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Unit One.

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1 Unit One

2 Language Structures 进行时态(Continuous Tense)
1.现在完成进行时:Present perfect continuous tense I have been peeling and cutting onions. He has been writing an essay.(表示动作仍在继续) 比较:He has written an essay.(表示动作已经完成) They each other since childhood. A. have been knowing B. knew C. have known D. had known

3 现在完成进行时一般不适用于状态动词,要表示状态动词的”未完成“用法,只能用现在完成时。
状态动词表示感受、情感、看法、认识、愿望等状态含义,如belong,exist, feel, hate, love,want等。

4 用”How long…” 结构询问目前正在进行的动作的时间内长度时,多用现在完成进行时
How long have you been living in the city? How long have you been listening to music? 现代英语中像sit,lie, wait, stay, stand等动词更趋向于用现在完成进行时 The old man has been sitting there all the morning. The students have been waiting for their teacher.

5 2.过去进行时: Past continuous tense
过去进行时常与表示过去的时间状语连用, 主要表示过去某一时间正在进行的动作。 e.g. I was queueing (queuing) for the cinema yesterday when I saw a car accident. I was wondering if I might ask you a small favor.

6 I was swimming in the river when I heard a boy shouting for help.
The car was turing the corner when the accident happened. Little Tom was sleeping soudly when the telephone rang.

7 动词过去式,过去分词: queued 动词第三人称数: queues 动词现在分词: queuing or queueing
n.  长队 People had to stand in a queue for hours to buy a ticket. 人们买票得排几小时的队。 行列 At the head of the queue was an old woman. 在队列的前面有一个老妇人。 辫子 It was quite easy to tell that this queue was false. 很容易看出这个辫子是假的. v.  排队 We queued up for the bus. 我们排队等公共汽车。 People are queuing to buy tickets. 人们正排队买票。

8 3.过去完成进行时: Past perfect continuous tense
过去完成进行时表示过去某一时刻之前开始的动作或状态一直延续到过去某一时刻 E.g. When I got to the cinema, the film had been showing for about ten minutes. When I saw the old man , he had been sitting there for three hours.

9 Practice Out of breath 我因为追赶公共汽车,弄得上气不接下气。
我因为追赶公共汽车,弄得上气不接下气。 I was out of breath after running for the bus. 我一路跑到剧院上气不接下气。 I ran to the theater all along and was out of breath. 一英里赛跑,跑得比尔上气不接下气。    The mile run left Bill out of breath. 她怒不可遏,于是就去追赶他们,她很快就气喘吁吁了,但仍然继续追赶。   She got so angry that she ran after them. She was soon out of breath, but she continued to run.

10 cramp All these difficulties cramped his progress. 所有这些困难阻碍了他的进步。
All these difficulties cramped his progress. 所有这些困难阻碍了他的进步。  He held the pieces together with a cramp while the glue was drying. 他用夹子把这些碎片夹在一起,等着胶水变干。  I got a cramp while swimming and almost drowned. 我游泳时痉挛,差点溺水。 He lost all sensation in his legs through cramp. 他的腿部因抽筋而失去知觉。 The swimmer got cramp in his legs and had to be helped out of the water. 游泳者两腿抽筋,不得不由他人救助出水。

11 1. These desires gnawed away at us constantly.
这些欲望不断地折磨我们。 2.  The rat gnawed a hole through the wall. 耗子在墙上啃了一个洞。 3.  She was gnawing her nails nervously. 她正在神经质地咬指甲。 4.  Rats gnawed off the lid of the box. 老鼠咬开了盒盖。 5.  Enchained demons strained in anger to gnaw on his bones. 被链条栓住的恶魔愤怒地拉紧锁链,啃咬着他的骨头。

12 What do you know about Olympic Games?
Dialogue I A Time of Change Think it What do you know about Olympic Games? Why so many country want to hold Olympic Games?

