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2 Top Ten List The top 10 most common injuries in the PLHS Athletic Training Room: 1. Muscle strain/spasm 2. Finger/toe joint sprain 3. Lateral ankle sprain 4. Medial tibial stress syndrome ("shin splints") 5. Rotator cuff tendonitis/fatigue 6. Concussion 7. Patellar maltracking (patellofemoral syndrome) 8. Bone fracture 9. Patellar tendonitis/Osgood-Schlatters 10. IT band friction syndrome

3 Some Very Bad Sports Injuries

4 Muscular Injuries Contusion Bruise Caused by direct blow or force to the body Blood pools under skin to the injury site Cramp Involuntary contraction of muscle Caused by dehydration, vigorous activity, lack of stretching, etc.

5 Contusion

6 Cramp

7 Muscular Injuries Strain/Pull/Tear Over stretching/separation of muscle fibers Caused by over exercising/poor warm up/lack of stretching Recovery time depends on severity of strain Avulsion/Rupture Complete tearing/ripping of muscle Recovery time is very long

8 Muscle Strain/Pull/Tear

9 Muscle Avulsion

10 Soft Tissue Injuries Incision A “cut” Ex: broken glass, knife, sharp edge Laceration Skin torn off Abrasion Skin is rubbed or scraped off Ex: road rash, rug burn, skinned knees, etc.

11 Soft Tissue Injuries IncisionLaceration

12 Soft Tissue Injury Abrasion

13 Soft Tissue Injuries Puncture wound Deep injury from object with small surface area Ex: stepping on a nail Avulsion Tearing away of tissue from the body Ex: Losing the top of your finger or toe Blister Small pocket of fluid within upper layers of skin Caused by forcible rubbing/irritation

14 Soft Tissue Injury Puncture WoundAvulsion

15 Soft Tissue Injury Blister

16 Joint Injuries Dislocation Abnormal separation of 2 bones that meet in a joint area Caused by direct trauma (impact or a fall) Ex: hips, shoulder, ankle, toes, fingers, etc. Sprain Fibers of ligament tear (located at joint) Ligament tears can vary in severity Most Common = ankle and wrist Turf Toe Sprain of big toe ligaments (at the joint) Caused by jamming big toe or forcefully pushing off of the ball of the foot

17 Joint Injuries Shoulder Dislocation

18 Joint Injuries SprainTurf Toe

19 Skeletal Injuries Closed/simple fracture A bone fracture that does not break through the skin Incomplete fracture Bone breaks, but not completely into 2 pieces Complete fracture Fracture goes completely through the bone (Divides one bone into 2 pieces) **Simple fractures can be complete or incomplete fractures

20 Skeletal Injuries Complete Fracture

21 Skeletal Injuries Compound/open fracture A fracture where the bone breaks through the skin Stress fracture Caused from too much constant weight or pressure being placed on the bone Avulsion fracture A small piece of bone is completely broken off Usually happens at site of ligament or tendon attachment Shin Splints Too much stress placed on tibia (shin bone) Tiny fractures combined with irritated, swollen muscles

22 Skeletal Injuries Compound FractureStress Fracture

23 Skeletal Injuries Avulsion FractureShin Splints

24 Head Injuries Concussion Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Caused by direct hit, fall, or even whiplash-like motion Concussions can be mild with minimal symptoms OR they can be severe with PERMANENT symptoms

25 Head Injuries Concussion 101 Heads Up Football E60 Unprotected: Need for Helmets in Girls Lacrosse

26 Video Clips

27 Tendon Injuries *REMEMBER: Tendons connect muscle to bone!! Tendonitis Tendonosis Tendon Strain/Pull Tendon Rupture

28 Knee-Specific Injuries Meniscus Ligament Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

29 Misc. Injuries Bursitis Heat Exposure/Illness Compartment Syndrome Impingement syndrome Back Pain Herniated Disc IT Band Syndrome Sciatica

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