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Sailing through the Menopause with Homeopathy Jane Lindsay – Registered Homeopath Aude Sapere – Health for all the family – Naturally Woodford Folk Festival.

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1 Sailing through the Menopause with Homeopathy Jane Lindsay – Registered Homeopath Aude Sapere – Health for all the family – Naturally Woodford Folk Festival 2013 - 2014

2 The Change – Transition Welcomed & embraced Feared & denied Physical Changes Emotional changes Mental Changes Hormonal Haze, Havoc or Harmony? Opportunity for personal growth May coincide with empty-nest syndrome

3 Peri-menopause – years prior to cessation of menses when the oestrogen levels begin to fall Menopausal Transition – Peri-menopausal years; ovulation & menstrual transition become irregular & finally cease Post- Menopause – Lack of menstruation for 12 months. Low oestrogen & a change in ratio of androgens to oestrogen

4 1 st half of menstrual cycle the pituitary gland produces FSH, which stimulates the ovary to ovulate & produce oestrogen 2 nd half of the cycle the pituitary gland produces LH which stimulates the ovaries to produce progesterone, which brings about the shedding of the uterine lining & results in bleeding. As we approach Menopause, the ability of the ovaries to produce oestrogen begins to dwindle The pituitary gland responds by increasing levels of FSH These elevated levels of FSH with diminished oestrogen are indicators of menopause.

5 Elasticity & integrity of hair, skin, bone & tissue Oestrogen & Progesterone fat soluble hormones & are stored in fat cells Brain cells - contain fat & many women find themselves forgetful, disorientated & unable to concentrate as they enter into Menopause Sleep patterns may also change, this may also be attributable to lowered levels of oestrogen or progesterone in the nervous system.

6 Natural - when oestrogen & progesterone decline naturally Premature – when periods stop before age 40 – Factors effecting may include genetic, medical conditions i.e. diabetes, thyroid, smoking, shock Artificial /induced menopause - Surgical procedures i.e surgical removal of ovaries or chemotherapy/ radiation therapy

7 Hot flashes/Night sweats Vaginal dryness Lower fertility/loss of libido Urinary incontinence/UTI Disturbed sleep Irregular Periods Fluid retention Migraines/headaches Unusual skin symptoms Hair loss/ increase of hair Joint/ bone/ back pain Palpitations

8 Irritability, Anxiety Depression Weepiness Uncontrollable crying Mood swings Violence Loss of confidence Withdrawn Forgetfulness Sleep disturbance

9 Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Bio identical Hormones Natural Progesterone – Creams & pessaries Alternative Therapies – Homeopathy, -Acupuncture, -Herbal medicines -Flower Essences Diet & nutrition Exercise – rest & relaxation

10 Oestrogen - Keeps hair & skin younger - Keeps vaginal membranes moist - Maintains bone mass & prevents Osteoporosis - May reduces hot flashes Drawbacks – - Increased risk of Ovarian Cancer & breast cancer Increased risk of gall-bladder disease - Increase migraines/ headaches - Profuse/ unusual bleeding

11 Hormonal imbalances respond well to homeopathy - 81% of women at an NHS well-woman clinic in UK reported improvement of Menopause symptoms after Homeopathic treatment Homeopathy treats the individual as well as the physical symptoms Stimulates the body’s natural healing responses No unwanted side –effects, non-addictive Helps transition positively

12 “Homeo” – Similar “Pathy “– Suffering or disease Similars – “Like cures like” - Allium Cepa – Red onion – “Hay fever” remedy - Ipecac – In hospitals to induce vomiting - Coffee – In potency helps insomnia

13 A complete system of medicine which can be applied to any “dis-ease” Holistic - All symptoms – physical, emotional & mental are taken in account Our psychological issues or our life situations can block the energy to our life force... Individual Medicine Remedies work to facilitate the bodies natural healing potential

14 The smallest possible dose Dilution & succussion Potentization– By shaking the fluid after each dilution the healing information of the substance is imprinted Water has a memory

15 Graphites Lachesis Calc Carb Sepia Lycopodium Folliculinum Pulsatilla


17 Skin ; red face; skin eruptions & rashes Obesity - significant weight gain Hot flushes - flushed face; heat ascends sweat front of body, offensive odour. Fainting & weakness, Scanty or heavy periods, vaginal discharge, dryness, ovarian cysts; - Warm hearted & down to earth, - Indecisive & cautious Anxious, moody, fear about the future & loss of loved ones. Depression & difficulty concentrating.

