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Milestone Professional tutoring that gets results Tel: 01494 956 367 11+ Boosters & Mocks Timetables, booking forms and 11+ study tips 2015.

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1 Milestone Professional tutoring that gets results Tel: 01494 956 367 11+ Boosters & Mocks Timetables, booking forms and 11+ study tips 2015

2 Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

3 Make no mistake - the CEM 11+ is a tough test which needs real preparation... When BBC presenter Justin Webb and a number of other famous people took the 11+ exam recently they had a rude awakening; this is a genuinely hard test of ability and stamina - even for adults with university degrees! How I failed my 11 plus aged 51... it's MUCH harder than my job as a presenter on Radio 4's Today programme says Justin Webb To give your child the very best chance of a pass it’s important that they get into the right work-routine at home in the months coming up to September, so that the work they do with us at Milestone is reinforced in the time when they are not with us. There are a number of vital ways in which parents can help, which is why we have produced this small pamphlet. We see this as a team effort where success depends on all three of us playing our parts. We will always be here to support you with the best tutoring and resources or to discuss any concerns or queries that you may have - but we need your support in return to make sure your child is fully prepared on the day. We hope the information here will be useful. Thank you! Milestone Parent Student Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

4 ‘An hour a day’ There are many different question-types and mental skllls that 11+ students need to master to secure an 11+ pass, including:  General Mathematics & fast mental arithmetic  Verbal Reasoning  Non-Verbal Reasoning (pattern recognition)  English comprehension, Cloze Passages, basic grammar & word recognition Many of our 11+ students do two or more sessions per week at the Centre, but we still have only limited time with your child to cover all the areas. It’s vital that the preparation work continues at home during Year-5 (ideally starting Year-4) in a planned & structured way, not waiting until the last minute and hoping for the best! In addition to the homework we supply, we suggest your child should be doing about 1-hour of 11+ related activity each day. We urge all aspiring 11+ parents to start implementing daily practice routines to reinforce all the key topics. Reading & vocabulary building The CEM 11+ exam is specifically designed to favour kids with a wide vocabulary and good grammatical skills. With a quarter of a million words in the English language, we cannot stress enough that your child needs to be reading continuously to expand their mind and vocabulary. In addition to their own books, we suggest asking them to tackle a short but challenging reading piece every day, such as a poem or a newspaper article. We can provide some suitable short pieces like these to get your started - just ask! The ‘Rice Game’ is a great online resource to complement your child’s reading and teach them new words. (And it’s free!) Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

5 Book resources for 11+ timed-tests at home Working against the clock is a key skill in itself. The more familiar your child becomes with timed-tests in all four subjects the better prepared they will be and the less likely to suffer from nerves on the day. To reinforce the timed work we do at the Centre we strongly suggest that parents invest in some of the excellent 11+ learning resources which you can buy online, many of which contain timed tests which you can use at home. Here are some of the publications and publishers we would highly recommend to you - it’s by no means exhaustive but it is a good start... CGP Bonds Schofield & Simms First Past the Post * We keep a small stock of these items at the Centre - so by all means ask us - we may be able to supply the book you need. Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

6 Striking the right balance Whilst it’s important that your child develops a regular 11+ study routine at home, allowing them to get too wound-up about the outcome can ultimately do more harm than good. This is a hard balance to strike but here are some small points of advice to help:  Create a comfortable, quiet environment so your child can concentrate  Try to keep it fun  Offer plenty of praise for work well done and just for ‘sticking to it’  Reassure your child that the world won’t end if they don’t pass  Make sure they get plenty of sleep 11+ Apps These mobile apps can be accessed via smartphone or tablet and are are well worth downloading. We would particularly recommend ‘11+ Vocabulary Builder Lite’. It may not go by the snappiest of names - but the App is free, works brilliantly and it’s great fun to use. It’ll stretch anyone’s brain, regardless of whether they are doing 11+ or not, and it’s a good way to keep your 11+ candidate occupied on a long car journey! Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

7 11+ Boosters! See over for details & booking form Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

8 Milestone 11+ Boosters Through the summer school holiday period Milestone runs intensive 11+ tutoring sessions on specific Sundays and Mondays. This gives students lots of practice with timed, exam-style papers plus additional input focused where it’s most needed. The sessions keep 11+ kids mentally sharp during the long summer holiday and stop them going ‘off-the boil’ right before the exam in September - and they are also very sociable and great fun to be part of. Milestone is the only tutorial centre in the area which provides this kind of sustained booster support in the weeks leading up to the exam, and based on previous years it can make a huge difference. We have limited spaces available and the sessions are very popular, so to avoid disappointment please look at the dates on the application form and register with us ASAP so we know how many want to take part – and on which dates. Why ‘Boost’? What are the benefits? Intensive practice in CEM-style questions Weaknesses spotted & corrected Better time management & exam technique Familiarity = fewer exam nerves on the day Sociable & motivating for your child Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

9 11+ Booster booking form, 2015  10.00am – 3.00pm (4½ hours, plus 30 minutes for lunch*)  Cost: £50 per session for Milestone students, £55 for non-Milestone Please tick your chosen date(s), fill in the other key information and return this form to Milestone asap, with your payment to secure your place. 21 st June (S) 5 th July (S) 19 th July (S) 27 th July (M) 3 rd August (M) 10 th August (M) 17 th August (M) 31 st August (M) Parent’s name: Child’s name: Home address: Email: Contact phone no: Emergency no: *We will of course provide drinks - but we ask parents to kindly provide their child with a packed lunch for each session. Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357 Is there anything else we need to know about your child before they come to the sessions - for example do they have any allergies or particular needs? Total payment enclosed: £ S = Sunday, M = Monday

10 Chuckra mock exams, 2015 Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

11 Chuckra Mock 11+ Exams Chuckra is one of the leading providers of online 11+ support in the UK and we are very proud to be their official partners in Buckinghamshire & Berkshire, where we run the annual Chuckra mock exams on their behalf. These are designed to give children real- world exam experience so that they can:  Overcome nerves  Build confidence  Develop their time-management You can book online at: PS: to claim your 5% Milestone customer discount, don’t forget to use the code: ‘zinnat1’ In 2015 the Chuckra mocks will be held in two locations - Beaconsfield and Reading. Interested parents should book online without delay to secure a place as these are limited and will go fast. Dates are as follows: Beaconsfield:23 rd May 13 th June 11 th July 8 th August29 th August Reading: 27 th June 1 st August 22 nd August Milestone/Chuckra mock - 2014 - Beaconsfield Milestone Tutoring: 01494 956 357

12 Tel: 01494 956 357

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