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Introduction to Library Research *Navigational guide for candidates pursuing an MBA*

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1 Introduction to Library Research *Navigational guide for candidates pursuing an MBA*

2 Welcome to Keiser University Library ! This presentation will introduce selective databases and resources to assist with your MBA

3 LEARN HOW TO Log in to Keiser University Library Locate Graduate Level Business Journals Locate APA Format Guides Access Online Tutorials

4 LOGGING IN Type: Username: Student ID Number (found on your Student ID card) Password: Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

5 Searching for  Scholarly journal articles  Peer-reviewed articles  Popular magazine or newspaper articles

6 LOCATE BUSINESS JOURNAL ARTICLES IN THESE DATABASES 1.LIRN (InfoTrac and Proquest) 2.EBSCO BUSINESS, EDUCATION, MEDICINE, NURSING DATABASES (Business Source Complete and Regional Business) Next learn how to search the databases

7 Search LIRN (InfoTrac and Proquest) for Business Journals CLICK LIRN (Keiser)


9 CLICK and search for articles in Business and Company Resource Center or Business Index ASAP Access the InfoTrac database and search for articles in Business and Company Resource Center or Business Index ASAP

10 CLICK and search for articles in General Business File ASAP

11 Type the Company Name here For example: TOYOTA. Then click the SEARCH TAB Let’s Search for a journal article about the company TOYOTA in the database BUSINESS & COMPANY RESOURCE CENTER

12 Your search results. Click on a Company. SEARCH RESULTS

13 Find articles about Toyota by clicking on your topic interest. S.W.O.T ANALYSIS

14 CLICK PROQUEST Now let’s search PROQUEST for a journal article about the company TOYOTA

15 Don’t forget to click full text and scholarly journals Type Toyota in the search bar

16 Want to narrow your results? View the next slide. Your search results

17 ADVANCED SEARCH Narrow your search results by clicking the ADVANCED tab and typing several search terms. For example: Toyota Recalls Camry

18 ADVANCED SEARCH The search results were narrowed from 513 articles to 1 article!

19 Click here to access EBSCO HOST (Business Source Complete and Regional Business)

20 Business Source Complete Full-text access to over 1,300 peer-reviewed business journals Full-text access to 80 regional business publications Business e-books Case studies Company profiles & financial data Industry reports Investment research reports SWOT analysis

21 Business Source Complete This is Business Source Complete’s Basic Search Screen. Simply type in your search term and click search. For additional search options, you may also click on the link for Advanced Search.

22 Advanced Search The advanced search screen allows you to limit your search by date, to full-text articles, by publication type, etc. You do not need to fill out each area of the Advanced Search screen. Simply focus on what you need to make your search a success! Click on the Help link for additional tips on using the Advanced Search function

23 Advanced Search In this example, we have specified Exxon in the title, Full- text, and Published Date from Jan 2009 to Dec 2009.

24 Results Screen You may Narrow Results by Source Type here. To access your articles, simply click the blue link or the PDF version If more than one year selected, use slider to Filter By Publication Date

25 Viewing your article If you find an article you like, click on Find Similar Results for others. You may print, email, or save your document from this page.

26 Publications To browse alphabetically or search by publication title, simply click on the publications tab at the top of the screen.

27 Company Profiles Go to the “More” drop-down menu and select Company Profiles You may then browse alphabetically or use the search box provided.

28 Example of Company Profile You may use the tabs on the left to jump to specific sections, such as the SWOT Analysis.

29 Business Videos To search for business videos, choose Business Videos/Images from the “More” menu and enter your search term.

30 Harvard Faculty Seminar Series There are over 50 videos available from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series. Please note that these videos require Adobe Flash Player v10 or higher.

31 Additional search tips that apply to all databases: The more words you use, the less results you’ll see. Start general and add words to narrow down results. Change up your search terms! Using a variety of words can alter your results. For instance, all of the following will bring up a new set of results without changing the meaning: human resource management, personnel management, supervision of employees. Getting zero results? Check your spelling, that’s often the problem! Have you found a perfect article and want more like it? Look carefully for the terms that it uses and try a new search using those terms. You’re likely to have luck finding similar articles.

32 To locate APA citation information Online Tutorials Library Contact Information Please view the next slides

33 APA Format Guides Online Tutorials Library Contact Information

34 Choose the APA Style Guide or APA Style Tutorial PowerPoint

35 Click on a tutorial

36 Keiser University Library is committed to your academic success. Need additional assistance with research? Contact any of the following campus locations. Ask to speak with the Campus Librarian. Fort Lauderdale: (954) 776-4456 Jacksonville: (904) 296-3440 Orlando: (407) 273-5800 Tallahassee (850) 906-9494 Tampa: (813) 885-4900 West Palm Beach (561) 471-6000

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