13 The Olympic Games

14 1 3 4 2 Unit The Olympic Games 9 6 7 8 5 10 11 12 13 14

15 When and where did the ancient Olympic Games start?
A. 776BC; Olympia B. 393BC; Rome C. 1896; Greece

16 When and where did the modern Olympic Games start?
A. 1888AD; Paris B. 776BC; Olympia C. 1896; Athens

17 Who was China’s first gold medal winner and for what event?
A. Zhou Jihong; driving B. LI Ning; gymnastics C. Xu Haifeng; shooting

18 Do you know the three words that show the spirit of the Olympic Games?
A. taller, faster, stronger B. higher, swifter, stronger C. stronger, quicker, longer

19 When and where will the next Olympic Games be held?
A. 2010; Shanghai B. 2012; London C. 2012; Paris

20 Who took part in the Olympic Games for the first time for China?
A. Xu Haifeng B. Zhang Yining C. Liu Changchun

21 How often are the Winter Olympic Games held?
A. Every four years B. Every two years C. Every six years

22 What are the mascots (吉祥物) of the 29th Olympic Games?
A. Athena B. Phevos C. Fu Wa

23 What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for?
Five continents

24 What is the theme song of the Beijing Olympic Games?
A. Hand In Hand B. You And Me C. The Power Of The Dream

25 What was the slogan (口号) of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?
A. Friend Of Life B. One World One Dream C. Share The Spirit

26 How many gold medals did China win in the 2008 Olympic Games?
A B C. 32

27 Which continent does the yellow ring on
the Olympic flag stand for? Eurpoe B. Africa C. Asia

28 differences Ancient Modern Games Competitors
only the people in_______, only men all over the world, both _____and_____ Host country only_______ Countries all over the world Prize Summer Olympics Summer and Winter Olympics Greece men women Greece olive wreath medals

29 Pair work Hosting the Olympic Games is another competition more fierce. Why do so many countries compete in hosting?

30 Comprehending reference
great responsibility a great honour Reasons to host the Olympic Games tourism national pride new sports facilities new investment

31 How does Grandpa feel after watching the Olympic Games on TV? Why?
Dialogue I A Time of Change Questions How does Grandpa feel after watching the Olympic Games on TV? Why? Why did the Chinese athletes fail in the Olympic Games in 1932, 1936 and 1948? How do you understand “oriental dragon”? Browse through the text, try to answer following questions.

32 Please read the dialogue loudly with feeling and expression.
A Time of Change Read Please read the dialogue loudly with feeling and expression.

33 What happened to the Chinese athletes when he was young
Dialogue I A Time of Change Retell Try to retell the content of the dialogue, following cues may help you. Grandpa tells Linlin, The reason why he was so emotional after watching the Olympic Games on TV What happened to the Chinese athletes when he was young China’s participation in the 1932, 1936 and 1948 Olympic Games.

34 1 You’re all in tears. // hold back my tears
Dialogue I Language Points You’re all in tears. // hold back my tears 1 The children were all in tears . She came home in floods of tears . I could see that Sam was close to tears . Bridget suddenly burst into tears and ran out. He was fighting back tears as he spoke. A lot of people were moved to tears by his story. He kissed her cheek, a gesture that brought tears to her eyes . I must admit I shed a few tears when the school closed. I saw grown men reduced to tears that day. 'Please don't talk like that,' Ellen implored him, her eyes filling with tears . By this time, tears were streaming down my face. The tears he shed were tears of joy .

35 Dialogue I Language Points 2 These medals brought back my memories e.g. It really brought back memories when I was at school, I really enjoyed it. She's now left with little more than photographs to bring back memories of her late husband.

36 3 I couldn’t help recalling the days when I was their age.
Dialogue I Language Points 3 I couldn’t help recalling the days when I was their age. ①sb. can't help (doing) sth. also sb. can't help but do sth. used to say that someone is unable to change their behaviour or feelings, or to prevent themselves from doing something e.g. 'Stop biting your nails.' 'I can't help it' . Lee could not help but agree with her. ②somebody can't help feeling/thinking/wondering etc something e.g. I can't help feeling that there has been a mistake. I couldn't help thinking about the past.

