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Healthy & Lovin it! Rebecca Reed Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator.

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1 Healthy & Lovin it! Rebecca Reed Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator

2 How Can We Make Health More Appealing at ASAP? Teach kids aspects of health that you enjoy! *Showing your interests will help engage your students Share your positive experiences and stay away from NEGATIVITEY!!! *Being negative about health education such as sharing YOUR dislikes can create a negative effect on your students…..let them decide for themselves Include more hands on activities (cooking, gardening, food experiments, fitness competitions)

3 Reach out to the community *Ex: have a local farmer or grocery store come out to talk to the kids… Parent involvement *Provide opportunities for parents to get involved Ideas Parent nights: Invite parents to see students’ health artwork, participate in a PE activity, and witness an interactive health lesson or even taste a favorite healthy snack! Handouts/Resources/Pictures of Progress Brain Breaks *Great for keeping kids focused and moving! Proven studies have shown that they improve learning.

4 Brain Break #1 Heart Smart

5 Team California’s Healthy After Schools (TCHAS) Program Goal: To support national and state goals to reduce childhood obesity through multiple targets across a variety of settings. 1)improving the nutrition and physical activity afterschool environment 2)providing mentoring to other after school programs

6 Team California’s Healthy After Schools (TCHAS) Piloted at Sequoia and Lincoln Elementary for the duration of the program. Yet, this year we expand by having our two pilot sites mentor and coach…. Shasta and Golden West!!!! What does that mean for ALL other sites? Simply meaning you will model in these areas as a site: -Nutrition Education - Healthy Snack -Physical Activity -Mentoring and Coaching

7 Even though you may not be a “pilot site” you are still encouraged to get involved! Take advantage of resources and ask our pilot sites to give you ideas for PE/enrichment/gardening etc. !!!!

8 Some of Our Successes with TCHAS… #1 Healthy Snack—Near the end of this last school year, we reached out to our snack providers for Sequoia to get a fruit/vegetable provided during snack time. (Once to twice a week vs. typical snack)

9 Some of our Successes with TCHAS…Cont. #2 Supper Program--Began at Sequoia Jan. 2014; offers an opportunity for our students to receive a well-balanced meal with accessible fresh fruit and vegetables.

10 Some of our Successes with TCHAS…Cont. #3 Hands-on Gardening Opportunities!!!!!!! Lincoln has utilized their garden for many cooking opportunities during enrichment (using the fresh produce) and sending recipes home! Last year they even created their very own cookbook displayed for parents to use as a resource. Last year, Sequoia gained ownership of the school’s empty lot (which used to be a garden years ago) and currently is in the restoration process to recreate the garden. (We reached out to our community to have a Manteca Master Gardener assist us!)



13 Brain Break #2 Litterbox

14 Ongoing Curriculum Struggles I’ve Experienced at ASAP Too much text or descriptions to follow Unawareness of background to lessons (nutrition) Keeping attention Reaching out to K-2 Just Plain Boring!!!!

15 3 Easy solutions for…. 1.Think of things you would enjoy or that would keep your interest. Remember hands-on! (You could even take a class pole of what they want to see more of.) 2.Ask me for resources when your struggling or even lesson plan adaptions I would be more than happy to create them for you. 3.Improvise--You only need to stick to the main message

16 With that said lets practice a Health Education Lesson with the curriculum! K-2 nd = Healthy Classrooms Healthy Schools (HCHS) 3 rd & 4 th / 5 th and 6 th = Balance My Day

17 1.What did you like and/or dislike about the lesson? 2. How might you change it for K-2 and 5 th -6 th ? (Since this lesson was for 3 rd and 4 th ) Briefly give examples and a timeline on what would occur throughout the 30- 45 minutes. 3.Would you see yourself doing this lesson at your site? Why or Why not? 4.Rate your level of appeal during the lesson. Combine all individual scores by adding them together, then divide by how many people participated in your group to get an average group score. 1-Very Unappealing 2-Unappealing 3-Somewhat Appealing 4-Appealing 5-Very Appealing

18 Brain Break #3

19 Physical Education CATCH curriculum now at ALL sites According to the Dietary Guidelines, Kids 6-17 yrs. should be active at least 60 minutes everyday with most of it being moderate-to-vigorous *Active vs. Non-active *How to increase active play -brain breaks -5 to 10 minute video clips (dance steps) Ex: Beyonce-Let’s Move Campaign, Sid Shuffle, Zumba etc. At times you should allow kids to choose from various forms of active play (by being able to choose what games they like to do it will keep them enjoying PE) Play Along/Participate--- Gets the kids motivated!

20 pxo Ice Age: The Sid Shuffle yE Beyonce “Let’s Move Your Body” Dance Clip Ideas

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