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Agenda – Monday, April 7th

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1 Agenda – Monday, April 7th
Psychological Disorders Overview Perspectives DSM-V Example Begin project Homework: Reading Quiz  TUESDAY AP COUNTDOWN: 28 regular days, 19 school days

2 Psychological Disorders
BEHAVIOR MUST BE CONSISTENT AND/OR REPEATED Someone’s behaviors, thoughts, and/or feelings must be… 1.) Deviant 2.) Distressful 3.) Dysfunctional

3 Perspectives Psychodynamic
Disorders arise from childhood conflicts or unconscious thoughts Examples Most people who suffer from DID had extremely abusive childhoods People with anxiety have failed to repress past experiences with stimuli

4 Perspectives Humanistic
Disorders arise from a failure to strive towards one’s full potential Being out of touch with one’s true feelings Examples People who suffer from depression are unable to get out of their low on their own

5 Perspectives Cognitive
People suffer from disorders because their train of thought is irrational, dysfunctional, inappropriate Examples Most personality disorders originate because people view the world and certain situations in drastically different lights

6 Perspectives Sociocultural
Disorders arise from a dysfunctional society and home life Examples Why do so many homeless people suffer from disorders? (keep in mind, there are many ways to answers this question)

7 Perspectives Biological (Biomedical)
Disorders come from genetic inheritances, organic problems, or chemical imbalances Examples People who suffer from depression have a lack of serotonin production within their brain People with antisocial personality disorder have a malfunctioning amygdala

8 Perspectives Behavioral
People have disorders because certain behaviors and thoughts have been reinforced, punished, or observed over many years Examples Someone with PTSD would have been continually punished by the loud noises and threatening stimuli around them in a war-like situation

9 Perspectives Biopsychosocial
Combination of many different perspectives Argues that people can have genetic predispositions AND a bad environment AND cognition can play a role in developing a disorder Examples: An individual with a genetic predisposition for depression could lose their job and develop the disorder

10 DSM-V “The big book of disorders” Explains symptoms and a person’s background Does not provide treatment or reasons why a person developed the disorder


12 Agenda – Tuesday, April 8th
Abnormal Psych Reading Quiz Work on Fractured Fairy Tales project Frequently Asked Questions Work time on laptops Homework: Project due THURSDAY

13 FAQS Which version of the fairy tale can my group use? Any version, as long as you specify which one and you stay consistent Where should I save my project? Google Drive. Always. Does every group need to present their case study? Yes, but you can earn extra credit by making it more visually appealing for your classmates I really need to present it to the class? Yes. What if we don’t know the character’s family or medical history? Use whatever information is available to you from their story. Do not fabricate very important information, but get creative with their thoughts and emotions based on their known behavior

14 Agenda – Monday, April 14th
Practice FRQ – Abnormal Psych Begin therapy notes Homework: Reading Quiz Tomorrow Exam #5: Monday, April 21st AP Test countdown: 14 school days, 21 regular days

15 Case Studies Josephine Armitage Borderline Personality Disorder Odd, erratic behavior Avoids being abandoned Repeated self-mutilation and suicide attempts No feelings of euphoria and intense excitement (not bipolar disorder) No constant behavior (not depression)

16 Case studies Rosalind Noonan Conversion Disorder No medical cause of stuttering Not in extreme pain or physically disabled Precipitated by extreme emotions and recall of these past feelings

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