37 4 …on a national track and field team
Dialogue I Language Points 4 …on a national track and field team Can you name other sports items in Olympic Games? Sailing Baseball Taekwondo Equestrian Swimming Archery Water Polo Shooting Triathlon Canoe/kayak Flatwater Modern Pentathlon Judo Synchronized Swimming Fencing Wrestling Beach Volleyball Volleyball Diving

38 4 …on a national track and field team Football Softball Athletics
Dialogue I Language Points 4 …on a national track and field team Football Softball Athletics Canoe/kayak Slalom Boxing Cycling Handball Basketball Hockey Rhythmic Gymnastic Rowing Artistic Gymnastics Trampoline Table Tennis Weightlifting Tennis Badminton

39 5 We were slanderously nicknamed “the sick men of ..”
Dialogue I Language Points 5 We were slanderously nicknamed “the sick men of ..” ① slanderously - a slanderous statement about someone is not true, and is intended to damage other people's good opinion of them e.g. slanderous remarks ② nickname - a name given to someone, especially by their friends or family, that is not their real name and is often connected with what they look like or something they have done nickname for e.g. We had nicknames for all the teachers. Stephen earned himself the nickname Hawkeye. ᅳ nickname verb [transitive] e.g. She was nicknamed Sunny because of her happy nature.

40 6 I can still visualize the three times before 1949 when …
Dialogue I Language Points 6 I can still visualize the three times before 1949 when … to form a picture of someone or something in your mind [synonym] imagine e.g. I tried to visualize the house while he was describing it. visualize somebody doing something e.g. Somehow I can't visualize myself staying with this company for much longer. visualize how/what etc e.g. It's hard to visualize how these tiles will look in our bathroom. [noun] visualization

41 7 ① painful [opposite] painless
Dialogue I Language Points 7 The memories are painful and disheartening. ① painful [opposite] painless ② disheartening - making you lose hope and determination it is disheartening to hear/see etc something e.g. It's disheartening to see what little progress has been made.

42 Dialogue I Language Points It was not until the last minute that a patriotic general donated enough money to finance the trip for the two… 8 ① it was not until the last minute that.. = it was only at the last minute that ② patriotic having or expressing a great love of your country e.g. patriotic songs // I'm not very patriotic. [noun] patriot patriotism

43 Dialogue I Language Points 8 It was not until the last minute that a patriotic general donated enough money to finance the trip for the two… ③ donate 1. to give something, especially money, to a person or an organization in order to help them donate something to somebody/something e.g. Last year he donated $1,000 to cancer research. 2. to allow some blood or a body organ to be removed from your body so that it can be used in a hospital to help someone who is ill or injured e.g. People who volunteer to donate blood are very kindhearted.

44 Dialogue I Language Points 9 He was detained by the occupying Japanese soldiers for no reason whatsoever ① detain- officially or formally prevent someone from leaving a place e.g. Two suspects have been detained by the police for questioning . She was detained in hospital with a suspected broken leg. He was detained in Washington on urgent business. ② whatsoever used to emphasize a negative statement [synonym] whatever e.g. He's had no luck whatsoever.

45 Dialogue I Language Points 10 That’s outrageous! 1. very shocking and extremely unfair or offensive e.g. outrageous prices an outrageous attack on his policies It's outrageous that the poor should pay such high taxes. 2. extremely unusual and slightly amusing or shocking e.g. an outrageous hairstyle He says the most outrageous things.

46 11 He dropped out in the middle of the race due to hasty training.
Dialogue I Language Points 11 He dropped out in the middle of the race due to hasty training. ① drop out 1. to no longer do an activity or belong to a group e.g. The group gets smaller as members move away or drop out. 2. to leave a school or university before your course has finished e.g. Bill dropped out of college after his first year. ᅳ also dropout e.g. a highschool dropout ② hasty - done in a hurry, especially with bad results [synonym] hurried e.g. He soon regretted his hasty decision. a hasty breakfast

47 12 Our sports delegations were sent to the 1936 .... delegate
Dialogue I Language Points 12 Our sports delegations were sent to the delegate 1. someone who has been elected or chosen to speak, vote, or take decisions for a group also representative e.g. Around 350 delegates attended the conference. delegation [noun] [countable] a group of people who represent a company, organization etc e.g. the head of the American delegation to the United Nations a delegation of government officials A trade delegation will visit Kuwait.

