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THE END OF THE SEMESTER 04. December 2014 Kerti Sönmez.

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2 THE END OF THE SEMESTER 04. December 2014 Kerti Sönmez

3 Calendar Christmas holiday21.12.14-01.01.2015 Examination Session02.01-24.01.2015 Additional Examination Session 26.01-31.01.2015 End of the Semester31.01.2015 Results will be sentIn February

4 Registration for exams OIS>Performances>Registration to the Performances>choose: by code by lecturer by course name … Ask all questions concerning OIS from Dean’s Office

5 Exams „Academic Policies at TUT“ § 16 There has to be 2 dates available for an exam There is an additional examination week in the end of the semester in case the student fails at primary exam When retaking the exam, the latest grade will appear into your transcript When you don’t pass the exam, it will not appear into your academic transcript! Cheating is not allowed!

6 Grading system at TUT Excellent5 Very good 4 Good3 Satisfactory2 Sufficient1 Failed0 A (assessed)passed M (not assessed)failed

7 Grading Grading principles have to be made clear at the beginning of the semester by the lecturer In case you need only grades, please please fill in the form at > End of the semester Your home university will transfer credits into your grading system. NB! You are student of TUT only one semester until 31st of January!!!

8 Some notes If you fail in the exams, you don’t have an option take another (6 credit course) at TUT. With all academic questions, please turn to your Lecturer, Professor etc. Check your results in OiS before 31st of January. Your last version of Learning Agreement should match with the transcript of records what will you get from TUT in the end of the semester.

9 Academic Transcript The official document with your results Your home university will get the original by regular post in February. Scanned version of your transcript will be sent by e-mail to you and to your university. In case you find any incorrect or missing information, please inform us by e-mail ASAP, other wise you get correct documents later.


11 Letter of Confirmation An official document which proves your attendance at Tallinn University of Technology from 01.09.2014 until 31.01.2015. In case you need other dates, please let me know. It will be sent together your academic transcript to your university by post.

12 Feedback Please evaluate the courses and teachers in spring semester. To give your evaluation log in to OIS, select the "Gallups" tag and "Take part from Gallup„ From 15.12.14-31.01.15 Everybody is invited to Focus group interviews!

13 Some procedures Please return the books to the library. End your dwelling place contract. If you see the option, that next semester students could rent your appartment, please announce in the FB groups for next Semester students! Inform city district government personally about your leaving. Pay for the accommodation.

14>> End of the Semester> Presentation The web page will be updated this week.

15 FLY IN THE PLANE OF AMBITION & Land in the Airport of Success… Luck is yours, Wish is mine… May your future always shine… Good luck!

16 Contacts International Relations Office Ehitajate tee 5 19086, Tallinn Estonia Mon-Fri 8.30-17.00, U02-201 Friday morning meeting 9:00-10:15 Kerti Sönmez, Tel / Fax: + (372) 620 3517


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