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“Defensive Driving Training”

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1 “Defensive Driving Training”


3 BUT ! Improving PDO’s Road Safety Performance over the years:
Road Traffic Accidents per Million Km driven Improving RTA’s / Million Km BUT !

4 Dead 8 0 10 1998 1999 2000 Millions km driven 149 116 118
Millions km driven Road Accidents Rollovers Dead 2001: Dead (2 on unauthorized journey)

5 The driver The other road users The roads and the environment
Accidents are caused by threats created by (In order of importance): The driver The other road users The roads and the environment The transport operation The vehicle and its load/passengers

6 Accidents are caused by threats created by:
The transport system Other Road Users The Driver Roads & Environment Vehicle & Load Accidents are caused by threats created by:

7 Road Safety Threats: The driver
Driver poor behavior (reckless, speed, maneuvers) Driver lack of competence (skill/knowledge) Driver fatigue Driver mental stress Driver physical fitness Driver poor vision Driver disoriented (brain cramp) Driver alcohol/drugs/medicine

8 Road Safety Controls: The driver
DDC: Defensive Driving Course for our drivers H+M Road Safety Road Show IVMS/DMS strategy: improving driver behavior Awareness campaigns Triads ( “Phone, Drive & Die”), LTI-Packs, Slide-shows, Video’s RSMT coaching: 3 teams Rules for driving (HSE-Stds Manual) Journey Management reviewed

9 Road Safety Threats: The other road users
Driver poor behavior (reckless, speed, maneuvers) Driver lack of competence Driver fatigue Driver loss of concentration (stress, alcohol, distracted, etc.) Driver physical fitness Driver poor vision Animals (camels, goats, donkeys) Behavior of pedestrians

10 Road Safety Controls: The other road users
GCC Road Safety Week Campaign (17-24/March) PDO+ Shell/BP/Al-Maha stations “Formulating National Road Safety Plan” workshop: April Interior awareness campaigns: Wiliyats, LLCs DDC: Defensive Driving Course for our drivers

11 Changing driving environment: Oman and PDO
More vehicles in Oman: 1980: Veh 400 Fatalities 1990: Veh Fatalities 2000: Veh Fatalities More blacktop in PDO (and Oman): 1990: 60 km Blacktop (Fahud - Yibal) 2000: 500 km Blacktop All centres accessible by blacktop (except: Lekhwair)

12 Road Safety 2000/01: 40% of LTI’s, 90% of Fatalities
2000/01 RTA’s with fatalities: 1) Pedestrian hit by LC B-Top # 2) OTW canter hits truck B-Top # 3) Veritas diesel-tanker down jebel B-Top # 4) Damac rollover B-Top # 5) Head-on Canter/LC at 200 km/hr (2 dead) B-Top # 6) Rollover MCC (Heart-Attack?) Graded 7) Pedestrian hit at Al Khuwair B-Top # 8) Head-on LC/Truck (2 dead) B-Top # 9) Unauthorized Eid Journey (2 dead) B-Top # 10) T-junction: Truck hits pick-up (2 dead) B-Top # 11) Head-on Patrol/Truck B-Top # #: Defensive Driving/Behavior could have made the difference

13 RTA analysis: problem areas Better Defensive Driving skills / Behavior
Played role in acc no: Young inexperienced drivers 3x Other road users 5x Defensive driving x Blacktop instead of graded road 10x Better Defensive Driving skills / Behavior awareness could have mitigated these incidents

14 OLD PDO Driver Training:
Coast: Only for young drivers (below 25 yrs): 8 hrs defensive driving Others: None No medical checks (vision/reactions) Interior: 8 hrs “Interior Driver Skills” course every 3 years No medical testing (vision/reactions) Strong emphasis on “graded/off road” Problems: Does not address the changed environment Too infrequent Concentrates on “skills” rather than “behaviour/attitude” No/very little competence assurance

15 Driver Competence Assurance Redesign: timing
Data collection phase, options review Sept/00 Workshop with NSC + Tr Inst’s reps Oct/00 Complete new concept + implications Nov/00 Director endorsement framework Nov & March Courses detailed design Jan-April Stakeholder consultation /March Train the trainers (NTI/OTI/TATI) May-June Modify training contracts April-June Implement new program /July

16 Defensive Driving Course (DDC) development:
Defensive Driving Modules: Base design as per NSC (National Safety Council, International SC) Heavily emphasise behaviour/attitude change of driver Teach Defensive Driving techniques “Omanise” with major input from OTI/NTI/TATI Accreditation of training providers by NSC 3 days “Train the Trainers” and accreditation by NSC Why NSC? Common “standard” by all training providers External accreditation of Local Companies by recognised body Non-commercial entity: low cost material and updates Internationally recognised as one of the leaders in Defensive Driving Since 1963: 45 million people trained

17 Principles Behind New Programme:
Shift emphasis to defensive driving techniques Incorporate attitude and behavioural aspects Harness strengths of existing courses and combine with expertise from international organisation Ensure courses meet needs of entire target audience Build in robust and consistent practical assessment

AIM OF THE DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE: To minimise death, injury and damage resulting from Road Traffic Incidents

19 Basic Starting program:
2 Day DDC : one off (no renewal) 1/2 Day Graded/Off-Road: one off (no renewal) Assessment/Refresher program: Yearly Professional Assessment Drive (1 to 1) Only for those that have attended the DDC Failed assessment: go back to DDC For future review: Option of “Supervisory Assessment”: Q1/2002 Refresher for DDC (after 3 yrs ??): Q1/2003

20 Driver Competence Assurance Framework
DDC Light Vehicle Blacktop Roads 2 days (one off) DDC Heavy Vehicle Blacktop Roads 2 days (one off) Bus 1/2 day (one off) Graded 1/2 day (one off) Tanker 1/2 day (one off) + Yearly: Professional Assessment Drive Test on knowledge of PDO-Rules

21 Defensive Driving Course Structure
Day 1 (class room) Module: Hearts and Minds Driver Condition Common Driving Errors The Driving Environment See and Survive Vehicle Control The Driving Plan Vehicle Safety Systems Day 2 (class/road) Module: Before You Drive Demonstration Drive Seat Belt Convincer Tutored Driving Practice Practical Assessment Driver Commitment (includes written/oral test)

22 Classroom Instruction

23 Vision testing

24 Vehicle Check

25 Roll-over simulator

26 Demonstration-drive by instructor
Tutored drive Assessment drive

27 Defensive Driving Course Practical Assessment:
In car checks Observation / scanning / use of mirrors Hazard awareness Speed and Distance Information (given/taken) Junctions Stopped in traffic Positioning Braking Gear Acceleration Leaves way out

28 Estimated number of drivers PDO and Contractors:
Light Blacktop 10,000 Heavy Goods 2,700 Light Grd/Off-Road 7,000 Buses Tankers

29 WWW site with all details on DDC:
Username: pdohse01 Password: contrator01

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