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Early To Bed … Unit 5 Vocabulary Practice

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1 Early To Bed … Unit 5 Vocabulary Practice

2 makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

3 seem to be// probably /// it looks as if// in the background /// perhaps

4 In the first picture, I can see two young women working in an office
In the first picture, I can see two young women working in an office. They seem to be discussing some papers, which are on the desk. The desk is covered with papers and everyone looks very busy. In the background there are other desks. The women probably get up early so that they can get ready for work. During their lunch break, they could go to the park or to a nearby fast food restaurant. After work, they may go to the gym or go out with friends. When they go home, they probably have dinner and watch TV for a while. They probably don’t go to bed very late because they have to get up early the next morning.

5 Adverbs of Frequency Always Usually Often Sometimes Rarely/seldom

6 Can You Feel the Rhythm? nine-to-fivers dawn to intend
psychological well-being alertness conductor random to deprive prone fatigue ulcer to alter to outsmart digestive system in tune with predictable precise

7 Can You Feel the Rhythm? New 24-hours society.
“Body clock” – where? controls what? tells us what? synchronises & regulates what? Ignoring your body clock can lead to serious problems. Altering your sleeping patterns affects your immune system. Daily routine may save your life.


9 Symptoms can’t sleep a bloated, painful stomach
headache, fever, aching muscles high temperature, nausea, dizziness a painful muscle contraction difficulty breathing, wheezing can’t stop yawning runny nose, sore eyes, sneezing spots and red lumps on the face and neck

10 Have You Ever Had This Problem?
Indigestion Asthma Insomnia Flu Cramp Heat stroke Acne Hay fever Nausea dizziness


12 Match: splitting black sprained travel pulled food sore streaming nose
poisoning wrist bleed cold headache sickness muscle eye throat

13 Dear Sally, Hi! How are you? I’m writing to tell you about a problem that I’ve had recently. About 3 weeks ago….. Suddenly, …. Then, … After some time, …. It turned out that … Anyway, that’s my news. Please write back and tell me what you have been up to since I last heard from you. Lots of love, Emma


15 Rank the Stressful Situations:
Rank the stressful situations from 1 to 9, where 1 is the least stressful: Rank the Stressful Situations: Being stuck in a traffic jam Doing the homework Waiting in a queue for a long time Being late for school Missing the bus to school Walking home alone at night Going to a dentist Taking an exam Not being able to sleep at night

16 I prefer …. to …. I’d rather … than ….

17 Pros & Cons of Active and Passive Relaxation.
Watching TV Reading a book Listening to music Playing computer games Painting Going to the cinema Spending time with friends Playing sports Playing musical instruments Going shopping Going out for a meal

18 He felt satisfied when he passed the test
He felt satisfied when he passed the test. Passing the test was satisfying. Thrilled/ thrilling confused/ confusing fascinated/ fascinating

19 Character Adjectives Sociable Sentimental Conservative Perfectionist
Arrogant Practical Impatient Confident Moody Reliable Want things to be perfect Like going to parties Show pity/love Can be trusted Hate changes/new ideas Can’t wait for long Make sensible decisions Be sure of your abilities Change feelings frequently Think you’re better than others

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