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Partners for Rural America Meeting Evanston, Wyoming August 2014.

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1 Partners for Rural America Meeting Evanston, Wyoming August 2014


3 WRDC One of Four Regional Centers Regional Rural Development Centers

4 RRDC Initiatives Regional Rural Development Centers work regionally to build national capacity Initiatives Workforce Development Economic Development Rural Safety and Health

5 RRDC Joint Projects NARDeP National Agricultural & Rural Development Policy Center OVERVIEW Provides policy makers and others with timely, evidence- based information on the major issues facing rural areas in the U.S. NARDeP News, Information, and Policy Briefs available at

6 RRDC Joint Projects SET Stronger Economies Together Regional Set Impact IndicatorsTotalStates Reporting Number of newly formed regional planning teams3028 Number of organizations engaged in regional planning teams1,54328 Number of regional economic development plans developed1611 Dollar value of grants and resources leveraged/generated by communities$ 6,816,722.00 10 Phase IV

7 RRDC Joint Projects CAPE Community Assessment and Education to Promote Behavioral Health Planning and Evaluation About CAPE Partnership with USDA and Department of Health and Human Services Objective is to map and improve community information sources about community behavioral health 10 pilot sites in partnership with land-grant universities around the nation; urban-rural diversity; range of minority representation CAPE Pilot Communities CAPE News, Information, and Webinars available at

8 RRDC Joint Projects ReadyCommunity Is a planning process developed in conjunction with FEMA to assist rural areas in preparing for disasters. About ReadyCommunity Currently being applied in communities in eight states Helps communities from the formation of a collaborative planning team through to community-wide implementation ReadyCommunity information available at mmunity

9 WRDC Activities Topical Workshops and Targeted Trainings Extension Sustainability Summit 2015 The WRDC will develop and coordinate the event in collaboration with Roslynn Brain, Utah State University Extension Sustainability Specialist Location, dates, and planning committee to be determined Wildfires in the West Workshop 2015 Regional committee has developed surveys to gauge needs and interest Plans will proceed after analyzing the survey results Community Development Extension Institute 2016 Based on 2014 participant feedback this training will be held every other year Details to be determined Rural Health Workshop 2016 Regional committee has been assembled and is developing an outline for the event

10 Immigration Articles contributed by Western region Extension scholars Drought and Wildfire in the West With an article by Governors Herbert and Hickenlooper RuralConnections Read and download issues at Extension’s Role in Sustainability Articles contributed by Western region Extension scholars

11 Rethinking Rural summarizes characteristics of the isolation, mass society, and global society eras. It offers guidance to community leaders, policy makers, and scholars seeking ways to address poverty, increasing inequality, and shifting demographics, as well as resource management and conservation issues. Book Publication Order from Amazon or Washington State University Press

12 BOOK Rethinking Rural Rural Communities Entering a New Era Small Town in Isolation Small Town in Mass Society Small Town in Global Society

13 BOOK Rethinking Rural Rural Community Development in a Global Era Appropriate and sustainable natural resource development Enhance human capacity through people-based rural development Create vibrant rural economies through place- based rural development


15 WRDC ASAP Area Sector Analysis Process – ASAP Awarded USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative grant The project team’s AFRI grant project will focus on developing and piloting its ASAP curriculum with Cooperative Extension WRDC Support The Center has provided financial and in-kind support for this project since its inception when it was called the Community Business Matching Model WRDC staff continues to support the project and it is now known and promoted as the Western Rural Development Center ASAP ASAP Team Don Albrecht, Western Rural Development Center Barbara Andreozzi, Montana State University (Retired) Buddy Borden, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Linda Cox, University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Tom Harris, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Malieka Landis, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Phil Watson, University of Idaho Extension

16 WRDC ASAP What is ASAP? ASAP assists communities in targeted sustainable economic development by identifying: NAICS based on industries Community goals and priorities for economic development Community assets that will help achieve goals and priorities Industry needs and factors that are important for locating operations in a community Industries that are consistent with community goals and assets

17 WRDC ASAP The ASAP Framework

18 WRDC ASAP ASAP Program Structure ASAP Team’s primary role is to guide, educate, and motivate The ASAP Team includes: ASAP Facilitator/Coach County/Region Coordinator(s) County/Region Steering Committee

19 WRDC ASAP ASAP Program Structure 8 Modules Each module requires two to three hours to deliver Each module has an opening topic presentation and/or results Each module has an interactive activity at the conclusion Timeline is determined by the Team’s coordinator(s) and steering committee

