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Prizes & Popular Culture IEM1201J By Hayati Abdul

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1 Prizes & Popular Culture IEM1201J By Hayati Abdul

2 Learning Points for Today Learn Boolean search logic and operators AND, OR, NOT, Truncation Phrase Search Parentheses Learn how to search databases & locate fulltexts Proxy bookmarklet & Google Scholar Getting help 2

3 3 Exploring a Topic

4 Search engines Library catalogue Newspaper databases Factiva, LexisNexis Different media YouTube, Google Image search 4

5 Selecting a Topic Scan newspapers, textbooks & module readings for ideas and suggestions. Think of what you have read or seen recently that may be of interest to you. Draw on your personal experiences, friends, other modules, etc. for inspiration. Ensure that your topic has sufficient resources. Avoid topics that are too broad or too narrow.

6 The Research Process Explore Identify main keywords List synonyms, related words & variant spellings Create search statement Search for sources using LINC+/LINC & databases Get more sources by checking references Are there enough? Evaluate quality, currency, relevance, etc. yes no Complete your assignment Topic

7 Information Sources SourceUseful forHow to Access BooksOverview of topicsLINC+, LINC Journal articles In-depth treatment of topics, usually current and scholarly. Some journals may be peer- reviewed Citations: databases Full-text: LINC+, LINC Newspapers Recent events, anecdotes, book reviews, interviews, biographical information, “data” Factiva, LexisNexis, microfilms Theses & dissertationsStudents’ exploration of topics LINC+, LINC, Proquest Dissertations & Theses Websites (.edu,.gov,.org ) Exploring the topicSearch engines

8 Evaluate Information Sources (CRAP Test) Currency: How recent is the information? Reliability: Is the information balanced/biased? How often has it been cited by others (peer-reviewed)? Accuracy: Are there means to verify data? Purpose: What is the intent of the article? More info at:

9 Evaluate sources 9 Watch this video courtesy of Western University Libraries, Canada Watch this video courtesy of Western University Libraries, Canada

10 Scholarly vs. Popular Articles 10 Watch this video, courtesy of Wayne State LibrariesWatch this video, courtesy of Wayne State Libraries

11 11 Boolean Search Techniques WATCH this video! WATCH this video!

12 AB Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT 1. AND: both terms must be present  fewer results 2. OR: either terms may be present  more results 2. NOT/AND NOT: exclude a term  use with caution AB NOT AB ANDAND OR

13 Quotation Marks “ ” Use quotation marks “ ” for phrase searching Examples: Nobel Peace Prize: 7,113 results “Nobel Peace Prize”: 2,700 results Reality television: 620 results “Reality television”: 110 results Note: Some databases treat adjacent words as separate words (AND), while others treat them as phrase (“ ”)

14 Asterisk * Use asterisk * for variant forms of a word & variant spelling Examples: cinem*: cinemas, cinematic, cinematography… politic*: politics, political, politician, politicize… colo*r = color, colour Note: Some databases use other symbols, e.g.: $, ?, !

15 Parentheses ( ) Use parentheses ( ) for grouping similar or related words Example: (“American Idol” or “Britain’s Got Talent”) AND judging  American Idol and judging  Britain’s Got Talent and judging

16 16 Create Search Statement

17 Step 1: Identify Keywords What do awards tell us about film cinematic achievements? #3: achievements #1: awards #2: cinematic Topic

18 Step 2: List Synonyms & Related Words filmmaking moviemaking prizes Oscars #1: awards #2: cinematic success quality accomplishment #3: achievements

19 Step 3: Create Search Statement Search statement: (awards OR prizes OR Oscars) AND (cinema* OR filmmaking OR moviemaking) AND (quality OR achiev* OR success*) What do awards tell us about film cinematic achievements? Topic

20 Searching for the perfect Queen: judging beauty, race and identities in beauty pageants? Topic #3#1#2

21 21 Databases

22 Multi-Disciplinary Databases Expanded Academic ASAPExpanded Academic ASAP* International Bibliography of Social SciencesInternational Bibliography of Social Sciences* JSTOR ScopusScopus* Web of Science Newspaper Databases FactivaFactiva* LexisNexis Academic NewspaperSGNewspaperSG (1831-2006, watermarked) Subject-Specific Databases International Index to Performing ArtsInternational Index to Performing Arts* Communications & Mass Media Complete Communications & Mass Media Complete PsycINFO Sociological AbstractsSociological Abstracts* Worldwide Political Science AbstractsWorldwide Political Science Abstracts* Other Sources Google Scholar For other subjects:

23 Multidisciplinary Indexing database (no full text) Usually offers links to full text Good design and easy to use DB (Database) #1: Scopus

