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SAP Organizational Change Management approach for ASAP

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1 SAP Organizational Change Management approach for ASAP

2 ASAP methodology phases

3 Table of Contents Overall summary Organizational Change Management
Value Proposition Organizational Change Management SAP´s Approach to Organizational Change Management

4 Organizational Change Management Overview
Why OCM? Benefits Organizational Change Management is one of the main success factors in SAP projects. Implementing SAP software at an organization usually causes various organizational, technological and social changes. Organizational Change Management focuses on the effects these changes have on managers and employees. This concerns, in particular, new demands on the way of thinking or behaving, but also deals with any new competencies and skills required. Approach Expenses More than half of the projects dedicate five or more percent of the overall project budget to change management (without training). Source: DSAG OCM Survey 2006

5 Table of Contents Overall summary Organizational Change Management
Value Proposition Organizational Change Management SAP´s Approach to Organizational Change Management

6 Six good reasons for SAP... = a guarantee for your project success!
Why Engage SAP for OCM? Six good reasons for SAP... = a guarantee for your project success! We have know-how in the SAP solutions and work hand in hand with our SAP solution consultants. We work along a proven Organizational Change Management methodology. Our Toolset is a necessary part of the SAP implementation methodology and roadmap. We have built a global Organizational Change Management network (EMEA, America, Asia /Pacific). Our Consultants are native speakers. We have best practice consulting skills in different sectors and industries, … and in our new dimension products (CRM, SCM, NetWeaver, ...). Our Organizational Change Management services have a close link to our other consulting services like Value Identification, IT-Strategy or BPR. Effective Organizational Change Management support aligned with the software implementation process Efficient project work and lower transformation costs with SAP as solution provider Professional Organizational Change Management staffing and proven teamwork in global SAP projects Broad experience in different sectors and industries In-depth software knowledge of our consultants Enhanced OCM teams effectiveness based on close links to other consulting services of SAP in implementation projects * OCM = Organizational Change Management

7 In a Nutshell: The Benefits
1. Fewer and lower resistances Every SAP project brings changes for the employees involved, which frequently leads to different kinds of resistances. SAP delivers a long experience in SAP software implementation accompanied by Organizational Change Management (OCM). 2. Higher readiness for change The SAP OCM- Team can deliver the understanding of the necessity and benefits of the software change in a structured way. As a result the overall acceptance of the change process will higher followed by an easier integration process. 3. Less necessity of adaptations/ workarounds regarding the standard processes A high overall acceptance enables an easier change process, people are more open to the new system, less adaptations have to be made, less money spent. 4. Reducing the follow- up costs due to a sustainable successful change process SAP OCM activities ensure a focused approach on stakeholders and their needs. Furthermore, a continuing monitoring ensures a sustainable change, solving problems as fast as possible.

8 SAP Approach to Organizational Change Management
Setup Analysis Interventions Monitoring Stakeholder Management Communications Organizational Alignment OCM Setup & Launch Change Monitoring Skills & Competencies Performance Management OCM Launch/ Setup: - Set up, roles& resps, etc. Stakeholder Management - incl. Leadership and sponsorship Governance - how does desicion making support change Communications - incl. Project mktg, branding Skills & Competencies - Projectteam Training - EU Training Organisational Alignment - individual and group process linked roles & resps, possibly structural redesign Performance Management - incl. Incentives and rewards, hiring and selection, resource management, career pathing Change Monitoring - assessment - measurement Governance Support

9 The Organizational Change Management deliverables in ASAP
Project- Phases Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go Live Support OCM Streams Launch & Setup OCM Charter OCM Roadmap Teambuilding Stakeholder Management Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder Identification Change Impact Communication Communication Plan Communication Activities Roadshows Value Argumentation Unser OCM Ansatz wurde zur optimalen Unterstützung der ASAP- Methodologie entwickelt und ist abgestimmt auf diese. Dargestellt sind einige Beispiele von konkreten OCM Maßnahmen in den verschiedenen Arbeitsfelder des OCM (Setup, Analyse, Maßnahmen – Kommunikation, Training, Transition Management und interne Projektunterstützung, sowie OCM Controlling. Die Verteilung über den Projektlebenszyklus entspricht in etwa dem Zeitpunkt des möglichen Einsatzes der Maßnahme. Dargestellt sind aus der großen Vielzahl von möglichen Maßnahmen einige typische Beispiele. Die konkrete Ausgestaltung des Maßnahmenbündels ist abhängig von der konkreten Projekt- und Kundensituation und wird in der Analysephase festgelegt. OrganizationAlignment Role Mapping Sounding Panel Monitoring Lesson learnt Business Readiness Check User Acceptance Analysis Input-Output relation 1 1

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