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Sarah Berger Pre-Health Advisor Health Profressions Program.

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1 Sarah Berger Pre-Health Advisor Health Profressions Program

2 1. WHO will you ask? Faculty who know you well Faculty who you respect Faculty of classes where you’ve done well Administrators who you know well Supervisors (Research, Internships, Jobs) Other Advisors, Mentors People in my network who have connections to professional schools NO family, clergy, politicians, family friends

3 2. What combo and # of letters do I need? You will want 4-6 letters (no more than 6), including your Composite writer. You will want at least 2 letters from faculty who have taught you in a science class. A faculty member from another arena or, if you are a non-science major, someone from your major. You can also ask people, from the list above—ie: a research mentor, employer, coach, etc. Your COMPOSITE WRITER can be any of the above, but they MUST be from the Dartmouth Community.

4 3. What is a Composite letter? A composite letter is written by someone you feel you trust and who knows you the best. The letter itself is literally a composite of the other LOR’s and includes the evaluation of the composite writer. It is Dartmouth’s version of a “committee letter”

5 4. Who needs a composite letter? It’s required for allopathic and osteopathic medical school if you are a current student or up to two years out of Dartmouth. It is also required for Dental school. It’s an option, but not required for, vet, podiatry and optometry schools.

6 Your composite writer should be: A member of the Dartmouth community Someone who knows you well Able to write his/her own comments and evaluation and incorporate other writers’ evaluations as well. Able to write within your timeframe

7 4. Preparing to ask Ask your Composite Writer First! If they can’t do it you’ll need to decide who else you can ask. It’s the biggest commitment. Their timeline affects all the other letters! For them and all writers: When (& where) will I ask? Why am I asking this person? By what date do I want this letter to be completed? What points can the writer speak to in his/her letter? What is my back up plan if this person says no?

8 Use this Timeline! Timeline Agreement Submit to the Health Professions Program (HPP) ASAP End of WinterTerm Composite Letter Worksheet (includes names and contact information for composite writer and all individual letter of evaluation writers) Submit to the Health Professions Program(HPP) March 1 May 1 Resume Upload to Interfolio Account May 1 July 1 Autobiographical Sketch or Personal Statement Upload to Interfolio Account May 1 July 1 Dartmouth Transcript & Citation Report (must include grades through winter term) Request Registrar to send to Interfolio May 1 July 1 External, non-Dartmouth Transcripts (include transcripts where you attempted any college or graduate level course work) Request Registrar to send to Interfolio May 1 July 1 ALL INDIVIDUAL LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Writers will upload or send to Interfolio May 1 July 1 Submit Release to Composite Writer Form YOU Submit this to the Health Professions Program May 15 July 1 Composite Letter to Health Professions Program Composite Writer will submit to Health Professions Program(HPP) July 1 Aug 20 (HPP deadline)

9 5. Step by Step a. Set up an in-person meeting, unless they can’t. Introducing reason for mtg in email is okay. b. Give them a way to say no c. Give a deadline/timeline & explain d. Be prepared to discuss your career goals & application e. Tell them what documents you’re preparing and ask them if they would like additional info

10 6. Etiquette Make sure your communication is thoughtful, ie: “ hey, I wondered if you could write me a rec?” is NOT really the way to go… Give writers at least 4-6 weeks to write. Six weeks for a composite is even better. Think backwards from when your composite says they will be able to write. If they need the other letters by May instead of June you’ll need to take that into account for creating and communicating deadlines! Clearly communicate those deadlines. Politely check in with them once or twice before your deadline. Gentle reminders are often appreciated. Prepare your writer with helpful information (documentation) after they have agreed to write.

11 7. Helpful info/documents: you must download transcript, resume and autobiographical sketch onto Interfolio—for your composite writer, but also provide a neat packet in hand/email to each supporting writer (transrcripts NOT necessary for supporting writers). Interfolio cover sheet (must be submitted with the letter) Transcripts and Citations (at least for Composite) Resume Autobiographical Sketch (what is this?) Timelines/Deadlines specific to your goals

12 **INTERFOLIO INTERLUDE Remember; Open up your Interfolio account now! (Until Feb 29 you get an extra several months for the same price) Once you have Yes’s from letter writers, create a “slot” for each writer. It will walk you through how to do this. Each writer will be given an id number. You can email a “cover sheet” and/or print off a cover sheet for each writer. It will have that id number and instructions for THEM about how to download the letter. It’s easy! Don’t worry. Once you get onto the site it will explain itself. If you DO have questions you can reach out to Annette Hamilton who specializes in all things Interfolio and who will be working through the composite process with you and your writer. Go to the NSS site and under Med School Application you will find a How to Start An Interfolio Account, site.

13 What we Need from You: 3 things you need to sign and get to us as part of this process By End of Winter Term: 1.Composite Letter Timeline Agreement. This gives you a map of your timelines, and let’s us know you are doing this process. Now we can work with you. 2. Composite Writer Worksheet. This helps you clarify who your writers are, and helps us see if you are on track. After all your non-composite Letters are In 3. Release to Composite Form. It’s up to YOU to tell US when all your letters are in. Only then do we release the letters plus your transcript, auto sketch and resume, to your Composite Writer. Go to the NSS site and under Med School Application you will find each of these forms!! You can email them or hand deliver them!

14 8. “Talking Points” or “Themes” My ability to work collaboratively. When I worked as an intern in your office, I mostly worked with you and Dr. Soul, but I also worked with Maria for budget concerns, Patrice for technical concerns and the student volunteers for marketing the project. Communication skills. Your observations of how I communicated things to you, other staff of the office, student organizations, etc. As I coordinated fundraising efforts, I relied heavily on my communication skills to convey the importance of the project to potential donors. In the end, we raised $2000 above our goal.

15 “Talking Points” or “Themes” Scholarship The course material took dedication and time to learn, but to really integrate the information, I needed to teach others. I worked with you during office hours to go above and beyond the text and lectures to understand the concepts and I brought what I learned to study groups and helped others to learn. Motivation When I received a low score on the first test, I came to your office to discuss my preparation methods and understanding of the material. I regularly sought you out after class to make sure I was on the right track and in the end, I received a B+ in the class.

16 Integrity/ Responsibility It was important to me to always come to lab at our pre agreed upon time and to follow up on the procedures that were timely for that day. I felt honored that you trusted me to work independently in the lab, knowing I would get my assignment done. After you approved my proposal I set up a program for local children to help them learn to read by working with singing. We started with 3 children and soon had 25 particpants.


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