24 Access databases from Library portal

25 Search Scopus “… And the best picture goes to…”. What do awards tell us about film cinematic achievements? Topic 25 Search statement: (awards OR prizes OR Oscars) AND (cinema* OR filmmaking OR moviemaking) AND (quality OR achiev* OR success*)

26 26 search statement add or remove fields search within… limit by year…

27 Scopus QuickBib 27

28 DB#2 Sociological Abstracts DB#3 Worldwide Pol Sci Abstracts Sociological abstracts (1979- ) culture, social structure, social differentiation, social psychology, sociology of the arts, business, education, studies in violence and power… Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (1975- ) political science, political theory, international relations, public administration/policy Access from Library portal

29 Search Sociological Abstracts & WPSA The politics and controversies of the Nobel Peace Prize conferred to Barack Obama Search statement: (“Nobel Peace Prize”) AND (politic* OR controvers* OR disagree*) AND Obama Topic

30 30

31 31 mark records

32 More relevant databases on ProQuest: Int Index to Performing Arts, Int Bibliog Soc Sc, ProQuest Sociology… 32

33 DB#4 : Expanded Academic ASAP Multidisciplinary database Contains popular and scholarly articles including book reviews Many articles in full-text 33

34 So you think you can dance? Reality dance shows and the road to fame… 34 Topic #3 #1 #2 Search Expanded Academic Asap

35 35

36 36

37 37 E-Newspapers

38 Factiva To search/browse: Local, international or global news stories on a daily basis, or by selecting particular dates New York Times, Asian Wall Street Journal.. Stories from a specific news source e.g. Straits Times, Bangkok Post… News stories by subjects e.g. equity markets, airlines, investment analysis… Latest headlines from a selected country’s newspapers. 38

39 Search Factiva Judging of the controversial Booker Prize Topic

40 Enter search terms search in headline and lead paragraph sort by relevance major news and business publications (also possible to search by specific newspaper) E-Newspaper: Factiva

41 mark to view on single page, email, print or save


43 E-Newspaper: LexisNexis Academic News English and non-English language newspapers and news magazines, TV and radio program transcripts, wire services, blogs, trade publications, and public opinion research. Legal information Law reviews, case law, international legal materials… Business information Directories, trade publications, industry research reports… Country information Country risk reports, BBC news summaries, Global Insight.

44 44 Google Scholar

45 Google Scholar + Proxy Bookmarklet Google Scholar Aim: single search engine for scholarly literature May include links to free PDF articles But: Not all results come from scholarly sources Link to websites which require payment to view fulltext Solution: Proxy Bookmarklet  Install & use the proxy bookmarklet to access full-textsproxy bookmarklet Note: only for resources subscribed by NUS Libraries. More info at:

46 46 Recap…

47 Searching Databases: A Recap use synonyms and related words create search statement using keywords plus AND, OR, NOT, ( ), *, “ ” select fields e.g. article title, abstract limit/refine search by type (article, books, reviews), date, peer-reviewed, etc. sort results by relevance Remember: Quality (Relevance) vs. Quantity

48 Troubleshooting Search Results To get more results: Remove irrelevant keywords Add synonyms/more general keywords using OR Use asterisk * To get fewer but more relevant results: Add more relevant keywords using OR Keep search statements short but do multiple searches Use quotation marks “ “ for phrase searching Limit results by date, subject, type of document, etc. If you need help, ask a librarian! ask a librarian

49 Evaluating Your Research Process Build on your research skills by considering these questions: What did you do well? Which was the hardest part? What skills did you learn? What do you need to develop? What would you do differently next time?

50 50 Write & Cite

51 Why Cite? Provides evidence for your arguments and adds credibility to your work. To help readers find your sources & go through some of the steps you took to reach your conclusions. To show your teachers the work that you have done Helps avoid charges of plagiarism.plagiarism. 51

52 The kinds of sources you need to cite… Direct quotations from a book, article, letter, email, lecture, etc. Ideas you draw from a source but present entirely in your own words. Paraphrases and summaries of books, journal articles, pamphlets Statistics, illustrations, charts… Single words, short phrases, sentences & passages quoted from books or articles used. 52

53 53

54 54 More…

55 Appropriate Use Resources are for your research and study. Use them responsibly No excessive photocopying or downloading Copyright violations may have serious consequences photocopying and printing:  10% or 1 chapter of book  1 article in a journal issue

56 Plagiarism

57 EndNote For more info: A software that: stores and organizes citations inserts citations into a Word document format references in a predefined citation style Technical queries (e.g. installation): call IT Care at 6516 2080 or email video

58 Getting Help Phone:6516-2029/30 (general queries) Walk in:information desk (CL, level 5) Others:FAQs Library Instruction ONline (LION) Subject Guides

59 59 Thank You

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