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BY: Dr. Brie Gindele Gindele Family Chiropractic 7950 Dani Dr. Ste 310 Ft. Myers, FL 33966

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1 BY: Dr. Brie Gindele Gindele Family Chiropractic 7950 Dani Dr. Ste 310 Ft. Myers, FL 33966


3 “Research has found that a poorly set up workspace was damaging the health, productivity and motivation of workers….”

4 OBJECTIVES Understand the definition of ergonomics Learn about PC workstation accessories to reduce computer work stress Basic exercises to reduce / relieve ergo-stress. How to naturally prevent the Flu this season

5 DEFINITION ERGONOMICS is a way to work smarter-- not harder by designing of work stations and tasks to fit the job to the worker--NOT the worker to the job: Layout Process (Heights, reaches, weights) Posture Exercises / Stretches

6 Layout

7 Process NEUTRAL & COMFORTABLE: Wrists straight Shoulders relaxed with elbows close to body head / shoulders & back in vertical alignment Frequent breaks when bent postures can’t be avoided

8 Process

9 MODEL COMPUTER WORKSTATION --Keyboard trays WITH wrist support. --Split "Natural" keyboards to facilitate neutral wrist angle --Fully adjustable ergonomic chair --Document holder to minimize head / eye & neck movements --Corner desk units to position monitor directly in front of employee --Foot rest where requested. --Re-organization of working materials within employee arm reach. --Alternative pointing devices (e.g., scrolling mouse or trackball devices

10 Posture Driving Rollercoaster: shoulder pain, neck strain, leg cramp and side ache.

11 Posture Driving Multi-tasker: headaches and eye strain, feet cramp, pain in coccyx

12 Posture Driving Racer: side aches and lumbar pain.

13 Posture Driving Pimp driver: arm and shoulder ache from resting on the window ledge.


15 Posture Standing The slump (left), attention (center) and poised (right) standing positions require very different muscular activity to maintain. Which position do you think requires the least effort?

16 Posture Standing Answer: The Poised Stance. When you look at the photo it's obvious isn't it! The slump requires muscles to work in order to prevent us collapsing forward. The attention stance puts far too much tension in the lower back and shortens the spine. The 'poised' stance uses the least amount of effort simply because there is no unnecessary tension in the body as all of the body segments are balanced on top of one another.

17 Posture Standing General Rules For Standing maintain a straight spine avoid slouching forward or hyperextending keep the chin up with the head centered over the shoulders keep the feet slightly less than shoulder width apart keep the knees slightly bent wear comfortable shoes and leave the heels at home avoid standing still for long periods of time, rather, sit down or move around

18 Posture Sitting The posture for sitting is one of the main criterions that leads to back pain. Whenever we sit, it is our nature to: Find a position that we are most comfortable in. Similarly Feel most comfortable in the “C” position Lead you into chronic pain in the lower back A correct sitting posture is very important in you wish to avoid back pain or wish to get rid of it.

19 Exercise/Stretch


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