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JEOPARDY. Ford/Carter Reagan Bush Sr. Bush Sr. Clinton Bush W. Bush W. 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500.

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2 Ford/Carter Reagan Bush Sr. Bush Sr. Clinton Bush W. Bush W. 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500

3 Ford100 As Ford stepped into office he developed the policy of WIN to deal with the ______ a term his critics claimed made him no better than Herbert Hoover

4 Ford 100 Ford developed WIN known as Whip Inflation Now. The program existed to counter stagflation a period during Ford’s Presidency where the country faced unemployment and inflation.

5 Ford 200 This event marked the end of the Vietnam war in America and was considered a great shame to the country.

6 Ford 200 The fall of Saigon or retreat from Saigon.

7 Carter 300 This event was considered a period of great national pride as Carter mediated in creating the……

8 Carter 300 The Camp David accords were negotiations between Sedat of Egypt and Begin of Israel.Israel agreed to return land to Egypt.

9 Carter 400 As a result of the actions by this organization the National Energy Act was passed.

10 Carter 400 OPEC an alliance of oil producing countries drove up the price of gasoline, the act taxed cars that were not energy efficient and led to the creation of the Department of Energy.

11 Carter 500 Carter mismanaged this incident at the end of the presidency making him look weak in cold war politics.

12 Carter 500 The Iranian Hostage Crisis became a public embarrassment to Carter. First with an unsuccessful marine rescue attempt, and a long drawn out hostage negotiation.

13 Reagan100 As inflation was on the rise after the poor spending choices of early Cold War. How did Reagan strategize to fix the problem.

14 Reagan100 Reagan continued with an idea similar to that of Calvin Coolidge in the 1920’s creating tax cut for the top ten percent. Known as Trickle Down or Reaganomics.

15 Reagan 200 Reagan continued to push the conservative ideas that he was elected by pushing the idea of New Federalism where power centered on…..

16 Reagan200 Giving power back to the state government at the expense of the Federal Government.

17 Reagan 300 This group became major power player from Reagan on when it came to the election figures that supported small conservative government.

18 Regan 300 The religious right supported Reagan and many other Republican candidates that afterward that were conservative from the South.

19 Reagan 400 Regan along with the military supported what controversial political group overseas.

20 Reagan 400 The U.S. backed the Nicaraguan group known as the Contras.

21 Reagan 500 The first group to define the event accurately with the key players will get the full socre on their own. Define the Iran Contra Affair and the major players.

22 Reagan 500 Supposedly without the knowledge of the President Oliver North along with other military officials sold weapons to Iran to try and better relations. The money went to fund the Anti communist force Nicaragua the Contras.

23 Bush 100 Bush did not pass many domestic laws due to….

24 Bush100 There were not a lot of laws passed due to a congressional Gridlock where the democrats had control of congress.

25 Bush 200 Though the economy was endangered during the Reagan presidency, what bushes stance a promis to the American people.

26 Category 3 200 Bush Promised that during his presidency that he would not raise taxes. Shortly after entering office he realized the economic issues of the country and raised taxes.

27 Bush 300 Operation Desert Shield was meant to protect what major oil producing country?

28 Bush 300 Saudi Arabia was on of the world's largest oil Producers, when it was thought Saddam Hussein might endanger the area the United states moved to protect the area.

29 Bush 400 The second aspect of dessert storm was this operation meant to protect Kuwait

30 Bush 400 During operation Desert Storm the U.S. fought the Iraqi army to protect Kuwait. The U.S. did not invade Iraqi upon the armies retreat within their borders.

31 Bush Sr.500 As the Soviet union collapsed what did Borris Yeltson do with remainder of the Soviet union

32 Bush 500 Yeltson broke the soviet union into elven different republics that joined the EU while the U.S. helped fun the former Soviet Union.

33 Clinton 100 Speaker of the house that gave Clinton the most trouble. Along with his support for the Contract with America

34 Clinton 100 Newt Gingrich was the speaker of the house that opposed clinton and promised to get rid of many democratic party reforms.

35 Clinton 200 Clinton ran on the idea that he was…… Define this idea for full points.

36 Clinton 200 New Democrat: The idea that Clinton was not another big spending big government democrat.

37 Clinton 300 This group help globlize the country, explain what it was and what globilization was.

38 Clinton300 NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement. Existed to remove trade barriors in North America Globalization was the idea of uniting the world through trade and lowering tariffs.

39 Clinton 400 Expalin what the White water scandal was and who the key people were.

40 Category 4 400

41 Category 4 500


43 Category 5 100


45 Category 5 200


47 Category 5 300


49 Category 5 400


51 Category 5 500


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