzen Elderly lady came to training and left burdened and equipped to share the gospel with her unsaved husband. Cindy Vesperman

40 Trusting Christ as your Savior makes you a Christian. Obeying Christ makes you a missionary. Art Rorheim

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