18 Poison of the Bushmaster, an aggressive & poisonous snake, Anger – Verbal, easily wound-up quick to anger, vivacious - Loquacious, jealous, moody, anxiety in am, passionate, high vitality Left sided symptoms Hot flushes in whole body, no sweat, disturbed sleep Boating & discomfort after eating Menstrual flooding, headache before period Worse in the morning, period, coffee & heat

19 Cold clammy sweat alternating with heat & intense flushes Apprehensive & anxious Forgetful & confused Sensitive to light Ears – throbbing, pulsating, deafness, cracking noises in the ear Dizziness & vertigo Menstrual flooding

20 Lethargy – Sleepy, tired and depressed. Indifferent & hurtful, Irritable, angry Wants to get away from family Dryness of vagina Prolapse Urinary incontinence Lack of libido Hursute – unwanted hair! Physical symptoms – backache, headaches

21 Bloated abdomen, digestive disturbances Hot flushes worse if anxious, clammy sweat Hair loss Sleep disturbance with restless or jerky legs Depression, anxiety & irritability Lack of confidence All symptoms worse 4-8 pm, < full moon

22 Forgetful - Anxiety& panic attacks, drained, self-denial Hot flashes, night sweats Vaginal dryness &/ or discharge Candida/ yeast infections Cystitis – chronic e-coli infections Dizziness Weight gain Sugar & wheat cravings Allergies, hay-fever Skin rashes, itchy, dry skin Human Ovarian Follicle - Oestrogen

23 Extreme & changeable moods V emotional, - tearful & weepy Needs sympathy, reassurance & company Hot flushes – Waves of heat, night sweat & perspiration Stress incontinence Fearful – Claustrophobic, fears dark, being alone Discharges – ears, nose, eyes Indigestion & diarrhoea after rich foods

24 Blackness/depression Hot flashes at 10.30 pm Insomnia Business failure Lovesick - disappointment Nervous, fidgety, intense agitation Fear & anxiety Muscular,cerebrospinal & cramp/ numbness

25 Beans & legumes - Contain fibre, protein, calcium, folic acid and phytoestrogens which may help with blood sugar control. Zinc - a precursor for progesterone, a hormone involved in balancing oestrogen. Zinc keeps your immune system strong Boost your boron - Helps the body hold onto oestrogen & keeps the bones strong by decreasing the amount of calcium needed each day. Hold off the "hot flash" foods - Limiting spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol Fresh Produce - A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables contain beneficial plant oestrogens.


27 Keep bones strong - Menopausal women risk developing osteoporosis because of the drop in oestrogen. Calcium and vitamin D (along with a healthy diet and regular exercise) are preventative More magnesium! - Helps with mood swings and insomnia bone health - beans, legumes, nuts, green veggies & whole grains. Understand good and bad fats - Fat should provide 30% or less of your total calories. Avoid saturated and trans fats, which raise blood cholesterol levels & increase risk of heart disease. Reduce sugar - Sugar causes blood sugar to spike, which stimulates the pancreas to release more of the hormone insulin. Feast on flax. - Ground flaxseed or oil offers a high amount of essential fatty acids and lignan, a natural antioxidant and phytoestrogen which help hormonal balance in Menopause

28 Archetypes - Athena – Wisdom, knowledge, career, social justice - Aphrodite – Love- relationships, romance, beauty & arts - Persephone – Underworld, spiritual, visionary & mystic - Artemis – Outdoors, practical, adventurer, animals & environment - Demeter – Earth mother, nurturing, children, women's cycles - Hera – Queen of heaven, marriage, partnerships & men, issues of power Role Models

29 Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Dr Christina Northrop Wisdom of Menopause – Dr Christina Northrop Beauty in Bloom – Homeopathy to support Menopause – Eileen Nauman Menopause & Homeopathy – Ifeoma Ikenze The Female Brain - Louann Brizendine Women who run with the Wolves, Myths & stories of the Wild Woman Archetype– Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés Passage to Power – Leslie Kenton What your doctor may not tell you about Menopause – Dr John Lee The Goddess within – A guide to the eternal myths which shape women’s lives - Jennifer Barker Woolger & Roger J. Woolger Jane Hardwicke Collings – Midwife & Teacher of the Women's Mysteries - Workshops 2014 - Feb 8,9 (NSW), May 17, 18 (Melb) Oct 4, 5 (NSW )

30 E:

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