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Imagination to Reality Powers Up Dare-to-Dream Research Collaborations Limsoon Wong Institute for Infocomm Research.

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1 Imagination to Reality Powers Up Dare-to-Dream Research Collaborations Limsoon Wong Institute for Infocomm Research

2 Make Computers Easier to Use Search photo by visual keywords

3 The Collaboration Formal joint laboratory (IPAL) Collaborators: –CNRS: Talent, $, students –NUS SOC: Talent, $, students –I 2 R: Talent, students Results: Jointly owned novel image processing methods and applications.

4 Hide Existence of Files Defeat even attacker who: –is familiar with system –has full access to sytem –lacks only the file access key Applications: –External data/storage & managed services –Military & financial, where data is so valuable that coercion is likely StegFS: Steganographic File System Doesn’t even want him to know the file exists!

5 The Collaboration Joint project Collaborators –NUS SOC (Talent, student) –I 2 R (Talent) Results: Jointly owned IPs on StegFS Hwee Hwa I 2 R Xuan Zhou SOC Kian Lee SOC

6 Benefit Children Childhood leukaemia is a heterogeneous disease Treatment is based on subtype 3 different tests and 4 different experts are needed for diagnosis  Curable in USA,  fatal in Indonesia A single platform diagnosis based on gene expression

7 The Collaboration Joint project Collaborators: –St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (data, diagnosis, $) –I 2 R (gene expression analysis) Results: –Clinical outcomes: owned by St. Jude –Algorithmic outcomes: owned by I 2 R Jim JinyanAllenLimsoon

8 Understand Women :-) Estrogens belong to the steroid hormones that exert their effects via nuclear receptors Estrogen regulates gene expression through the direct binding of estrogen receptor (ER) to the ERE in the gene promoter region Most of estrogen responsive genes lack a perfect ERE consensus in their promoter regions Increased known ERE patterns 5-fold

9 The Collaboration Joint project Collaborators: –Karolinska Institutet (data generation, confirmation expts) –GIS (data generation, confirmation expts) –I 2 R (ERE modeling, prediction) Results: –Clinical outcomes: owned by GIS –Algorithmic outcomes: owned by I 2 R I2RI2R GIS

10 One Step Closer to Omnipresence Wanted: A system of networked wireless sensors carried on autonomous mobile nodes that are able to operate in all kinds of terrain Challenge: To integrate –localization systems –mobile ad hoc networking –distributed robotics. The All Terrain Advanced Network of Ubiquitous Mobile Asynchronous Systems

11 The Collaboration Informal ad hoc collaboration Collaborators: –UC Davis (localization, mobile ad hoc networking) –CMU, U. of Tokyo, NUS (distributed robotics) –I 2 R (mobile ad hoc networking) Results: –Joint papers only –No IPs expected

12 Make Wearable Computers More Sexy Low data rate UWB-based physical layer for wireless personal area network Challenges: –Support low-cost and low- power apps with better performance than IEEE 802.15.4 physical layer –Handle interference from simultaneously operating piconets. –Support both communication and location estimation. Wires everywhere. Not sexy enough! Whisper

13 Better Phone Service for Remote Arctic Villages Ad hoc networking for the Village Radio system in Canadian arctic Energy-efficient routing protocol to improve the Village Radio system Multi-path for robustness Protocol learns routes from packets transmitted QoS beyond best effort through multi-path routing Grapevine Bears pictures: Copyright 2002 Thomas D. Mangelsen, Inc.

14 The Collaboration Stimulate scientific & tech. collab. between S’pore, Alberta, & the rest of Canada by: –build research capabilities –train graduates in ICT –develop new tech –promote collaboration among industry partners of two countries R&D Consortium Collaborators –TRLabs (talent, $) –I 2 R (talent, $) Results –owned by TechnoBridge, which is itself owned by A*STAR and TRLabs = +

15 Promote robustness of crypto techniques (e.g., digital signature) from fragile level to non-fragile level, in order to meet needs of media storage and transmission over lossy channels. Protect Authenticity of Data in a Robust Way Altere d? Who signed?

16 The Collaboration Joint project Collaborators: –Columbia University (talent, students) –I 2 R (talent, students) Results: –Media authentication: jointly owned –Object authentication: owned by I 2 R Chang SF Tian Qi Sun Qibin

17 Let Machines Perceive as We Do Perceptual visual quality according to characteristics of human vision Outperform metrics in ITU-T VQEG test Adoption in video coding results in efficiency & quality improvement (other systems make compromise betw. the two) Higher PSNR! New perceptual metric perceives correctly. 0.810.83New metric 0.690.66PSNR metric Spearman Correlation Pearson Correlation Comparison with MOS (Mean Opinion Score) Better accuracy Better consistency

18 The Collaboration NTT DoCoMo R&D Center Joint Project Collaborators: –NTT DoCoMo (data generation, subjective tests, $) –I 2 R (new methodology) Results: –Visual quality evaluation for mobilecom: jointly owned –Quality gauge from partial data: owned by I 2 R –s/w embedded in DoCoMo’s coding system: owned by DoCoMo

19 Sample Fingerprint Images Automatically quantify the quality of the fingerprint image so that the performance of fingerprint sensor can be characterized under various operating conditions

20 The Collaboration Joint project Collaborators: –Infineon Technologies AG (sensor, non-finger quality analysis, $) –I2R (finger-based quality analysis, algorithm for aging study and sensor comparison) Results: –Report on results of sensor comparison and analysis: provided to Infineon –Algorithmic outcomes: owned by I2R

21 Collaboration Models Partners put in tech, people, and/or $ I 2 R puts in tech and/or peope Each retain their background IP Foreground IP can be jointly own or split by agreement

22 Thank You

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