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1. Bhutan Association of Civil Engineers An Association of Civil Engineers To unite ourselves into a professional organization To promote the welfare.

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2 Bhutan Association of Civil Engineers An Association of Civil Engineers To unite ourselves into a professional organization To promote the welfare of one another and To be of greater service to our Nation, Community and Profession 2

3 1. PURPOSE To uphold and protect the status of Civil Engineers and the profession of civil engineering; To promote ethical conduct, honorable practice and healthy comradeship within the members of the association; To repress malpractice and address disputed technical issues and decide all questions of professional usage and etiquette affecting members of the Association; To promote the exchange of innovative ideas, information, research papers, etc; 3

4 Purpose………………..Contd….. To work constructively towards the advancement and improvement of the civil engineering profession; To serve in an advisory capacity regarding legislation concerning all aspects of civil engineering; Provide backstopping to the Govt. on technical issues/problems; To promote civic and social responsibilities toward other groups in the community; To promote recognition of Bhutanese civil engineers in the region and international arena in terms of responsibility and accountability; 4

5 2. STRATEGIES Devise and impose means of testing the qualifications of candidates for professional accreditation, admission to membership of the Association under various grades; Hold conferences and meetings for the discussion of, and on the exchange of information on matters relating to Civil Engineering, the reading of papers and the delivery of lectures; Form or acquire by purchase, donation, request or otherwise a library and collection of models, drawings, designs, literature or other materials, and to maintain, extend and improve the same; Issue appeals for funds in furtherance of the objectives of the Association, to accept any gift or donation made to the Association and to borrow money, if required for the purpose of the Association; 5

6 Strategies……………… Develop and publish documents and policy positions on matters relevant to the Association; Contribute to and actively participate in the development of appropriate standards and codes related to civil engineering; Promote academic research in the education and practice of the profession and liaise with educators to promote continuous improvement in civil engineering education; To develop institutional linkages with other similar national, regional and international civil engineering Institutions/Associations outside Bhutan; 6

7 3. RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES Authentication/recognition of the Members as Civil Engineers; Access to journals and research publications; Provide a forum to discuss technical issues relevant to Civil Engineering; Provide access to technical data relevant to Civil Engineering; Link with international and regional Civil Engineering institutions; Link to open international scholarship/international job opportunities for civil engineers; Provide Peer/technical support among the members; Knowledge and resource sharing through interactive website; Right to participate in General meetings and vote as prescribed by the bye- laws; 7

8 4. The BOARD 13 members; Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and 9 other elected corporate members; 1.Responsible for overall management and direction of the affairs of the Association; 2.Decide on the fees and subscriptions to be paid by members from time to time; 8

9 5. MEMBERSHIP 5 Grades of Membership: Honorary Fellows Fellows Members Graduate/Student Members Affiliates 9

10 6. REGISTRATION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Registration of Civil Engineers shall be done by a Board of Registration of Civil Engineers; To maintain a registry of competent Civil Engineers to ensure the community is provided with the protection it is entitled to expect in relation to work undertaken by the Civil Engineers; 10

11 7. MEETINGS Annual General Meeting to be held every year, all corporate members can attend; Board can call other Meetings whenever it thinks fit; Proceedings to be as per the rules formulated by the Board; 11

12 8. PUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION A journal at least once a year to begin with; Other publications to be determined by the Board from time to time; 12

13 9. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT All members of the Association to be bound by the “Code of Ethics for Civil Engineers" published by the Association; Alleged breach of this bye-law can result in temporary limitation of privileges of the member or result in expulsion or cancellation of registration; 13

14 10. Membership fees (Annual) 1. Fellows and Members.……………Nu. 1000/- 2. Students / Graduates………..........Nu. 200/- 3. Affiliates…………………………………Nu. 500/- 14

15 11. INTERIM MEASURE Established a Core Group 15 Core Group for the Bhutan Association of Civil Engineers (BACE) Sl. No.NameOrganizationEmail IDContact No. 1Phub RinzinDUDES, MoWHSbachu_2005@yahoo.com17603521 2Karma NamgyelDUDES, MoWHSknamgyel@gmail.com17633220 3Karma JamtshoDUDES, MoWHSkjmaine@hotmail.com17945898 4Jangchuk YesheyDoR, MoWHSjangchuky@hotmail.com17634390 5KarchungNHDCer_karchung@hotmail.com17787092 6LakeyCity Corporation, T/phulakey_bt@yahoo.com17640577 7Palden KhanduCity Corporation, T/phupaldenkhhh@yahoo.com17118448 8Karma SonamSPBDkarsonpokto@yahoo.com17118099 9Pema GyeltshenMoA (G2-C Project) 10Tshewang NidupG2-C Projecttshewanidup@gmail.com17602506 11Karma Treasurer 12Jigme TenzinSQCA Secretariat 13Jewan Nath SiwakotiProgressive Researchprcsbhutan@gmail.com17114087 14Sonam TobgayGyeltshen Consultancysomtobk@gmail.com17118824 15Cheku DukpaCABsee65@hotmail.com17704488 16Karma LhagyelHM Secretariatkargyel69@gmail.com77935803

16 Tasks of the Core Group….. Registration of the Association with the Civil Society Organization (CSO); Formation of Board of Registration; Work on any regulations and procedures required ( like registration of professional civil engineers); Any other task that will further the objectives of the Association in the time being; 16

17 17


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