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ACE Overview Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support

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2 ACE Overview Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support Email :

3 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 2 Agenda Introduction RAD ATM Products Typical Applications Key Features Summary - Worldwide References

4 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 3 ATM Market Trends ATM still remains a major data transport network technology for incumbent carriers Carriers can use ATM to generate new revenue using existing infrastructures Deployment of 3G cellular networks Continuing growth in DSL leads to increased investments in ATM

5 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 4 Important Benefits of ATM Proven reliability Allows flexible multiservice traffic adaptation Scalability based on existing infrastructure QoS assurance based on the OAM functionality Traffic Management - allows network bandwidth utilization New services based on GbE/MPLS infrastructure are emerging but ATM is still more widespread

6 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 5 Ethernet Switch Access Concentrator Ethernet NTU ATM New services & CPE’s IP, LAN Legacy services Existing CPE’s PBX- Voice Common ATM Applications Native ATM Legacy services emulation (LAN, TDM, FR etc.) VLAN applications over ATM DSL service concentrator Cellular backhauling

7 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 6

8 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 7 RAD ATM Products Interworking Network Termination Units ACE-52 Low-cost interworking CLE for LAN and TDM/Voice services over ATM ACE-201 Low-cost interworking CLE for GbEth Enhanced Port Density Enhanced number of connections FE or GbE ports ACE-52 ACE-201

9 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 8 RAD ATM Products Multiservice Access Concentrators ACE-202 Two modular slots for user and network interface modules Optional additional built-in user interfaces ACE-2002 Four modular slots for user and network interface modules ACE-2002 ACE-202 ACE-2002E High port density version

10 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 9 RAD ATM Products Cellular Aggregators ACE-3100 Cellular Backhauling Aggregate 4 E1/T1/J1 ports Two STM-1 ATM ports 1 FE for OOB management and alarms ACE-3200 Cellular Backhauling 8 or 16 E1/T1 “ASAP” (Any Service, Any Port UNI/IMA/CES flexible configuration) Two STM-1 ATM ports 1 FE for OOB management and alarms ACE-3200 ACE-3100

11 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 10 RAD ATM Products Cellular Aggregator ACE-3400 Optional E1/T1/J1 interfaces: 63 E1/T1 Multi-Service ports (TDM, ATM) Optional optical interfaces: Up to 2 GE Up to 2 STM-1 UNI (3rd for optional APS) Up to 2 Channelized STM-1 1 FE for OOB management and alarms No single point of failure Redundant core, PS, fans, uplinks ports 3U, 19’’, Fully modular

12 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 11 RAD ATM Products Cellular Aggregator Optional optical interfaces: Up to 2 GE Up to 2 STM-1 UNI (3rd for optional APS) Up to 2 Channelized STM-1 1 FE for OOB management and alarms No single point of failure Redundant core, PS, fans, uplinks ports 2U, 19’’, Fully modular ACE-3402

13 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 12 ACE Comparison Table-1 I-NTUMultiservice FeatureACE-52ACE-201ACE-202ACE-2002ACE-2002E ModularN/A V *VV User slots (Up to)N/A 333 User ports- maximum FE ports22336 User ports- GB-ETHN/A1 Maximum E1 ports1451220 Maximum connections325122561024 Inband managementVVVVV Out of band managementN/A VV Plug & PlayVVVVV Alcatel descriptorN/A VVV Supported Rates (Up to)STM-1 STM-4 Built-in ShaperVVN/AV(optional)N/A Internal buffer 3050 Frames 65000 cells Statistics per connectionsVVVVV APS on NetworkN/A VVV APS on UserN/A VVV OAM supportVVVVV * Slots #1 and #2 are modular

14 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 13 ACE Comparison Table-2 Cellular Backhauling & E1/T1 Aggregation FeatureACE-3100ACE-3200ACE-3400ACE-3402 ModularN/A VV Redundant main cardN/A VV Redundant PSN/AVVV Active STM-1 ports (Up to)2222 Active CH-STM-1N/A 11 Maximum E1/T1/J1 ports41663N/A Maximum connections128 1000 Inband managementVVVV Out of band managementVVVV Supported Rates (Up to)STM-1 Built-in ShaperVVVV Internal buffer64000cells Statistics per connectionsVVVV APSVVVV OAM supportVVVV External clock portN/A VV

