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Symbolism & Dream Analysis Lesson 04: Symbolism and & Dream Analysis.

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1 Symbolism & Dream Analysis Lesson 04: Symbolism and & Dream Analysis

2 Starter: Recap  What might the mnemonic ‘Second’ mean?  S econdary  E laboration  CON densation  D isplacement

3 Lesson objectives  To analyse various ‘common’ symbols in dreams and interpret their meaning.  To examine the other components of Psychoanalysis (slip of the tongue and free association) and apply these to psychological therapies…

4 Symbolism What might each of these symbols mean? Why?

5 Part 1 - Symbolism

6 Snakes  A sign of trouble  A phallic symbol  A symbol of death

7 Guns  Guns are linked to males – power, aggression, sexuality  If you possess a gun it suggests that you want power  If you are threatened by a gun, it may mean someone is bullying you

8 Clothes  Clothes are linked to how we think people perceive us  Inappropriate dress suggest you feel unprepared

9 Knives  Knives represent cutting, physical or through verbal remarks  You may feel cut off

10 Lifts  Lifts usually represent something going wrong, it might represent progress with an aspect of your life and that you feel something is going wrong (trapped, out of control).

11 Task  Look back at the dreams of Ida Bauer and the Wolf Man.  Reread these dreams and now analyse them for the following:  Symbols (including their meaning)  Secondary elaboration  Condensation  Displacement

12 The Wolf Man


14 Part 2 - Psychoanalysis

15 Psychoanalysis  Three methods of psychoanalysis  Slip of the tongue  Free association  Dream analysis  It was (is) believed that a person uses energy to repress their wishes and desires and psychoanalysis uses methods to uncover these wishes and desires.

16 Slip of the tongue (Freudian Slip) describes the moment when someone uses one word when meaning another. Free association is where someone is asked to say their thoughts out loud, without controlling them. The analyst can look for associations between thou- ghts and ideas.

17 Task  Write a (comedy) script for a session of psychoanalysis. I want you to include all of the key themes/ideas covered so far:  Manifest and latent content  Dreamwork – secondary elaboration, displacement, condensation  Symbols  Slips of the tongue  Free association 

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