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ASAP Associate Accelerated Program ASAP Associate Accelerated Program.

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1 ASAP Associate Accelerated Program ASAP Associate Accelerated Program

2 What is ASAP? One year associate degree program Cohort-based program Every region has its own learning community Regional Director/Student Success Coach Faculty Teaching Team These learning communities result in strong retention and completion rates state-wide. 86% of ASAP students earn a degree or are still enrolled after 12 months – a rate five times better than the average for all Ivy Tech students

3 The ASAP Student Referred/Nominated by High school Guidance Counselor Minimum 2.5 High School GPA with a strong attendance record No older than 21 years of age Parent/guardian must agree to provide room and board The program is specifically designed for students from low- income households, and targets students during the critical transition period between high school to college.

4 Subtitle Click to edit Master subtitle style Pilot Programs – Indianapolis, Fort Wayne Lumina Foundation = $2,240,000 (2009-2013) CHE pledge = $269,378 Statewide Expansion Funding Lumina Foundation = $2,223,400 (2013-2016) Smith Family Foundation Gift = $1,000,000 (Lafayette 2011) Old National Bank = $250,000 (Evansville 2014-5 year grant) Vectren = $250,000 (Evansville 2014-5 year grant) Total Contributions = $5,733,278 Funding Sources

5 State-wide Implementation Timeline Fall 2010 – Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Fall 2011 – Lafayette Fall 2013 – South Bend Summer 2014 – Muncie, Anderson, Richmond, Columbus, Terre Haute, Evansville Summer 2015 – Gary, Kokomo, Lawrenceburg/Madison, Sellersburg, Bloomington

6 Retention Results 2012-2013 ASAP Retention Rates RegionTerm 1 to 2Term 2 to 3Term 3 to 4Term 4 to 5Term 5 to Degree Completion Fort Wayne91%95% 94%100% Indianapolis90%78%97%100% Lafayette88%95% 100%

7 Graduation Rates 12 Month Degree Completion Rate

8 After Graduation RegionRate of Transfer to 4-year Institution Rate of College Persistence* Fort Wayne62%100% Indianapolis78%100% Lafayette88%100% 2012-2013 Graduates *This data includes students who chose to stay at Ivy Tech and work on another degree.

9 National Media Attention This article from the Wall Street Journal was published on November 3, 2013.

10 ASAP Fast Facts 50% of ASAP students are male, which counters the current trend toward a predominantly female overall college population 50% are minorities – nearly twice the percentage of Ivy Tech’s student body as a whole The overwhelming majority of students enrolled in ASAP are first- generation college students The bottom line: ASAP works for populations traditionally underserved by America’s colleges. The mentoring and guidance provided by the program gives students a chance to succeed and changes their lives.

11 “The experience has been incredible. You not only learn the subject matter, but also about yourself.” “The best part is that the credits transfer to other schools.” “I feel that it’s prepared me for a demanding job.”

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