48 Learning to do Taijiquan (Shadow-boxing)
Dialogue I A Time of Change Role-play Learning to do Taijiquan (Shadow-boxing)

49 Dialogue Requests and Offers II
Practice Practice expressions about making request and offers, and learning how to accept or refuse the offer.

50 That’s typical. Everything falls apart when I’m ill What about this pile of letters.. I’ll drop in and see you tomorrow then.

51 Phrase: “drop” Your button has dropped off. (fall) Just drop (drop off) me here, I can walk the rest of the way. (take sb. to spl.) She kept dropping off at her desk. (begin to sleep) I must have dropped off to sleep . I've got your books - I'll drop them round (in) to your place later. (return) I just dropped by to see how you were getting on. (visit) Jan dropped into the office this morning to tell me her news. (visit) Why don't you drop in for a drink one evening? (visit)

52 Reading I Two Kinds of Football
Questions How is American football different from soccer? Where else is American football played in the world other than in the United States? Give an example to show American’s enthusiasm for their football. How do American football players score points? What do people usually think about American football? In what way is soccer gaining in popularity on sports such as baseball? What have Americans done to make the soccer game more exciting? What are some of the crazes that Americans are addicted to?

53 Reading I Two Kinds of Football Pictures

54 Two Kinds of Football American football soccer

55 Reading I Two Kinds of Football Pictures Rose Bowl

56 Video Reading I Two Kinds of Football American Football

57 1 not to be confused with the football called soccer.
Reading I Language Points 1 not to be confused with the football called soccer. 1. to make someone feel that they cannot think clearly or do not understand e.g. I understand the text but the diagrams are confusing me. 2. to think wrongly that a person or thing is someone or something else e.g. People might well confuse the two products. confuse somebody/something with somebody/something e.g. I always confuse you with your sister - you look so alike. Donald Regan, not to be confused with former President Ronald Reagan [noun] confusion

58 2 It excites tremendous enthusiasm.
Reading I Language Points 2 It excites tremendous enthusiasm. 1. [not in progressive] to make someone feel happy, interested, or eager e.g. His playing is technically brilliant, but it doesn't excite me. 2. formal to cause a particular feeling or reaction [synonym] arouse excite interest/curiosity/sympathy etc e.g. The court case has excited a lot of public interest. He tried not to do anything to excite the suspicion of the police. excite comment/speculation/a reaction e.g. The book excited very little comment on this side of the Atlantic.

59 Enthusiasm arouse ~ in sb be full of ~ about
feel no enthusiasm for (about) The Chinese people are friendly and enthusiastic to the foreigners from all over the world.

60 Opponent ①A person who takes the opposite side in a game, competition, etc His ~ did not stand a chance. (no hope to win) We beat our ~s at football game. ②A person who opposes sb or sth She is one of the strongest ~s of tax reform. She was a firm ~ of civil rights.

61 3 This reputation is not really deserved.
Reading I Language Points 3 This reputation is not really deserved. the opinion that people have about someone or something because of what has happened in the past reputation for e.g. Judge Kelso has a reputation for being strict but fair. reputation as e.g. In her last job she acquired a reputation as a troublemaker. earn/gain/establish a reputation as something e.g. His approach had won him a reputation as a tough manager. a good/bad reputation e.g. a hotel with a good reputation for its food

62 hurl The rioters hurled stones at the police . He hurled curses.
~ oneself upon /at the enemy 向敌人猛扑过去 ~ insults / curses / abuse 恶狠狠地辱骂 ~ threats at sb 恶狠狠地威胁

63 by comparison By comparison, this machine is cheaper and that one is easier to operate. By comparison ,this house has the advantage of low price and that one has the advantage of convenient transportation.

