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UCAIug Summit SG Security Session 16 November 2011 Austin, TX Opening Session Agenda Status Updates Distribution Reliability & Cyber Security.

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1 UCAIug Summit SG Security Session 16 November 2011 Austin, TX Opening Session Agenda Status Updates Distribution Reliability & Cyber Security

2 Agenda DayTimeslotSubjectGroup Tuesday1530-1730SG Security Boot CampSG Sec WG Wednesday0800-1200Opening PlenaryUCAIug 1300-1500Agenda & Status updates Usability Analysis TF Distribution Reliability & Cyber Security SG Sec WG Thursday0800-1000Vulnerability Handling & Information SharingSG Sec WG 1030-1200SG Security / OpenADR*Joint Session 1530-1730Substation Automation Security ProfileSG Sec WG Friday0800-1000External Activities: NERC, NESCOR, SGIP… Closeout / Actions Forward SG Sec WG

3 SG Security Working Group ChairDarren Highfill, SCE Vice-ChairBobby Brown, EnerNex SecretaryScott Palmquist, Itron

4 SG Security WG – Task Forces Usability Analysis Task Force – Chair: John Lilley (SDG&E), Vice-Chair: Daniel Thanos (GE) CyberSec-Interop Task Force – Chair: Dave Teumim (Teumim Technical), Vice-Chair: John Stewart (TVA) AMI-SEC Task Force – Chair: Darren Highfill (SCE), Vice-Chair: Bobby Brown (EnerNex) Embedded Systems Security Task Force – Chair: Mark Ward (PG&E), Vice-Chair: Rohit Khera (S&C Electric)

5 SG Security – Recent Accomplishments Usability Analysis Task Force – 2 nd Review of Distribution Management Security Profile – Revision of Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection, & Control Security Profile Embedded Systems Security Task Force – Working on Secure Device Profile for Embedded Systems OpenADR Support – Draft DR Security Profile

6 Objectives for November F2F Meeting Support relationships with other OpenSG working groups and task forces – OpenADR – Security Conformity Update on external activites – NERC, NESCOR, SGIP ASAP-SG – New work: Substation Automation Security Profile Open discussions – Vulnerability Handling

7 Usability Analysis TF Distribution Management Security Profile – Status: COMPLETE – Comments have been reviewed and incorporated into the document – Evaluation report issued – Ratification vote passed – Awaiting OpenSG Technical Committee approval

8 Usability Analysis TF WAMPAC (Synchrophasor) Security Profile – Status: NEARING COMPLETION – Comments have been reviewed and incorporated into the document – Evaluation Report is being finalized – Expect draft for vote soon…

9 Continuation of CyberSec-Interop? Interoperable Configuration Profiles – Valuable work products – Close alignment with goals of UCA, SGIP Work/activity appears to have stalled Need champion to carry work forward

10 AMI-SEC Task Force Re-work of AMI Security Profile by CSWG AMI Security Subgroup – Using ASAP-SG method Are there other tasks?

11 Embedded Systems Security TF Work still continuing, but loss of momentum Re-scope work to reap value from what has already been accomplished? Re-examine sub-leads and meeting times

12 Distribution Reliability Classic definitions – Interruption indices: SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIFI Number of momentary and sustained interruptions Duration of interruptions Number of customers interrupted

13 Smart Grid Conceptual Model

14 Distribution Domain

15 Home Area Network

16 Distribution Failures Line Segments – Permanent vs. Temporary – Mean Time to Repair Protective & Switching Devices – Probability of Failure – Protection Reliability – Reclose Reliability – Mean Time to Repair – Switching Reliability – Mean Time to Switch

17 Distribution Reliability Newer generation of indices – Power Quality (sag and swell) – SIARFI, SMARFI, STARFI Customers with specific power needs – Largely industrial customers to-date – Moving toward service-oriented model?