20 WRDC ASAP ASAP Modules Economic Development Model Three components What activities have taken place over the last 10 years? Sustainable Development Social, environmental, and economic systems What is the current sustainability position and how may it change? Economic System Three structural elements in an economy (basic industries, service firms, households) Know your region (review local data) Industry clusters Identify Goals and Priorities for Economic Development Community outreach sessions Pair wise comparison survey Asset Mapping and Assessments Community resources – things with value Asset assessment survey Best Matched Industries Desirability Index Compatibility Index Strategic Planning and Action Become familiar with targeted industries

21 WRDC ASAP ASAP Examples for Community XYZ Identify geographical region Identify ASAP coordinator(s) Identify steering committee, and size, that represents a cross section of the community Establish program timeline to complete all modules Start program modules

22 WRDC ASAP Key Deliverables for Community XYZ Throughout the program the following deliverables will be produced: Goals and Priorities for Economic Development Asset Inventory Best matched industries with index scores Detailed desirability and compatibility analysis Relocation/expansion factors by NAICS Various other data relevant to the study area



25 WRDC ASAP Community XYZ ASSET INVENTORY - ABBREVIATED Present and projected: Availability of land and building space Land (developed & underdeveloped) Availability of infrastructure and services Access to all types of transportation Hi-tech Water/sewer, etc… Business and social indicators Workforce (education, prevailing wage, etc…)

26 WRDC ASAP Community XYZ BEST MATCH INDUSTRIES Desirability and Compatibility by NAICS

27 WRDC ASAP Community XYZ BEST MATCH INDUSTRIES Desirability >.6 and Compatibility >.6 by NAICS

28 WRDC ASAP Community XYZ BEST MATCH INDUSTRIES - INDEX Desirability >.6 and Compatibility >.6 by NAICS




32 WRDC ASAP RELOCATION FACTORS FOR NAICS 5416 N=41 Very Important Important Access to Customers (one day) 43.6% 23.1% Availability of High Speed Internet 78.1% 12.2% Availability of Skilled Labor 29.3% 41.5% Favorable Local Labor Costs 17.5% 42.5% Favorable Local Tax Rate 21.9% 48.8% Quality of Education System 53.7% 26.8% Availability of Quality Health Care39.0%48.8% Low Crime Rate 39.0% 46.3% Internet (Sources used to find location info) 75.0% 12.5%

33 WRDC ASAP Where ASAP has been delivered U.S. Communities – Kingman, AZ – Lander County, NV – Spicer, MN – White Pine County, NV (started) – Monterey County, CA Montana Counties – Silver Bow* – Deer Lodge* – Beaverhead – Madison – Granite – Powell Colorado River Region – Laughlin, NV – Bullhead City, AZ – Needles, CA – Golden Valley – Mohave Valley

34 WRDC ASAP How has ASAP helped with Economic Development? Increased strategic approaches to economic development efforts Increased community engagement with economic development efforts Better understanding of asset base and how to improve to better meet industry needs Formalized economic development organizations including sub- working committees (ED, Workforce Development, Quality of Life, etc.) Development of Master Plans and Economic Development Strategic Plans (industrial and commercial) Development of Comprehensive Development Strategies Industry cluster development

35 WRDC ASAP ASAP FAQs Time Commitment Depends on how fast the region moves through the process (6-12 months is average) Deliverables All output tables presented plus additional descriptive data that will be used in final plan Support Facilitator is the main contact person who will also work with ASAP program team to produce meaningful deliverables Facilitator and ASP program team will assist with final interpretation of results and preparing final strategic action plan Cost Depends on the geographical size of the study area

36 WRDC ASAP ASAP Team Contact Information Tom Harris University of Nevada, Reno Nevada Cooperative Extension University Center for Economic Development 775-784-1681 Malieka Landis University of Nevada, Reno Nevada Cooperative Extension University Center for Economic Development 775-784-1913 Buddy Borden University of Nevada, Reno Nevada Cooperative Extension 775-257-5505 Don Albrecht Western Regional Development Center Utah State University 435-797-2798

37 The Western Rural Development Center is a catalyst for capacity building in the West.

38 Web Twitter @westernrural Facebook Western Rural Development Center Connect Contact Don E. Albrecht Director Western Rural Development Center Utah State University T: 435.797.2798 E:

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