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Part Level Conflict Minerals Compliance 2015. Table of Contents | | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 1.Why you need.

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1 Part Level Conflict Minerals Compliance 2015

2 Table of Contents INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 1.Why you need to Graduate to the Parts/Product Level 2.Getting Internal Product/Part Level info 3.Requesting data from Suppliers 4.Data Verification 5.Product Level Reporting for Customers and the SEC 6. How do I get there ASAP? 7.Q&A

3 Why you need to Graduate to the Product Level INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 Product Level reporting In order to report to your customers and the SEC at the Product Level, you need to make requests at the Part level Differentiate between customer requests Fewer customers are starting to accept Company level declarations This will continue to decline in 2015 – rapidly Get better info from your suppliers More precise responses which pertain to your specific products (as opposed to Corporate level declarations which mix in all your suppliers info along with all their customer’s info) This is especially true with your larger Suppliers Accurate Smelter list Right now, if you are not at the Product Level – your smelter list is 25-50% inaccurate (depending on your size and industry). This means you are reporting inaccurate info to the SEC You need to focus on your products, just like your customer needs to focus on theirs.

4 Getting Internal Product/Part info INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 Getting BOMs Review: Sample Supplier List vs. BOM Transferring from a simple supplier list to product BOMs is this is the biggest stumbling block and speaks to scalability Part level inquiry and Data Management can not be done manually Need some sort of IT system Internally or Externally – you will need some help 25% of new clients come to us with a 3rd party system in place that can't handle BOMs properly This is a common problem There are strategies that can be employed but you need to identify your requirments to IT – they will not solve this puzzle for you Assent Switch program enables you to Graduate from a Supplier approach to a Product level approach

5 Requesting Data from Suppliers INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 You must control the parts list Provide your suppliers with part numbers or 1 of the following 2 things will occur: They’ll ask for the list anyways In this case, you need to go get a parts list anyways They’ll give you their parts list on the Product List tab In this case, you will need to cross-reference the data they input on the Product List tab against the data in your database This will involve matching Supplier Part numbers against your database All routes point to you being able to produce a parts list with Supplier Part numbers Best Practices Provide a list upfront with your request Have a Supplier parts list ready in either of the following formats Downloadable Attachment (Ex: Excel) Remember to use their part numbers if possible! This can be quite cumbersome/impossible to do manually If using a portal, display the info on the portal Have Suppliers declare against the list Need a mechanism for questions/disputes regarding part numbers

6 Data Verification INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 Sanity check the data received versus part descriptions and material types We still see people interpreting "No Conflict Minerals" as 3TGs from Conflict Free sources (Question #3) Start feeding data received into part level information Roll this up to products Enables product level and Customer Specific CMRTs Enables the required specificity in your Conflict Minerals Reports Check your product roll-ups Review Key Accounts Review Key Product Categories Focus your due diligence accordingly Fix the problem Suppliers who have the biggest impact by Customer and Product Category This is now part of your process and speaks to the overall strength of your program and validity of your data

7 Reporting Data INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 Product level CMRTs Roll-up of Part level information that is specific to Products or Product categories (depending on the way you have setup your BOM info) Customer level CMRTs Roll-up of Product level CMRTs for a specific customer Addresses all product purchased by your customer Narrows your Smelter list (and Risk) Conflict Minerals Report Disclosure of Smelters and Refiners is now more accurate (since the list is reduced and only pertinent to your products) Country of Origin is more accurate Part of Best Practices for Next Steps 2015/2016 in order to advance your program

8 How do I get there ASAP? INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 1.Take a flat BOM (don't start with your Supplier list) 2.For every item (not Product) - match it to a Vendor number 3.Send that to your friendly Service Provider - 4.Get your legacy data pulled in 5.You are now ready to graduate to the Parts Level

9 2015 – What’s next INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 Give us CMRTs you have received from your Supply Chain and will run a Red Flag analysis & Data Validation check on them at no cost! Slide deck and Recording to be sent shortly Continued Tactical level Webinar Series The webinar series continues next week - January 29th Top 3 problems with Smelter Verification and how to solve them Register here: The rest of the series can be found here:


11 Get In Touch INFO@ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | WWW.ASSENTCOMPLIANCE.COM | TEL: 1-866-964-6931 CANADA (HQ) ASSENT COMPLIANCE INC. 56 Sparks Street | Suite 510 Ottawa | ON | K1P 5A9 Toll Free: 1-866-964-6931 Fax: 1-866-391-5954 CANADA ASSENT COMPLIANCE INC. The World Exchange Plaza 1150-45 O’Connor St. Ottawa | ON | K1P 1A4 Toll Free: 1-866-964-6931 Fax: 1-866-391-5954 UNITED STATES ASSENT COMPLIANCE INC. 244 Fifth Avenue | Suite 1717 New York | NY | 10001 | U.S.A Toll Free: 1-866-964-6931 Fax: 1-866-391-5954

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