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DALAMAN KONUTLARI Have a place in the center of holiday.

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1 DALAMAN KONUTLARI Have a place in the center of holiday

2 DALAMAN Dalaman is situated in the Mugla Province in the southwest of Turkey. It is set in beautiful countryside, surrounded by cotton fields, fragrant orange groves, and some fascinating ancient site and considered to be one of the natural beauties in Turkey lying between the mountains and the sea. It is a quiet and peaceful spot having great swathes of gold and white sands, warm seas and guaranteed sunshine Dalaman is now rapidly becoming an investment area for many Europeans purchasing property for investment in Turkey. This seems due to many factors including the town being designated a main touristic area from now on: Recent investments to Airport, road ways and the continuous development of the area is making it more accessable and plans for new marinas and a golf course are underway. There is also a tunnel underway to connect the town of Gocek and Dalaman, reducing the journey to only 5 or 10 minutes drive Over - development and exploitation of the area is stopped by the protection afforded to sea turtles (caretta-carrettas). This should ensure that Dalaman continues to develop in harmony with its surrounding environment and retain its natural beauty.

3 Right in the center of everywhere Dalaman benefits from its proximity to many areas of interest both historical and geographic interest. Dalaman is rapidy becoming an area of destination rather than just a stop over on the way to some other resort town The beaches in Dalaman are excellent with a wide variety of water sporting facilities. The nightlife is often centred round hotels and resort complexes. The diverse cuisine satisfies most palates. Dalaman is particularly popular with families with small children. Those who are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday will find all they need in Dalaman. The more energetic holiday maker will discover a wide range of sporting activities both in and out of the water. It is an ideal spot for those interested in the ancient past. You will find a large number of fascinating archaeological sites like the Kaunos acheological site and the carved tombs in the Limestone mountain.

4 Kaunos just a stonethrow away Once an important trading port, the ancient city of Kaunos can be reached via a pictureqsue short boat ride from the Dalaman resort centre. The city was supposedly founded by Kaunos, the son of Miletus who was exiled after an incestuous relationship with his twin sister. The city was part of the Kingdom of Rhodes and later the Roman Empire although it lost its importance as the harbour filled with silt. Ancient ruins stand on the shores of beautiful Lake Sülüklü and include an impressive open air theatre, a church, roman baths and remnants of city walls.

5 Dalyan mud baths.. getting healthier Dalyan has the most diverse flora and fauna in Turkey. The mud baths of Dalyan have unsurprisingly become one of the areas top attractions. The sulphur-rich baths are said to alleviate the symptoms of various muscle and skin-related conditions, and it’s even been said that the waters will make you look younger, although there’s no real proof for this

6 Iztuzu Beach.. World’s second most famous beach Iztuzu beach is the world's 2nd most famous beach, it is 6 kms long and and you can observe and enjoy the sea turtles (caretta-carrettas). The beach is a sactuary for sea turtles

7 Fethiye-Ölüdeniz just 30 kms away Fethiye, built on the site of an ancient town on the wooded hillsides of Mount Mendos, has wonderful beaches and safe water that never dips below sixty degrees Fahrenheit. There you can visit the Lycian Rock Tombs carved into the cliffs.

8 Marmaris and İ çmeler place for all Icmeler, which was formerly a fishing and diving village, has developed excellent water sport facilities to supply the demand of holidaymakers. There are some high quality hotels and restaurants here for those who enjoy a little extra luxury

9 Sarıgerme another wonderful beach Sarıgerme is quickly establishing itself as a popular family holiday destination with plans to turn this area into a golfers paradise. The ancient city of Physilis was once located here and although the ruins are mostly buried in sand, those determined enough can find city walls and the remains of a Byzantine church

10 Rafting on Dalaman River… Adventurous travellers will enjoy rafting on the Dalaman River. The rapids here are suitable for beginners and more experienced rafters with difficulty ratings ranging from 1 to 5 (depending on the time of year and the course taken).

11 And many others … The Golgeli Mountains are in close proximity and are a great chance for people who enjoy trekking. Many lakes occupy the mountains, as well as quaint plateau villages. Two of the mountains in this region are suitable for winter sports; Mount Sandras (2294m) and Mount Eren (2677m). Between December and April, both have good snow cover.

12 And.. Why invest in Turkey?

13 Money making potential Certainly many people who invested over the last year or two have made substantial sums of money. Property is rising in value at anything up to 50 per cent a year. Turkey is also an inexpensive place to buy a property. It remains much cheaper than other Mediterranean places.

14 Good, comfortable secure and relaxed social life Turkey is an inexpensive place to live. An Irish/UK pensioner, with only their state pension, can live well in Turkey. The economy has been growing at 8.4% in 2004 and inflation is in single digits for the first time in decades. Cultural diversity combined with western levels of service and security including the home comforts and facilities you have come to expect at home. Turkey offers this balance. Rich in history and culture, Turkey is on the doorstep of both Asia and Europe which has facilitated the growth and developed of a rich multi-cultural society. Turkey has low crime rates. Turkey is very pro-Western, pro-European and pro secular society Warm Turkish welcome - In Turkey children are very welcome everywhere and are not seen as an added inconvenience as sometimes happens in restaurants / hotels in other European countries. Older people are particularly treated with respect and the local people usually can't do enough for you.

