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AMF2 ACAPEX Logistics Michael Ritsche/Amon Haruta AMF2 Operations ANL/LANL.

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1 AMF2 ACAPEX Logistics Michael Ritsche/Amon Haruta AMF2 Operations ANL/LANL

2 AMF2 & ARM Quick Overview  Distributed Project with various National Labs having specific roles –ANL, BNL, PNNL, ORNL, LANL, SNL, LBNL –Data Quality Office located in OU –Some mentors in Universities, other locations NREL, Rutgers, NOAA, UW, and many more.  ARM has fixed and mobile locations around the world and an AAF. –SGP in Oklahoma –TWP in Pacific, currently undergoing shutdown and relocation –NSA in Alaska, currently adding site in Oliktok –AMF1 in Brazil & AMF2 in Finland. –ENA in Azores is in process. –AAF is scheduled for ACAPEX/Calwater2  Management and Operations of sites are at specific Labs but overall support goes to a single location for all sites. –Example: ANL manages AMF2 and SGP but data collections and ingest for all sites handled by DMF at PNNL.

3  We will require assistance from all ARM sections in order to deploy successfully –DMF, SDS, Mentors, XDC, VAP developers, Archive, Engineering, etc. –Some items require setting contracts (mentor), communications –Others require purchasing items, such as new data storage –Others require engineering, such as new mount systems for MAERI –Others require all three, integrating X/Ka Radars on marine pedestal  Multiple sites, ongoing deployments, Intensive Operating Periods (IOP’s), new site installations mean competing priorities. –We need to get in the cue now. This is an approved deployment but situations are evolving –AWARE deployment to Antarctica has almost all critical issues resolved and personnel assigned to tasks. –ACAPEX is mostly unknown. We are passing normal installation time limits ARM requires for successful installations. –Approval, dates, locations, details of ship are all unknown and have critical components. AMF2 & ARM Quick Overview

4 Horizon Spirit, Pacific Ocean Baseline Instruments: AOS ASSIST II-will be relocated BBSS BSRWP CSPHOT KAZR HSRL Marine MET System (maybe) MPL MWACR MWR MWR3C IRT SST Parsival Disdrometers PRP/SPN System (maybe) RPH/HPU SeaNav – Kearfott -> IXBlue HYDRINSIII TSI VCEIL NEW Instruments: MAERI Ka/X-SACR and Marine pedestal ACAPEX – Instrumentation

5 Horizon Spirit, Pacific Ocean MAGIC – Location of instruments

6 AMF2 Land to Marine back ground  MAGIC was AMF2’s first marine deployment  Two Months at ANL to reconfigure for ship.  Installation on Horizon Spirit –Two days in Port of LA then week to port of HI, one day in HI, week back to LA. –We did not have bi-directional comms while underway. Only in port by 3g/4g. Slower installation as mentor checks of systems only occurred in port Slowed trouble shooting, even with phone and text only emails. –Some assistance by mentors on board (AOS, Radar, Stable Tables and Nav systems) –Installation was/is not limited to mounting systems/sensors and securing. It is the total process leading up to data collection and archive  We planned for three trips on Horizon Spirit before beginning of full operations. –9 total days for full access to systems by personnel while in port –6 total weeks most while underway before full operations –Limited to 6 people on the ship at a time while underway.  We will be reconfiguring from land deployment at end of BAECC –9 containers in Finland and most land based instrumentation. –Some of the marine based instrumentation and mounts at ANL, some at other labs. –Includes sending instruments to vendors/mentors for calibration, maintenance and in some instances, repair.

7 AMF2 Land to Marine Preparations & Operations  End of BAECC is Sep 15, 2014. –Begin reconfiguration for ACAPEX, re-routing of cabling, etc for systems coming on ship. –New data systems installation and set up of collections and local ingest and DQ plots. –Testing and setup of collections and ingest for systems that are in Finland –Leave the end of October/beginning November Depending on when AMF2 deploys on the ship, customs delays could prevent AMF2 from coming. All customs paperwork is in order but delays can and have been issues. We are prepared to fly from Finland to USA not using common carrier cargo ship. This will depend upon location of installation  Marine based systems will meet AMF2 at install location Planned second phase of testing and setup Integrating marine systems and new systems (SACR and pedestal) Deployment at install location on land mimicking expected set up on the Ron Brown as much as possible. This includes reconfiguring the AMF2 from 9 containers to the 4/5 that will be deployed on the ship.

8 AMF2 Critical Logistics Needs and Concerns  Critical needs-We need NOAA Logistics POC now –We need to determine the exact layout, ports of call for install/uninstall, power availability and communications. We need to visit the Ron Brown to get exact measurements. This must occur in the next couple of months or we run the risk of not getting required support items and mounts built and ready. Location of port of installation/uninstall. If we don’t have ports by June 1, we may not be able to secure pre-deployment integration location (warehouse) in time for deployment. We have multiple power requirements. Need to determine what we have to build for proper distribution. The contracts to build must be done ASAP. We must have bi-directional comms. If we need to bring our own system we need to investigate options and set contracts ASAP. –How much time for deployment on ship before it leaves berth? Land deployments take 2 months. Marine deployment minimum 2 weeks. Some systems may not run if we can’t power up and test prior to being underway. Some installations can not safely be done underway Time in port will also determine the number of personnel we will need to install. We need to get on specialists radar before they make other commitments.

9 AMF2 Logistics Needs and Concerns  Instrument deployment and container layout has dependencies –SACR positioning and size relation to mount structure on deck (17’ diameter) –Stair access to roof of containers to maintain instrumentation –OPS container has 2’ 9” deck to handle instrumentation on roof –At minimum it appears SACR and AOS must be near the front.

10 AMF2 Possible deployment on Ron Brown AOS SACR HPU MPL RPH OPS GP SACR

11 ACAPEX Important issues  Can we use Ron Brown’s Met data instead of deploying AMF2 MET?  Can we use the Ron Brown’s radiometric data instead of PRP?  Does the Ron Brown have SST data available? None noticed on web site.  BBSS system: ARM has scripts on DCIII to output data to historical format. –Different than standard output. –Can we load scripts, if not reprocessing will need to occur. Will need.dc3db files. –Need to know what version of software DCIII on ship is using.  All have VAP implications. Will need to task developer to use new data. Need info on measurements, frequency, averaging time, format and any corrections for motion.  We need a Data Coordinator/translator. Ruby to identify by the end of this meeting.

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