64 Translation He showed us the original text for comparision.
他给我们看原文以作参考。 The comparision of the mall to a zoo seemed entirely appropriate. 把这个大商场比作动物园似乎完全恰当。 In comparison with London, Paris is a small city. 和伦敦相比,巴黎是个小城市。

65 4 The Americans are addicted to crazes. 1. addicted
Reading I Language Points 4 The Americans are addicted to crazes. 1. addicted ①unable to stop taking a harmful substance, especially a drug ②liking something so much that you do not want to stop doing it or having it addicted to e.g. 50 million Americans are thought to be addicted to nicotine. kids addicted to surfing the Net [noun] drug / sports addict 2. Craze a fashion, game, type of music etc that becomes very popular for a short time [synonym] fad

66 heart 沉重的心情 伤心 心心相印 衷心/从心底的
沉重的心情 伤心 心心相印 衷心/从心底的 打开心扉 全心的 心肠不坏 仁慈的心 一颗高贵的心 改变心意 丧失勇气 我(可以)发誓 已经决定 heavy heart break my heart heart to heart from the bottom of my heart open up my heart with all my heart heart is in the right place kind hearted a heart of gold/stone change of heart lose heart cross my heart I had my heart set on it

67 heart 心地狭窄 心甘情愿 心情沉重 心急如焚 看出某人的心思 心直口快 使某人放心 Have a mean heart
With all one’s heart One’s heart sink One’s heart is torn with anxiety Read one’s heart Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve Set sb’s heart at rest

68 Practice ★follow one’s lead ★be in the lead
★play the lead ★take the lead The English team __________ at half time. He is ________ in the new play. I’ll ______ because you have done so well. Japan has _____ in car production. It’s up to someone to ______ in condemning these injustices.

69 5 …and gaining in popularity on baseball.
Reading I Language Points 5 …and gaining in popularity on baseball. gain / grow / increase in popularity (=start to be liked by many people) e.g. Country music is gaining in popularity. The sport has gained in popularity in recent years. gain (in)/lose confidence e.g. You do lose confidence when you spend years and years at home with children.

70 6 …to design novel uniforms for the players.
Reading I Language Points 6 …to design novel uniforms for the players. [noun] detective / romantic / historical etc novel [syn] fiction 2. [adj] not like anything known before, and unusual or interesting novel idea / approach / method etc What a novel idea!

71 at enomous expense I was finally able to buy the painting.
She spared no expense to make the wedding a success. He finished the job at the expense of his health. He had his book printed at his own expense.

72 Why do we say that the Olympic Games have a very long history?
Reading II The Olympics Skimming Questions Why do we say that the Olympic Games have a very long history? Why are rules made for athletes in the Olympics? What are the three different types of events and games in the Olympics? Give examples to illustrate.

73 Guided Writing Note of Invitation l4 February, 2007 Dear Tom, Next Monday is my 20th birthday. Imagine, there are already twenty years behind me! No wonder I feel old! My parents are giving a dinner party to mark the occasion. The first person they wish to invite is you, my childhood pal. Indeed, all of those 20 years are more or less associated with you. We’ll be expecting you any time after six. See you then. Yours, Dick

74 How did you spend the Lunar New Year’s Eve?
Interaction Activities The Spring Festival Holiday How did you spend the Lunar New Year’s Eve? How did you spend the winter vacation?

75 Listening Practice Spelling Dictation A Dictation B

76 Spelling outrageous athlete nickname participate rugby enthusiasm
opponent reputation jersey intellectual promising coach

77 Dictation A Ever since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, they’ve had their critics. Every form of competitive activity attracts trouble. But part of the aim of the Games, when they were first held in Ancient Greece, was to discourage war between states by engaging them in a friendlier kind of competition. The spirit of competition in the Games does a lot of good, getting people to forget their differences in a communal activity. Any competitor or spectator at the Games or in the Olympic Village will tell you that the atmosphere of friendship there is unforgettable, as if the world were one big family. These Games are the biggest international gathering of any kind in the world. Not only do they bring sportsmen together, but they unite a world public. Isn’t this a sufficient reason for continuing them? As long as the majority wants it, these Games will continue.

