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2 WHY AM I HERE?  To assist in your academic success  Prevent you from progressing to Academic Probation Status (A2) and beyond  Help you keep your financial aid  Connect you with resources on campus and in the community to help you be successful in your educational pursuits  Empower you to take responsibility for own success and education

3 HOW CAN I BE MORE PROACTIVE NEXT QUARTER?  Registration begins February 11 th for Spring quarter, 2013  Tuition for Spring quarter, 2013 is due by March 7 th  Obtain Books in Campus Bookstore, Building 6 (Lair)  Obtain your parking permit, Building 50 (cashier’s office)  If a class/program is not right for you, get in to see a counselor ASAP  1 st day of class is April 1 st  April 1 st is the last day to add/drop a class yourself online (schedule changes after the first day require a counselor and instructor’s signature, April 2 rd -5 th )  Create educational plan for program

4 WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T DO BETTER NEXT QUARTER, CAN I LOSE MY FINANCIAL AID?  If you do not meet these requirements, you may be at risk for losing your financial aid:  Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or better in all coursework  Complete at least 67% of attempted credits  If you are pursuing a degree, financial aid assumes you will take no longer than125% of the time required to obtain that degree  The following grades are considered no credits earned by financial aid: Z, W, I repeated and 0.0 courses  Actions that cause issues with financial aid include: repeatedly changing programs, no longer attending and dropping without adding classes

5 BEING SUCCESSFUL IN ONLINE CLASSES  First, decide if online classes are right for you, visit the ANGEL website and take the quiz to determine if you are a good candidate for online learning  Attend an eLearning orientation session on campus to learn how to use the ANGEL system  Or complete an online class orientation session through ANGEL  eLearning helpdesk: submit a help request either online or by calling the number provided

6 DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES  Provides equal access and reasonable accommodations to students, must self-identify and access sources yourself  Also provides services for deaf and hard of hearing students  You are eligible if: you are considered a person with a disability under the law, you have identified yourself to a disability support service provider, and you have provided current documentation regarding your disability

7 VETERANS ONE STOP  Located in the Student Success and Career Services office in the Lair  Veteran friendly contacts are located in every building on campus, flyers posted on entry doors  Linda Wilson is the Program Coordinator and Veteran Certifying Official

8 HELP! I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO!  Talk to a counselor ASAP to discuss career/academic planning  Attend a career planning workshop  Contact Career Services to schedule an appointment to complete a career assessment  Career Services provides resume building assistance, interview skills, cover letter templates, connects you with Job Club/support groups for students seeking work, and conducts assessments  Career Services provides you with online resources to access information about job information such as job descriptions, employment conditions and current job outlook by location

9 DID YOU KNOW???  We have a Bigfoot childcare facility on campus  We have our own Student Health Center, it’s a walk-in clinic with limited health care services, most services provided at no cost to students  We provide free mental health counseling services to students, their significant others, and their families  We provide services for multicultural students in our Multicultural Student Services Office: focus on advocacy, activities, clubs, counseling, assistance with completion of Tribal forms, and multicultural resources  We have our own food bank on campus that you can access 3 times per quarter  You can buy a bus pass on campus for a reduced rate of $29 per month at the cashier’s office in building 50

10 ACADEMIC SUCCESS  We provide tutoring services free of charge to our students  Each quarter we offer a variety of free Student Success Workshops  Examples include: time management, self-esteem building, test anxiety, learning strategies and procrastination

11 FINANCIAL RESOURCES  FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid  CCS Foundation scholarship  Opportunity Grant  Worker Retraining Grant  SAFE Grant  Basic Food Employment and Training BFET  Tuition Installment Payment Plan TIPP  Workfirst  Workforce Investment Act  Americorps  Veteran’s educational services  Passport for Foster youth promise scholarship  Funding is available through federal, state, SCC institutional grants, loans, and scholarships  Go to Career and Employment Services at SCC

12 CHANGE OF INFO  Update your address/email or you will miss important changes/updates happening at the college! At registration island in building 15 or online  Has your legal name changed? Submit changes to financial aid and admissions, or you will not get your award  Check your email frequently, this is the means of communication used by the college to distribute important information  Keep all important emails/mail in a folder for documentation

13 GET CONNECTED  We offer a wide range of student-run clubs at SCC (over 40), aimed at promoting the educational, cultural, social, and recreational interests both in the academic and non-academic arenas  Examples of clubs: Collegiate DECA, Culinary Club, Student Parents Together, Disability Awareness League and Veterans Club  You can even start your own club!  Intramural sports  Campus events such as craft fairs and guest speakers, contact the Student Activities Office for upcoming events  Join Student Government, meetings every Tuesday at 3pm in the Lair  Volunteering opportunities  Looks great on resume and college applications while enriching your overall college experience

14 RETENTION RATE STATISTICS FOR 1 ST - TIME STUDENTS ENROLLED FROM FALL 2010-FALL 2011  54% of full-time students returned, 41% of part-time students returned  26% of full-time, first-time students graduated within normal time for program, 16% transferred out  Remember, SCC provides many resources to increase your chances for success – be part of the 54%, by giving 100%!

15 COMPLETE SURVEY  Complete survey by clicking the link below, make sure you enter your name and Student ID so we can verify that you completed the workshop 

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