18 Customer Domain

19 Ways to Improve Maintenance – Corrective and Preventative Installation of reclosers & breakers Automation Crew Management Switching algorithms – Upstream and Downstream (back feeding) System Reconfiguration – Islanding & Restoration

20 UCAIug Summit SG Security Session 17 November 2011 Austin, TX Security Vulnerability Discussion

21 Vulnerability Disclosure and Information Sharing

22 Vulnerability Disclosure Progress ? General practice ICSJWG Whitepaper status The Beresford Vulnerabilities, ICS-CERT, and Siemens Digital Bond’s Response

23 Information Sharing What is this? Some people know something bad about security of critical infrastructure Only government agencies, asset owners, the discoverer, and the supplier directly involved are allowed to know. Other people need to know this – Ever hear of proactive response to threats? Government lawyers are here to help but don’t tell anybody what you know.

24 Vulnerability Disclosure and Information Sharing Who is going to shoot that &%$#&@ elephant!? Can we hold anyone responsible for being irresponsible? Do we want to hold anyone responsible?

25 Vulnerability Disclosure and Information Sharing Does anyone know the requirements for vulnerability disclosure and information sharing processes that would protect the security of critical infrastructure? Sounds like an OSGug kind of thing to me?

26 UCAIug OpenADR Taskforce Meeting Nov 16,17, 2011 Austin Face to Face Meeting

27 Face to Face OpenADR Taskforce Agenda Wed, 11/16 – 3:30 – 5:50 PAP09/OpenADR joint meeting Thur, 11/17 – 8:00 -10:00 – Phase II SRS discussion – 100:30 - 12:00 Joint Security Meeting – 3:30-5:30 Phase II SRS wrap up, future planning

28 Phase 2 Requirements Phase 2 Business & User Requirements addressed by System Requirements Phase 2 requirements B&U requirements are Dispositioned in one of five ways: 1New service is identified. 2Change to an existing service. 3Existing service addresses the requirement. 4Non-functional requirement. 5Out of Scope.

29 OpenADR Security Profile Goal: Provide vetted OpenADR Security Profile November 2011 Today’s Session (Working Session) – Review Security Profile Development Process – Review ASAP-SG Framework used – High level review of existing document OpenADR functionality Use Cases- taxonomy and failure points – Open Issues – Steps to conclusion for comments and approval

30 OpenADR Security Profile Process Developed by joint team from OpenADR TF and SG Security Additional Stakeholders in OpenADR Alliance (OpenADR 2.0 Spec. & CoS) Developed using ASAP-SG Framework – Framework overview from Darren



33 Some Quick Notes About Roles Many devices today can support numerous roles A Utility may implement all or a subset of the devices capabilities (roles) A role may be implemented more than once within a substation automation system 33

34 Example Substation Architecture 34

35 Role to Device Mapping Example 35 PROTECTION RELAY and MERGING UNIT

36 36 COMMUNICATIONS PROCESSOR Role to Device Mapping Example

37 37 DIGITAL FAULT RECORDER & METER Role to Device Mapping Example

38 38 HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE (HMI) Role to Device Mapping Example


40 40 REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT (RTU) Role to Device Mapping Example

41 41 PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER (PLC) Role to Device Mapping Example

42 Substation Automation Security Profile Security of automated functions found in transmission and distribution substations, including system monitoring, switchgear control, and system protection Considered “in scope”: – Equipment inside the substation perimeter (i.e., fence, building, or other enclosure) – Interfaces to substation equipment for communications with remote sites and other facilities – Direct communications between substations (e.g., transfer trip) Processing & Communications Processing & Communications of Measurements, Notifications, & Control Signals Measurements, Notifications, & Control Signals Operate, Control, & Protect Operate, Control, & Protect Within & Amongst Substation Components used to the Electric Grid

43 UCAIug Summit SG Security Session 18 November 2011 Austin, TX Industry Updates Action Items & Closeout

44 CSWG Update Subgroups – DPG – Privacy – High Level Requirements – Architecture – Testing & Certification – AMI Security F2F – GridInterop, December 5, 2011, 3:30-5:00 CT, Phoenix – Cyber Physical conference in April 23-24, 2012, Gaithersburg, MD – CSWG F2F April 24-25, 2012, Sterling, VA

45 NERC Update 2011 GridEx – Cybersecurity exercise completed yesterday Smart Grid Task Force Cyber Attack Task Force Severe Impact Resiliency

46 Questions? SG Security WG Collaboration Site

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