78 Dictation B Association football, also known as soccer, is an 11-a-side team game played on a grass field. At each end of the field is a goal net. The object is to move the ball around the field, with the feet or head, until a player is in a position to put the ball into the net and score a goal. The goalkeeper defends the goal, and he is the only person allowed to touch the ball with his hands while it is in play. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians and Romans all played a form of football. In the early 19th century it became an organized game in Britain, and was played in most universities and public schools. In 1863 the Football Association was formed. The first FA Cup final was played in The first World Cup was organized in Uruguay in The European Governing body, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), was formed in 1954, and it controls the major European club competitions.

79 Listening Comprehension
True or False? The first modern Olympic Games were held in the second century A.D. The Acropolis is the capital of Greece. The Parthenon remains perfect in design and proportions. The temple on top of the Acropolis was reduced to ruins by an explosion. To Nick, the temple might have remained in fact if the soldiers had been careful with their ammunition. Nick would be very happy if Socrates still lived today. As there was not enough time. Nick would not be able to see the other well-known places in Athens. Nick went to Greece with his aunt and uncle for a visit. F F F T F F F F

80 圣保罗大教堂 圣保罗大教堂 Sallo Paulo cathedral

81 大英博物馆 British Museum  这座庞大的古罗马式建筑里珍藏的文物和图书资料是世界上任何一个博物馆所不能比拟的。原来主要藏书,其后兼收历史文物和各国古代艺术品,迄今共藏有展品400万件。 大英博物馆整日免费开放。   

82 白金汉宫 Buckingham Palace

83 国会大厦及大本钟 国会大厦及大本钟 Capitol and Big Ben

84 伦敦塔桥 伦敦塔桥 Tower of London bridge

85 西敏寺 西敏寺 Agile temple of west

86 埃菲尔铁塔 在巴黎市中心塞纳河南岸,是世界上第一座钢铁结构的高塔,被视为巴黎的象征。建于1887—1889年。塔高300余米,塔身重达9,000吨,分三层。入夜,塔顶发出转动着彩色探照灯光,防飞机碰撞。 埃菲尔铁塔

87 巴黎凯旋门 巴黎凯旋门 L'arc de Triomphe

88 卢浮宫 Palais du Louvre 卢浮宫是法国最大的王宫建筑之一, 1793年8月10日,在推翻君主制的周年纪念日时,法国“国民公会”决定把昔日的皇宫辟为国立美术博物馆;其全部工程于1857年完成。藏有大量十七世纪以及欧洲文艺复兴期间许多艺术家的作品。馆藏品达40万件。八十年代初,法国政府实施扩建和修复卢浮宫的“大卢浮宫计划”。

89 巴黎圣母院 巴黎圣母院 Notre-Dame de Paris
是最著名的中世纪哥特式大教堂,以其规模、年代和在考古、建筑上的价值而著称。1163年由教皇 亚历山大三世奠基,高圣坛于1189年举行奉献仪式,1240年唱诗班席、西立面和中堂竣工,门廊、祈祷室和其他装修在其后的一百年中陆续建成。教堂经过历代的损坏不得不 于19世纪重修,只有三个巨大的圆花窗仍保持着13世纪的彩色玻璃。后堂的飞扶垛特别雄健优美。

90 先贤祠 le Pantheon 先贤祠 (le Pantheon)

91 香榭丽舍大街 Ave des Champs-Elysees

92 Translation 1. He is the manager’s son, but that alone does not qualify him to criticize our work. 2.Mr. Smith took up photography as a hobby after he retired from teaching. 3.By comparison, this house has the advantage of low price and that house has the advantage of convenient transportation. 4. It seems that he is making every effort to promote the sale of this new product.

93 5. The eager students crowded into the lecture hall to hear the famous professor from Cambridge University. 6. She, like thousands of others, is greatly fascinated by this work of art. 7. It was not until I got married that I could afford to buy a house of my own.

94 quiz 1.我一直在剥、切洋葱。(present perfect continuous tense)
2.昨天当我看见车祸的时候我正在排队买票看电影。(past continuous tense) 3.当我到达电影院的时候,电影已经开演十分钟了。(past perfect continuous tense) 4.我正想能否让你帮个小忙。(past continuous tense)

95 Thank You!

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