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Jim Callinan, M.A.. Topics ASAP Program Prior Learning Assessments.

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1 Jim Callinan, M.A.


3 Topics ASAP Program Prior Learning Assessments

4 Define Adult Learner National Student Clearinghouse 25 or older Director of Adult Learning Nancy Andreasen

5 Preparation D2L Workshop (D2L Guide ) INTS 1010 Educational Planning and Assessment (3 cr.) Goal 2 Liberal Arts Education or Business Elective INTS 1011 Prior Learning Development (1 cr.) Business Elective

6 ASAP Model - New Students ◦ Become educated consumers of higher education. ◦ Be in charge of their educational choices and decisions. ◦ Review and reflect on past formal and informal learning to earn college credit. ◦ Create an individual educational plan. ◦ Achieve their educational goal through accessible, convenient and varied course format programming to fit individual needs.

7 INTS 1011 Learning Outcomes Analyze knowledge and skills gained through work/life experiences. Compile evidence of knowledge necessary for PLAs. Prepare oral discussion, demonstration, and/or performance for evaluation meeting. Prepare work needed for completion of at least one PLA.

8 Credit for Prior Learning CLEP _ College Level Exam Program (P.5) Business, English, Language, Social Science, Science, Math ACE – Maps to Credentialing DSST _ DANTES http://getcollegecredit.com Prior Learning Assessments

9 Individualized Professional Studies, A.S. Degree (60 Credits) Program (focus area) Curriculum (30 credits) Liberal Arts Curriculum (30 credits) INTS 1010, 3cr Educational Planning and Assessment INTS 1011, 1cr Prior Learning Assessment Development 26 other focus related credits ENG 1108 Writing and Research Skills, 4cr COMM 1100, 1110, 2230 or 2240, 3cr Math or Lab Science, 3cr (See Goal 3 or 4 of MnTC) Social Science, 3cr (See Goal 5 of MnTC) Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature, 3cr (See Goal 6 of MnTC) Goals 7 – 10 (See MnTC), 3cr Liberal Arts Electives, 11cr (Restricted to MnTC courses)

10 Emphasis: Management Course Title Academic Area Cr.Transf Credits Assess- ment IHCC Course Educational Planning and Assessment INTS 10103XX Prior Learning Assessment Development INTS 10111XX Principles of ManagementBUS 11213XX Human Relations in BusinessBUS 11193XX Leadership Skills and DevelopmentBUS 71523X Supervisory Techniques in BusinessBUS 71503X Business EthicsBUS 71183X Achieving Customer SatisfactionBUS 73103X Principles of Customer ServiceBUS 71023X Business MathBUS 11123X Cultural Issues in International Business INTL 14153XX TOTAL31

11 Emphasis: Management Course Title Academic Area CrTransf Credit Assess- ment IHCC Course Educational Planning and Assessment / PLA Dev. INTS 1010 INTS 1011 4XX Principles of ManagementBUS 71213X Effective Comm. in OrganizationsCOMM 71303X Leadership Skills DevelopmentBUS 71523X Supervisory Techniques in BusinessBUS 71503X Business EthicsBUS 71183X Basic Noncommissioned Officer (ACE) 600-BNCOC3XX Infantry Noncommissioned Officer (ACE) Personal Supervisor MOS 11B-006 3XX Human Relations MOS 11B-006 3XX Principles of Instruction MOS 11B-006 3XX Management Field Experience MOS 11B-006 3XX TOTAL31

12 Course TitleAcademic AreaCr.Transf Credits Assess- ment IHCC Course G1 & G2 Writing & Research Skills Research Writing in Disciplines ENG 1108 ENG 1111 6XX(CLEP) G3 Environmental Science *10BIOL 1117 w/Lab 3XX Physical GeologyGEOL 1101 w/Lab 4XX G4 College AlgebraMATH 11184XX(CLEP) G5 Intercultural CommunicationCOMM 72403XX Psyc of Death, Dying, and LossPSYC 72303XX Social InequalitiesSOC 71273XX G6 Beginning Class VoiceMUSC 71073XX American LiteratureGoal 6B8XX(CLEP) Class PianoMUSC 71043XX G7 Interpersonal CommunicationCOMM 71003XX G8 Spanish Language, Level 1SPAN 1101 & 11026XX(CLEP) G9 Creative Problem SolvingINTS 71253XX G10 Met by Goal 3

13 ASAP Profile  Initiated in 1997  Average student age 41; 72% female  Current active student base – 800+  Over 7,000 students served since inception  Largest accelerated adult degree program in a public college/university in Minneso ta

14 ASAP Model - Final Portfolio 1.) Educational Goals Statement 2.) Degree Plan Transfer Credits Credit for Prior Learning Prerequisites Action Plan 3.) Support Letter (IPS Degree Only)

15 ASAP Model - Course Choices  Traditional 16 week delivery (day, evening, on line)  Accelerated (8 week course; one meeting per week)  Accelerated online courses  Prior learning assessments  A combination of all Over 95% choose a combination of accelerated courses and prior learning assessments.

16 Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) Business Communication Computers Sociology Psychology

17 Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs)  Based on CAEL PLA standards  Based on established courses and established outcomes  Assessment evaluators work with student individually for outcome demonstration  Credits are awarded based on the course ($100)  Credits are identified the same as a course, but with a distinct number designator

18 Ten Standards for Assessing Learning 1.) Credit or its equivalent should be awarded only for learning, and not for experience. 4.) The determination of credit awards and competence levels must be made by appropriate subject matter and academic or credentialing experts. arning.htm

19 EGS – Educational Goals Statement ECACs – Evaluation Components and Criteria Outcomes Assignment Guidelines PLA (Competence) Narrative Outcomes Additional Learning (Professional, Personal, Volunteer, Work) Evaluation Meeting Group Discussion / Individual Evaluation Presentation EAF – Evaluation Assessment Form

20 Interpersonal Communication COMM 7110 Read Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication View and Analyze the movie, When Harry Met Sally. 5 – 7 Page Paper incorporating 2 – 4 concepts from the book, the movie, and your personal experiences. PLA (Competence ) Narrative

21 Interpersonal Communication COMM 7110 (ECAC) Demonstrate understanding of basic interpersonal communication theory. Analyze and evaluate one’s own communication habits and behaviors in interpersonal situations. Synthesize information from readings, lecture and course activities. Recognize and evaluate one’s own assumptions and biases regarding the communication behavior of others and themselves.

22 Interpersonal Communication COMM 7110 PLA (Competence) Narrative: Outcomes Formal Work/Life Experience Seminars/Workshops, Certificates Readings New Learning

23 PLA Evaluation & Schedule Group or Individual Presentation Group Discussion EAF – Evaluator Assessment Form Saturday, December 7 th 8 – 9 a.m. COMM 7100-02 9 – 10 a.m. COMM 7100-01

24 PLA Resource Room PLA Schedule Narrative Template ECACs EAFs Evaluators Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator


26 Assessment _ Adult Learner Inventory 2000 – 2013 Awareness (Administration) Faculty Academic Quality Enrollment Start small _ One PLA Professional Development

27 ASAP Model - Seamless Transfer Seamless transfer is essential. Martha Kudak

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