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Phase II- Process Discussion Jordan Lake Partnership 12/19/2011.

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1 Phase II- Process Discussion Jordan Lake Partnership 12/19/2011

2 Concerns we’ve heard (Paraphrased) Not everyone is at the table. Source selection is too hard when starting from scratch. Need something to react to. Calculator tool is too complex, too hard to see. Need to separate picking sources from figuring out everything about how the alternative will work. Let’s figure out 2060, then get back to the intermediate stuff.

3 RWSP Phase II Process (High Level) Phase I: Establish Needs Phase II: 1.Introduce/Collect/Describe Source Options 2.Develop Regional Alternatives 3.Model Regional Alternatives 4.Evaluate Regional Alternatives (and Prioritize) 5.Write a Report about it

4 Global Phase II Process Sources (Selection) Regional Alternative Evaluation OASIS Model Regional Water Balance Details All other implementation details Demand Projections / Need Phase II Report Model Inputs Collection of Sources Mostly Local Regional Implementation Other Model Inputs Costs, Permits Infra. Needs, Agreements, etc. Regional Implementation of Source Options (Frameworks/ Regional Alternatives) Regional Alternative

5 Implementation (for OASIS) Who gets water from which source Who relies on whom for regular sales vs emergencies Where will water get discharged Process A. Demand Forecast & Indv. Source Options 1.Pick Framework 2.Select Collection of Source Options that Meet Demand (2060) 3. Implementation (for JLP/DWR) How does water get from each source to where it is needed What infrastructure needs to be built/ expanded/ upgraded? What permits may be needed? Cost/Environmental/Legal

6 Framework “X” –Collections of Sources Collection 1 Jordan Lake 1 Res. Mod. A.2 Withdrawal 7 RCW 3 New Res. 4 Collection 2 Jordan Lake 1 Res. Mod. A.2 Withdrawal 7 Quarry B Res. Mod. D.1 Collection 3 Jordan Lake 1 Res. Mod. A.2 Withdrawal 7 Quarry B Quarry F Withdrawal 3 Each framework could have several potential collections of Sources

7 Multiple Frameworks Framework “X” Framework “Y” Framework “Z” SourcesUseRelease Raw Water Sources- Yield From which source to which demand Where does water go after use. 2010 2040 2060 When?

8 Example Process Framework “X” Framework: Collection of Sources: Implementation For a given set of sources and users, there may be several methods of implementation to get water from each source to the correct users.

9 What’s an implementation? Source A Source B System 1System 2 System 5 System 3 System 4

10 Implementation Collection of Sources Frameworks A A.2 A.1 B B.2 B.1 C.1 C Details of Implementation Analysis, decision making, ranking, reporting, planning. (Phase II report)

11 So what do we need to do? Group Efforts Collections of Sources (TJCOG, anyone) Jan Phase II detailed outline.. (work with TJCOG to develop – volunteers?) Jan Decision process for recommendations Decide which alternatives to model Mar Individual/Small Group Meet with TJCOG to help develop inputs to OASIS model (include consultants) Jan Source descriptions, information, costs. Jan/Feb Write report sections relevant to your system as needed. Feb/Mar TJCOG Publish PhaseI ASAP Collect. Of Sources ASAP Meet with systems and consultants re: OASIS Jan Work on outline/ section templates Jan Finalize model inputs Feb/Mar Model in OASIS Apr

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