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Matter ~13.8 Billion Years Ago

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1 Matter ~13.8 Billion Years Ago
Visit of Oslo Students at CERN , Sedat Altınpınar

2 Motivation

3 Going deeper in structure…

4 Standard Model

5 Strong Interaction is different...
Electron - Proton Quark - Quark Vstrong(r) (GeV) r (fm) VEM(r) (eV) r (nm) kr r c 3 4 V s strong + - = h a ) (

6 From Infrared to Ultraviolet
Infrared slavery Ultraviolet Behaviour

7 Nobel 2004 Gross, Wilczek, Politzer

8 Does it exist in nature ? QGP

9 We can recreate it: LHC @ CERN

10 4 LHC Experiments

11 Nucleus-Nucleus Collision


13 Event in ALICE

14 How to study matter ? Properties of matter: Conductivity, color, density, phase states, magnetism,… Example method: Partonic energy loss, ergo kind of finding a Bethe-Bloch for partons. Probe: Quarks. For example energy loss of heavy quarks (c and b) delivers important informations about the Quark-Gluon Plasma. Measurement: Yields of electrons originating from hadrons and hadrons themselves containing heavy quarks like D0(c, u(bar)), B0(b(bar), u),...

15 The Observable RAA RAA the Nuclear Modification Factor
Nucleus-Nucleus Collision Proton-Proton Collision Baseline of RAA

16 Hydrodynamics -> Elliptic flow v2
Interactions among the produced particles: Pressure gradients generate positive elliptic flow v2

17 It’s liquid !

18 Phase Diagram of Nuclear Matter

19 Thank you for listening
And many other observables and ideas Thank you for listening

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