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Divemaster Roles and Responsibilities

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1 Divemaster Roles and Responsibilities

2 Objectives Identify and discuss the roles of the NAUI divemaster.
List and describe the duties of the NAUI Divemaster. Distinguish between the roles and duties of the NAUI divemaster.

3 Definitions Role Duty A function or office assumed by someone
Conduct based on moral or legal obligation. Any action, task, etc. Required by or relating to one’s occupation or position. (Taken from Webster’s New World Dictionary)

4 Divemaster Roles NAUI leader role model All Assistant Instructor Roles
Promote NAUI = promote yourself All Assistant Instructor Roles When acting as an AI See later slides Emergency management leader As long as you are the most qualified Dive activity Organizer and coordinator Certified divers only

5 Divemaster Roles Dive trip Organizer and leader Diving Advisor
Certified divers only Diving Advisor Private/recreational Professional Transfer Responsibility Underwater guide Arranged in advance Business contract

6 Divemaster Duties All AI duties and responsibilities
When assisting Planning, organizing, promoting and coordinating diving activities for certified divers. Conducting pre-dive equipment inspections Transfer responsibility Announce everyone is responsible for his/her own equipment You are all certified divers Perform inspections For everyone or no one Only by request Not at all

7 Divemaster Duties Helping divers estimate weighting requirements
Transfer responsibility Provide estimates For everyone For no one Only by request Not at all

8 Divemaster Duties Helping divers prevent or resolve problems
When is the best time to do this Suggested techniques Get to know your divers Listen Ask open ended questions Be approachable not judgemental Anticipation/Advanced visualization No undue pressure

9 Divemaster Duties Guiding certified divers underwater
When pre-arranged Managing emergency situations Until instructor or more qualified individual takes over

10 Acting as an Assistant Instructor
Objectives Describe the relationship between the divemaster and the instructor. Describe the relationship between the divemaster and the students. Describe who other than instructors, may escort entry level students, when they may do so, and the maximum allowable ratio.

11 Divemaster/Instructor Relationship
Instructor is in charge Teaching/supervision Style vs Technique What if the instructor is unsafe? Standards Burnout Job description What does the instructor expect of you? Challenging students Compatible styles and personalities

12 Divemaster/Instructor Relationship
Divemaster/Student relationship Responsible for teaching Skills demo must be teaching quality Knowledge of scuba theory Equipment knowledge and comfort Responsible for student safety Role model as a diver

13 Instructor / Student Ratios
Maximum ratios apply to ideal conditions! Entry Level Instructor alone 8 students Instructor with 1 active-status assistant 10 students Instructor with 2 or more active status assistants 12

14 Instructor / Student Ratios
Courses beyond entry level Instructor alone 10 students Instructor + 1 Active status assistant 16 students Instructor + 2 active status assistants 20 students Instructor + 3 active status assistants 22 students

15 Active Status Assistants
NAUI Instructor Active status Sustaining with insurance NAUI DMs active status NAUI AI active status NAUI Skin Diving Instructor Scuba certified Rescue certified Other agency members with corresponding ratings

16 Escorting Students Certified assistants may escort students during
Surface excursions and exits Ascents and exits Temporarily attend to students while the instructor conducts a skill with other students.

17 Touring During the second or subsequent open water dives, pairs of students may be escorted on tours The instructor must evaluate the following skills for each student before that student is allowed to tour with a certified assistant:

18 Touring Student skills to be evaluated:
Regain, replace and clear a regulator Regain primary regulator from behind the shoulder Mask clearing including removal and replacement Hover without support or significant movement Give, recognize and respond appropriately to common underwater communications

19 Touring Share air with another diver as both donor and recipient
Monitor air supply and, upon request, communicate amount remaining

20 Training Assistant Does not count toward ratios but may escort 2 students on underwater tours Requirements NAUI Advanced or Equivalent NAUI Scuba Rescue or Equivalent CPR and FirstAid Navigation Reciprocal course within 10 feet Square pattern within 10 feet

21 Training Assistant Assist divers simulating
Muscle cramp Anxiety Breathing difficulty Signs of pre-panic Assist/escort a tired and an incapacitated diver to safety Be in charge of and satisfactorily act as an escort during an open water dive for 2 other divers Demonstrate a satisfactory scuba diver rescue

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