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Fourth Hospitality Employee Guide.

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1 Fourth Hospitality Employee Guide

2 1 Logging In Type in
Use your log in details to access your details. (e.g. Username: boba Password: cg998) Type in 1 Logging In

3 2 Select a module then select which module you would like to view. If you would like to check that all of your personal, work and holiday details are correct then go to the HR module. If you would like to check any of your rotas, past or present then go to Rotas. If you would like to check any of your payslips, tax details or anything to do with your pay then go to Payroll. HR Module

4 3 Once you have clicked into HR you will see this drop down list. If you click on Personal details it will show you all of your details, such as your full name, address, phone number, NI number – this is a good time to check that we have all of your details up to date. If we do not then please speak with your manager and fill out a change of terms form. You will not be able to edit this. Personal Details

5 If you click on Employment details it will show you all of your work details, such as which location you work at, how much you get paid per hour, when you started, what your bank details are – if your bank details change then you must speak to your manager ASAP. You will not be able to edit this yourself. 4 Employment Details

6 Click onto Holiday requests to see any holidays that you have already taken.
To add a new holiday that you would like to book click on create holiday request 5 Holiday Requests

7 Holiday Requests 1. You will then be able to input the dates that you would like to take for your holiday. 3. Once you have calculated the number of days you must save. (Please note that if you do not have enough days to take then your manager will have to input your holiday – so don’t worry if it does not let you). All holidays will then be authorised by your manager – the earlier you input your holiday the more likely it will be that you can take it. 6 2. Once you have input the date, you must calculate number of days.

8 4. This is a summary of the holiday that you just booked, as you can see it is not yet authorised, however, when your manager checks they will be able to authorise it and you can go and have a sunny holiday! Please note that you are NOT guaranteed holiday just by requesting it. The earlier you book the holiday the more likely you are to have it authorised by your manager. Please make sure that your manager has authorised it before you pay for your holiday or make arrangements. Holiday Requests 7

9 This section is really handy to see how many days holiday you have left, how many you have taken and how many you have booked. Holiday Requests Here you can see what an authorised and unauthorised holiday looks like. 8

10 9 1. Back to the main drop down list – if you want to check your rotas then click on Rotas Rotas

11 2. You then need to select ‘view rotas’ from the drop down list.

12 3. Then pick the week that you would like to look at.
11 Rotas

13 12 Rotas 4. You will then be able to see all of the hours you are to work that week or did work in a previous week, it will also give you a total number of hours. Please note that your hours may change from day to day depending on how busy the restaurant is etc.

14 13 Payroll Finally, if you want to check any of your tax or pay details then this is the place to be! Click on Payroll.

15 14 Payroll You will see this whole list drop down, don’t be scared of all of the details that are here as you will not really need any of them, but you can have a look around at any of them if you wish. If you just want to check your payslips then click here.

16 15 Payroll You will then be able to view any payslip that you want – click on HTML to view individual payslips. You can print any of these payslips whenever you want which is great!

17 16 Help and Assistance If you need any help remembering this then you can click on the ‘Help’ button. You should be able to find anything you need on the employee level help section, if you still cannot find anything then and she will help you – we really are very nice at head office!

18 17 Logging Out To log out just click on log out (very easy really).

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