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Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Honors World History Mr. Green.

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1 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Honors World History Mr. Green

2 Objective: The students will analyze the impact of the French Revolution and Napoleon’s march by describing the social, political, and economic changes taking place in Europe between 1815 and 1830. Hand-In: Drill: 1. How did Europe respond to Napoleon’s military actions? 2. What can you predict will happen after Napoleon’s defeat for the rest of continental Europe?

3 Congress of Vienna September 1814-arrange a final peace settlement Klemens von Metternich took the lead in restoring the monarchy in France Wanted to ensure peace and stability in Europe Balance of Power and Conservatism Based on tradition and social stability at this time-obedience to political authority, religion crucial to keep order in society

4 Principle of Intervention Great powers had the right to send armies into countries where there were revolutions in order to restore stability Britain objected-Why?

5 Liberalism Grew out of the Enlightenment People should be free as possible from government restraint Protect civil liberties Believed in constitutions, or written documents to guarantee people’s rights Did not believe everyone had the right to vote, only male property owners Feared mob rule from lower classes

6 Nationalism People identify with: 1. a part of a community-(nation) 2. distinctive language 3. common institution 4. common customs Loyalty was to a king, now it is to the state Each nationality have its own government A threat to the existing political order because it would upset the balance of power Conservatives attempted to repress nationalism

7 Liberalism and nationalism make their mark French liberals overthrew Charles X in 1830 established a constitutional monarchy Belgium rebelled from the Dutch Republic Poland attempted to rule itself but Russia halted that idea Italy wanted to be free and Austria put those revolts down

8 Describe how nationalism and liberalism contributed to the forces of change that occurred in Europe between 1815 and 1830.

9 Read Chapter 12 Section 2 pages 388-393 Prepare for a quiz covering sections 1 and 2 which will be 10-15 questions.

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