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MAYMESTER KICKOFF December 4, 2012. Agenda  Welcome, congratulations on being accepted, sign in  Student perspective  Deposit, passport  Financial.

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1 MAYMESTER KICKOFF December 4, 2012

2 Agenda  Welcome, congratulations on being accepted, sign in  Student perspective  Deposit, passport  Financial aid/financial planning  Health preparations  Registration  Pre-departure forms, airline tickets, Blackboard  MySAO acceptance menu: quick guide  Pre-departure orientation schedule  Student video  Q&A in large group  Q&A/discussion in program groups

3 Congratulations! Now what?  Welcome and congratulations!  Sign-in  What to do next  Maymester Abroad Checklist Maymester Abroad Checklist

4 $300 Nonrefundable Deposit  Due by December 14  Pay it on What I Owe  If the deposit is not paid on time, you will be withdrawn from the program and a waitlisted student will be offered your spot  $300 emergency cash loans available on UT Direct

5 Passports & Visas  Apply for or renew your passport ASAP  UT has a Passport Services Office  Check the expiration date! Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your program ends  Some programs require a visa  Some countries require a specific number of blank pages  Non-US citizens may have different requirements. Talk to your advisor ASAP if you are not a US citizen.

6 Financial Aid  Complete the financial aid module on MySAO ASAP  If this module is not complete, your regular Spring aid and your supplemental MM aid will not be released  FAQs  How does financial aid work for Maymesters?  When will I get my new aid package?  When will my financial aid release?  What kind of financial aid will I get?  How should I prepare? Co-signers, budget planning

7 Financial Planning Deposit due December 14 Balance due February 20  Balance can be deferred to financial aid Financial Responsibility Policy Withdrawal after February 20 will result in financial penalties

8 Financial Planning  Sent to financial aid as estimated cost of attendance  Use for personal budgeting  Individual spending varies widely  Think about when you’ll buy each item (before or during your program) Estimated Study Abroad Budget

9 Financial Planning Start saving NOW!  Ask for donations to study abroad in lieu of holiday presents   Start a savings account for study abroad  Get a part-time job over the winter break and/or during the spring semester  Keep an eye out for scholarship opportunities throughout the semester

10 Healthy Travel Preparations Online resources  International SOS & CDC  UHS Travel Health Course  UHS Travel Health Online Country-specific information Look at info for all of the countries you’ll visit Vaccinations  Recommended or required for some locations

11 Healthy Travel Preparations Medical clearance form  Form is on MySAO  Due on March 1, but make your doctor’s appointment soon!  Things to discuss at your appointment Medical conditions or health issues Mental health conditions Prescription and over-the-counter medications you’ll need abroad Any other health resources you might need while abroad

12 Registration 1.Clear all bars and get permission from Dean’s office to go over max hours 2.If you have not already registered for the Maymester course(s), you will register during January add/drop 3.Review your spring schedule in January to verify enrollment in Maymester course

13 Pre-departure Paperwork Check MySAO & Blackboard regularly!  MySAO modules due March 1.  Airline tickets  Wait to purchase tickets until you are given instructions next semester  Additional paperwork on Blackboard  Maymester Checklist and Additional Resources:

14 MySAO Acceptance Menu

15 Orientation Schedule Please mark your calendars for the Pre-departure Orientations:  General Pre-departure: Attend one of these mandatory sessions  Jan 17 from 4 to 5 pm  Feb 7 from 6 to 7 pm  Financial Aid & Scholarships: Attend one of these optional sessions  Jan 17 from 5 to 6 pm  Feb 7 from 7 to 8 pm  Health & Safety: Attend one of these mandatory sessions  April 25 from 4 to 5 pm  April 26 from 12 to 1 pm  Program Specific Orientation(s): Dates TBD

16 Checklist & Additional Info Please visit the following website for a Maymester To Do Checklist along with additional information and resources for your upcoming program:

17 Student Video A student's perspective GkfDjL4

18 Questions? Study Abroad Website and Contact Info Please visit the Study Abroad Website for more information and to find answers to your questions: If you have additional questions that are not answered on the website, please call the study abroad office at (512) 471- 6490.

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