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What is the role of the creative brief in the new world of marketing communications? Leo Moore Planning Director Irish International.

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2 What is the role of the creative brief in the new world of marketing communications? Leo Moore Planning Director Irish International

3 About me Currently Planning Director at Irish International Previously; –Planning Director, McCann Erickson –Founding Partner, AnalogFolk –Media Manager – GB & Ireland, Diageo –Group Sales Manager, RTE What I do: –Lead the development of new processes and ways of working –Champion the digital evolution of the agency –Lead the strategic communications planning on a number of brands including Guinness, Bank Of Ireland, Barry’s Tea and upc.

4 What is the role of the creative brief in the new world of marketing communications?

5 THE WORLD IS CHANGING Rapid development of digital tools driving massive changes in consumer behaviour (the emergence of the post-analogue society)



8 8 Text “Our focus should not be on emerging technologies but emerging cultural practices” Henry Jenkins “A revolution doesn't happen when a society adopts new tools. it happens when society adopts new behaviors” Clay Shirky

9 There is a massive change in how consumers and brands engage with each other More participatory More social and communal More fragmented More transparent More playful ‘Always on’ Location increasingly important

10 Traditional (current) approach to briefing A problem to be solved by advertising ‘Consumers’ to ‘target’ A message to say at them Reasons to believe Tone of voice Maybe, if lucky, what media you’re filling


12 Traditional (current) approach to media planning Impressions OTS Reach Frequency CPT Share of voice


14 Advertising = Interruption

15 Images courtesy of Russell Davies


17 Hugh MacLeod –

18 The future of advertising isn’t messaging. It’s in ideas that solve business problems in a culturally positive way.

19 A new approach to planning Message Content Channels Account Planning Media Planning Communications Planning Ideas that drive channel behavior. People engage with ideas, not channels.

20 Insight. Excite.

21 Key principles

22 We need a noble purpose, not a message. Have a point of view on the world, not a position in the category. Principle No. 1

23 Levi’s – Go Forth

24 It’s not what we say but what we do that matters Principle No. 2

25 From peacocks to bowerbirds Source: Gareth Kay “Briefing in a post-digital world” Peafowl are best known for the male's extravagant tail, which it displays as part of courtship. Bowerbirds are most known for their unique courtship behaviour, where males build a structure and decorate it with sticks and brightly coloured objects in an attempt to attract a mate.

26 Fiat Eco Drive

27 We need ideas we can advertise, not advertising ideas Principle No. 3

28 Vaseline – Prescribe The Nation

29 Walkers - Sandwich

30 We need to leave gaps for people to participate Principle No. 4


32 Volkswagen – Fun Theory

33 We must understand what people are interested in and use ideas as a bridge between these interests and the brand Principle No. 5

34 Lurpak – Bake Club

35 We must be media positive Principle No. 6

36 We should build a balanced and holistic media mix

37 Nike Chalkbot

38 We must be agile and fleet of foot Principle No. 7

39 Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

40 We must think about behaviour, not technology Principle No. 8

41 Twelpforce

42 PRE-DIGITAL Interruption Information Messaging Targeting markets Perception Big POST-DIGITAL Participation Inspiration Actions Creating movements Behavior Long

43 All this means how you design, create and evaluate ideas has to change.

44 Does it communicate? Is it clear? Is it likeable? Is it engaging? Is it replicable? Is it magnetic? Has it got depth? Is it slippy and spreadable? Is it participatory? Is it generative?



47 The Creative Brief

48 What is a creative brief? cre·a-tive (krea tiv), adj. 1.having the quality or power of creating 2.resulting from originality of thought; imaginative brief (bref), adj. 1.lasting or taking a short time 2.using few words; concise: a brief report 3.abrupt; curt 4.a short and concise statement or written item.

49 What is the role of the brief? The bridge between smart strategic thinking and great communication Designed to improve our chances of having lots of good ideas Intended to liberate not limit creative thinking It is the first stage in the creative process


51 Clarity? Fishing analogy CLARITY Source: Brief Guide to briefs - Dare

52 BREVITY Source: Brief Guide to briefs - Dare

53 BREVITY Source: Brief Guide to briefs - Dare

54 BREVITY Source: Brief Guide to briefs - Dare

55 BREVITY Source: Brief Guide to briefs - Dare


57 CONSISTENCY Business Goal Target Audience Brand Proposition Evaluation

58 “Preparation H is of limited interest to a bunch of twentysomething creatives, but it is of incredible interest to someone with piles.” Jeremy Bullmore (paraphrased) INSPIRATION Source: Brief Guide to briefs - Dare

59 The core of the brief GET: The people whose behavior we are trying to change (the audience) WHO: need, want or believe (the insight) TO: Think, Feel or Do something specific (the action) BY: Giving them information, a demonstration, a challenge or an experience (the key message)

60 Planning, Creative and Client Service stakeholders workshop the brief for an intensive period. Planning provide context and consumer understanding. The group agrees the main insight and message First cut at creative platform and hero execution Brief agreed collaboratively Kick-starting the ideas process – The bunker session

61 High intensity session with key stakeholders to amplify core strategy and tactics. Ask the critical question: How do we make it Bigger? Then ask it again… And again… Making the idea as big as possible – The blow-out session


63 Thank You

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