15 The climate and unique geographic location Turkey enjoys hot summers and relatively mild winters Turkey enjoys a very special location at the crossroads between East and West, overlapping Europe and Asia geographically. The proxy to the new emerging markets in Middle East and Central Asia creates unique business opportunities.

16 Who are we? Established in 1982, we have been in construction business since then. We have realised 10s of different projects especially for the Turkish government and for various municipalities. We are proud to have the following reference list. Dalaman Konutları is our prestigious project in residence construction area.

17 Some references OWNERName of the projectTotal investmentYear SAGRA A.SGeneral management Building14.400.000 USD1982 Turkish ArmyBalıkesir Army school Building48.000.000 USD1982-1983 Ordu City GovernmentCity treasury Building4.200.000 USD1984-1985 Ordu City GovernmentPerşembe province Government building1.800.000 USD11985-1986 Ordu City GovernmentOrdu 300 bed capacity student recidence2.400.000 USD1986-1987 Ordu City GovernmentGölköy 17 Blocks residencial site4.200.000 USD1988-1990 Ordu City GovernmentFatsa School building5.400.000 USD1988-1989 Ordu City GovernmentKumru, Unye, Çaybaşı vilage clinics2.400.000 USD1990-1992 Ordu City GovernmentKorgan 52 Block residencial site13.000.000 USD1992- Ordu City GovernmentKumru City Hospital3.000.000 USD1992-1994 Ministry Of Youth&sprKumru 500 seating capacity sports complex1.800.000 USD1992-1994 Ordu City GovernmentOrtaca Primary school building10.200.000 USD1994-1996 Private investorBuilding with 32 apartments2.800.000 USD1997-1999 Ordu City GovernmentMerkez Hürriyet Primary school building4.200.000 USD2001-2002 Ordu City GovernmentGürgentepe Özel İdare service building4.200.000 USD2001-2002 Private investorBuilding with 20 apartments1.800.000 USD2002-2003 Akent Yapı cooperative4. and 5. sections4.200.000 USD2001-2005 Private investorBusiness center4.200.000 USD2006 Man.Turkish RoadwaysBlack sea transit auto road 2.000.000 USD2006-2007 Bolaman Tunnel Operational building

18 Now.. The project …


20 DALAMAN KONUTLARI 24 Luxurious apartments in 6 blocks ( 4 in each)

21 GENERAL Total site area 4500 sqms Site plan6 2-storey blocks each 250 sqm ( total of 1500 sqms, 30% of the total area) Common area One swimming pool of 130 sqms, with kids section Playing area for kids Landscaped gardens with ligustrum tree and/or local species, Side walls and fences all around the area with one common entrance D. to the airport6 kms D. to the town center4 kms

22 Here are some details

23 DESCRIPTION 3+1 or 2+1 105 sqms luxury apartments. A large balkony in every apartment. Open plan fitted kitchen. One bathroom with bathtub and wash basin and water closet

24 You can choose 3+1 or 2+1 options without changing the total sqms.

25 This is the 3+1 option


27 And this is 2+1


29 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Buildings are constructed with reinforced concrete system. Walls brick ( TSE – TE standarts) 25 cms sound and heat isolation between floors, ceiling and floors. Clay tiles on the roof ( classical Turkish style) Sun energy water heating system All windows PVC profile and 2 layers heat resistant glass All panel doors 3-lock steel main door Circuits (cables and piping) for air conditioning in every living area ( device option) All the electrical circuits ( cables, appliances etc) are in TSE- TE standards All plumbing systems ( pipework, dainage pipes, baths, basins, sinks etc) are in TSE – TE standards Telephone line, adsl connection ( option

30 LIVING ROOM - DINER Walls water based paint ( colour options) Floor ceramic tiles or laminated parquet Ceiling water based paint ( white)

31 KITCHEN Open plan fitted kitchen – mdf ( colour option). ( refrigirator, dish washer, electric owen and stove not included – option) Floor ceramic tiles Sidewalls ceramic tiles Ceiling water based paint white

32 BATHROOM Floor ceramic tiles Side walls ceramic tiles Ceiling water based paint white Bathtub Water closet Was basin Electrical heater option

33 BALKONY Floor ceramic tiles

34 Latest situation at site ( real photos, as of may 2008)






40 Prices, payments.. Prices starts from 60.000 £-65.000 £

41 Prices, payments.. 20% downpayment with signing the contract

42 Prices, payments.. Official procedure takes from 45 days to 60 ( foreing investment permissions.. Deed etc)

43 Prices, payments.. And your apartment will be ready in this 60 days… ( during the contract procedure you are welcome to choose wall colours, and/or other optional equipment and your apartment will be finished according to your choices.

44 Prices, payments.. 80% of the total amount to be paid against the hand over the keys and the deed. ( max. 60 days after the contract)









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