15 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 14

16 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 15 Native ATM (A-NTU) Application Traffic Management Traffic Shaping/ Spacing Policing OAM flows Fault Notification (AIS/RDI) Continuity Check Loopback Performance Monitoring Traffic Monitoring Per Port Per Connection Statistics Upload to the NMS Public ATM Services Customer Premises POP Customer Premises POP Customer Premises POP ATM Device ATM Device Switch ACE-202 ACE-2002 STM-4 Switch ATM Device NMS

17 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 16 Branch Office LAN and Voice Access (I-NTU) Integrating LAN/IP over Frame Relay or HDLC interfaces and voice services over ATM for inter – office connectivity Full VLAN support – VPN infrastructure over ATM including L2 priority Frame Relay – Support of FRF.5 and FRF.8 encapsulation PBX LAN Switch Branch Office HQ PBX E1/T1, IMA, E3/T3, STM-1, STM-4 Public ATM-based Network ACE-52 ACE-202 STM-1 ACE-2002 Switch Router FR/ HDLC E1/T1, IMA, E3/T3, STM-1 NMS

18 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 17 DSL Service Concentrator & NTU Traffic concentration from multiple DSLAMs (7 to 1 STM-1 link concentration) Demarcation device between DSL/ATM access and IP networks Traffic management towards ATM access network Performance monitoring of ATM access and DSL access spans based on I.610 OAM Modem Customer Premises IP Network Up to 7 DSLAMs DSL DSLAM POP ACE-2002 ATM DSL Access Span ATM ATM Access Span ACE-2002 DSLAM ATM Network

19 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 18 VLAN Stacking The ACE acts as an ATM gateway, extending Metro services to remote customers over wide span ATM network Similarly, the ACE can be used to connect ‘islands’ of metro Ethernet over ATM national network To allow this application VLAN stacking was added to the ACE so each ATM VC is mapped to a Service Provider (SP) VLAN *SP VLAN – Service Provider VLAN *C VLAN – Customer VLAN Local Customer Ethernet STM-1 Remote Customer FrameC VLAN*SP VLAN* Adding SP VLAN according to VC FrameC VLAN FrameC VLANSP VLANFrameC VLAN Removing the SP VLAN ACE-2002 ACE-52 Local Customer ATM Network Metro Ethernet

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21 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 20 ATM Based VPN Total separation of VLANs throughout the WAN – Saves equipment and ports Control of bandwidth and priority of each VLAN Set priorities for up to 8 different services within a single VLAN ACE-2002 ACE-2002E Public ATM-based Network ACE-52 ACE-202 Supplier Branch Office HQ Switch STM- 1 ACE-2002 E1/T1, IMA, E3/T3, STM-1, STM-4 Switch ACE-52 ACE-202 Branch Office ACE-201 E1/T1, IMA, E3/T3, STM-1 NMS GbEth ACE-201

22 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 21 VLAN=40 Typical VLAN Application Untagged VLAN=30 ATM VLAN=10 VLAN=40 VLAN=20 VLAN=30

23 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 22 LAN Module Bridge Bridge Ethernet Port ATM PVCs 1,2,3,4 1 1 2 3,4

24 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 23 PVID-Port VLAN Identifier When entering the bridge, untagged frames are always tagged The VID given is the PVID of the Ethernet port or ATM PVC Bridge 1,2 PVID=1 1 Untagged Tagged

25 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 24 Transmit Frame Type Bridge 1,2 1 Tagged 1 VLAN 1: Transmit Frame Type = Tagged VLAN 2: Transmit Frame Type = Untagged 2 Untagged Tagged Configurable per VLAN per port (Ethernet/ATM PVC)

26 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 25 Ingress Filtering – Disable Bridge 1,2 1 2 3 Configurable per ETH port Configuration for ATM applies to all PVCs

27 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 26 Ingress Filtering - Enable Bridge 1,2 1 2 3 Configurable per ETH port Configuration for ATM applies to all PVCs

28 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 27 Layer 2 priority Layer 2 priority support according 802.1p standard Up to 8 different priorities for different services within a single VLAN Allows translation of ETH priority into ATM priority 3 Bridge 1,2,3 7 6 4 1 1 1 2 VLAN Priority VLAN ID ATM PVCs 1 3 2

29 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 28 Priorities per Logical Interface ACE-202/2002/2002E: CBR - Highest priority VBR RT- Second highest priority Per-VC queue according to peak limit and weight UBR - lowest priority ACE-52/201/3100/3200/3400/3402: CBR - Highest priority VBR - Second highest priority UBR+ - Third priority UBR - lowest priority

