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Twenty Questions Subject: Ch. 14 By Samantha Blumenthal.

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2 Twenty Questions Subject: Ch. 14 By Samantha Blumenthal

3 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 1. In what classic written volume did the Bretheren of the Common Life of Holland, find their finest expression? The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

5 2. In what year did Martin Luther post his 95 theses? 1517

6 3. Name one group whose beliefs were based on the Anabaptist tradition. Puritans, congressionalist, or Quakers..

7 4. Luther Said, salvation comes from… Faith alone

8 5. Which reformer’s philosophy was based primarily on the doctrine of predestination? John Calvin

9 6. The reformation in Germany caused Germany to become politically… weaker

10 7. Christian humanists believed reform could be achieved through… Education and social change

11 8. The Holy Roman Emperor who tried to repress the Lutheran revolt was… Charles V

12 9. Which country had not been affected by the Reformation by 1555? Spain

13 10. Geneva was… The chief center for protestant reformers in the 16 th century. All the religious exiles from other countries went there.

14 11. Which social classes did Anabaptists appeal to? Poor, uneducated, and unemployed classes.

15 12. The group responding to the Reformation that created a vow to be obedient to the pope was the ___________, created by ___________. Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola

16 13. What marriage caused Austria to become an international power by increasing its other territories? Maxmillian of Habsburg and Mary of Burgundy, 1477

17 14. The Index of Prohibited Books was published by… The Sacred congregation of the holy office of the Pope.

18 15. John Knox and the reformation movement in Scotland were influenced primarily by which group? Calvinism

19 16. Give a reason for the decline in prestige of the Church The Great Schism The Babylonian Capitivity (or) Secular humanists satirized and denounced moral corruption within the church.

20 17. What became the national Church of Scotland? The Presbyterian church became the national church of Scotland, as created by John Knox, and influenced most by Calvin’s ideas.

21 18. What was the goal of the Council of Trent? Was it successful? Pope Paul III called the Council of Trent (1545-1563) as an attempt to reconcile with the Protestants. It failed to do that, but it did reaffirmed many of the Catholic beliefs (7 sacraments, equal footing of Church tradition and Scripture, transubstantiation AND eliminate many abuses such as absenteeism, pluralism, simony AND emphasize priests’ need for education, preaching to masses, and spiritual guidance

22 19. What was Henry VIII’s main reason for his split from the Church? Henry VIII desired a divorce from his queen, Catherine, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, so he could marry Anne Boleyn, provide a male heir to the Tudor Dynasty, and prevent the anarchy and chaos of another War of the Roses.

23 20. John Tetzel was involved with.. The selling of Indulgences.

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