30 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 29 VP Tunneling Enables grouping of VCCs from different user interfaces (ATM, LAN, CES, FR and management) into a single VPC (VP tunnel) Category of service and traffic parameters configured individually for each VP tunnel (up to 30 VP tunnels) ACE-202 ACE-2002 ACE-2002E LAN Switch ACE PBX LAN CES First the VCs are Policed/Spaced according to their Traffic Descriptors Then the entire VP is limited according to the VP Tunnel Traffic Descriptor

31 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 30 Hierarchical Traffic Management ACE-202/2002/2002E has three levels of traffic management VC Shared Queue and Per VC WFQ (Weight Fair Queue) VP Tunnel with shaping/limiting all passing through VCCs Physical interface (module) Rate Pacing VP Tunnel Port Pacing Shared Queue or Per VC WFQ ACE-202 ACE-2002 ACE-2002E

32 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 31 n x E1 IMA E1s TDM Hierarchical Traffic Management ACE-52/201/3x00 has two levels of traffic management VC Shaping- Shaping is supported for All VCCs Rate Pacing- Output rate limit ACE-52 ACE-3100 ACE-201 ACE-3200 ACE-3400 Output rate limit in cells/sec Shaping per VCC according the Traffic Descriptor STM-1 ACE

33 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 32 Spacing Buffering according to the PCR - output will not exceed PCR Non-conforming cells are buffered and not discarded Supported in ACE-202/ACE-2002/ACE-2002E EPD support ACE-202 ACE-2002 ACE-2002E Input Traffic Output Traffic Cell rate (cps) PCR = Peak Cell Rate TD parameters PCR=6000 cps EPD = Early Packet Discard

34 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 33 Shaping Built-in Shaper for all traffic classes on the ACE-52, ACE-201, ACE-3x00 Optional H/W Shaper for VBR-rt and VBR-nrt on the ACE-2002 EPD support Input TrafficOutput Traffic TD parameters PCR=2000 cps SCR=1000 cps MBS=500 cells Cell rate (cps) PCR= Peak Cell Rate SCR= Sustainable Cell Rate MBS=Max Burst SizeTD=Traffic Descriptor

35 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 34 Automatic Protection System (APS) STM-1 only ACE-202/2002/2002E G.783 Annex A and B Uni-Directional 1:N Compatible 1+1 Optimized Y-Cable (proprietary) Manual switching New Dual APS module ACE-3xxx G.841(the new G.783) Annex B 1+1 Optimized APS for CH-STM-1 ACE-202 ACE-2002 ACE-2002E New ACE-3400 ACE-3402

36 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 35 Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) Standard IMA for scalable N x E1/T1 ATM connections Complies with ATM Forum IMA Version 1.0 and 1.1 Supports ITC and CTC clocking mode, Independent Transmit Clock for connectivity to two or more networks which are not synchronized and Common Transmit Clock for connecting to a single synchronized network IMA virtual link Phy Physical link # 0 Physical link # 1 Physical link # n-1 Physical link # n IMA Group Phy Original cell stream passed to ATM side IMA Group Single ATM cell stream from ATM side SDH/PDH Network

37 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 36

38 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 37 Management Options Management Applications: All ACEs can be managed locally and remotely RADview HPOV – ACE-202/2002/2002E Full configuration and diagnostic via any IP based connection (in-band or out-of-band) using a Unix based GUI. (ACE-202/2002/2002E) RADview EMS –ACE-52/201/3100/3200/3400/3402 Full configuration and diagnostic via any IP based connection (in-band or out-of-band) using a GUI. Server-client CORBA based topology – may run on a PC or UNIX stations ConfiguRAD – ACE-3100/3200/3400/3402 Web based element management (HTTP server). The implementation will allow full configuration and diagnostic via any IP based connection

39 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 38 Management Options Download/Upload Software, configuration, statistics or any other file from the file system Two ways for downloading & uploading files X-Modem – via a serial interface TFTP – via In-Band or Out-Of-Band management

40 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 39 Alcatel Management System Integrating RAD SNMP using dedicated Descriptors Descriptor Files 5620 DM 5620 NM Alcatel Backbone Network Managed Access Network

41 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 40 5620 Descriptor Modules Part of the 5620 Descriptor Modules Identify and map third-party SNMP objects for the 5620 Dedicated descriptor per product 5620 maintains multiple descriptors 5620 DM ACE-202 ACE-50 SNMP Based Managed Access Network Descriptor Files

42 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 41

43 ACE Overview TS-2006 Slide 42 RAD’s ACE Broadband Successes

44 thank you for your attention Technical Support CBNetworks Email:

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