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1 EstoSkills- International Conference Role of ESPO in promoting VET through the EuroSkills event Presentation by: Mr. Thom ter Stege Secretary General.

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1 1 EstoSkills- International Conference Role of ESPO in promoting VET through the EuroSkills event Presentation by: Mr. Thom ter Stege Secretary General ESPO Tallinn, December 4 th, 2009

2 2 ESPO’s - mission Skills for a Strong Europe

3 3 ESPO - activities Organising a biennial European skills competition event called: EuroSkills. –EuroSkills 2008 will have a follow up: »in 2010 EuroSkills will be organised by Skills Portugal (part of IEFP) in Lisbon (Portugal), »in 2012 EuroSkills will be organised in Belgium. –The concept of ES08 will be used in ES events in ’10 and ’12, –Member countries can express their interest for organizing future ES event. (first interest from members to organise ES2014 already received)

4 4 ESPO - activities Support ESPO member states countries in establishing and further developing a national skills structure. - Organisational support in setting up a national structure and partner networks - Development of national (and/or regional) skills competitions - Use ESPO International network - Through the support program and with the financial support from the EC, ESPO will support countries in a way which best suits each country

5 5 ESPO - activities Supporting EU programmes and policy on vocational education and training throughout Europe (e.g. by disseminating and valorising projects and their results). –By using results from EU-projects and link them to Skills competitions. E.g. EQF- projects, mobility projects, EU networking projects etc. Creating and maintaining international and national platforms for the collaboration of Industry and VET through Skills Competitions –The working together between National Skills Organisations will improve through the working together in ESPO. It gives the members also the opportunity to benefit more from other VET, industry networks and European government involvement.

6 6 ESPO - activities Engaging with companies and social partners to promote quality of skills in trades, crafts and modern technical occupations. –Promotionally, there can be gained a lot by organizing partnerships with companies. Existing EU-competitions can gain more from working together. Cooperating with European organisations in the field of VET in promoting skills excellence. –Cedefop, ETF, Efvet and other European organisations who now more and more are aware of the existence of Skills competitions as a tool for raising the attractiveness of VET. Promoting European Skills on a global level in cooperation with WorldSkills International and other regional skills organisations. –Europe is a strong participant in WorldSkills. Over 50% of the candidates of WS in November 2007, Japan and 2009 in Calgary came from the EU. Working together benefits both organisations’ objectives. –MoU with WSI is signed


8 8 ESPO Board Mr.Jos de Goey (The Netherlands) President Mrs.Eija Alhojärvi (Finland) Strategic & European Affairs Mr. Stefan Praschl (Austria) Mr. Carlos Vinterm (Portugal) Competition & Quality Development Mr.Yvan Valentinuzzi (France) Marketing & Communications Mr. Francis Hourant (Belgium) Ex-Officio EuroSkills 2012 Mr. Simon Bartley (UK) ActingTreasurer Ex-Officio WS2011 Mrs. Ewa Rudomino (Poland) Secretary Mrs. Ilze Brante (Latvia) General Board Member

9 9 ESPO Organisation

10 10 Actual ESPO Membership status Full ESPO Members: Members with WorldSkills experience: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK (20 member countries) Non WorldSkills members: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey (11 member countries) Total ESPO member countries : 31

11 11 EuroSkills Event

12 12 The EuroSkills Event Skills Promotions, including: Competitions (Individual and Teams), Demonstrations and Try-a-Trade (See, feel and touch) Conferences & Seminars Company/Product presentations Networking

13 13 EuroSkills 2008 - facts EuroSkills 2008 ~ 18-20 September 2008 ~ Rotterdam Ahoy’ Venue, Rotterdam: 50.000m2 Participation of 420 competitors from 29 (of the 31) ESPO member countries Within six Skills domains representation of over 50 trades in 26 competitions, A lot of new concepts with a focus on team competitions, Concept development through ESPO’s Competition Development Committee, Interact with the public: ‘Have a go’ or ‘Try a Trade’, around 30.000 visitors EuroSkillsVillage for topic related Conferences and Seminars. Financed by European Commission, Dutch Government, City of Rotterdam, Sector organizations & Sponsors.

14 14 EuroSkills 2008 An impression

15 15 EuroSkills 2010 Lisbon

16 16

17 17 EuroSkills 2010 Lisbon EuroSkills Lisboa 2010 in figures: 500 youngsters from 31 Countries will participate in 31 competitons with 51 trades in 6 domains means 9.000 hours of competition 800 international Judges, Experts and Observers involved 50,000 m2 Competition area 2,000 People involved in the organization 50,000 Visitors

18 18 EuroSkills Competitions in 2010  Skills Promotions (31) in 6 different domains Each Skills Promotion consists of 3 elements: -Competitions (Individual & Team) -Demonstrations -Try a Trade (See, feel, touch principle)  All Skills Promotions are fully developed by teams of European Experts and documented in a Technical Outline  All competitions based on Competence based qualification profiles

19 19 EuroSkills Competitions in 2010  All Skills Promotions take 2 ½ day in competition  All competitions are carried out under the rules of the EuroSkills Competition rules, developed by EU experts and evaluated after each event  International Skills Management Teams are established during the events for assessment

20 20 EuroSkills Competitions in 2010 Creative Arts & Fashion 1010 Floristry 1030 Window display 1040 Hairdressing 1050 Shoe maker 1060 Fashion 1070 Stonemasonry 1080 Goldsmith Information & Communication Technology 2010 Office ICT Team 2020 Cross Media Publishing Manufacturing & Engineering Technology 3010 Manufacturing technologies 3020 CAD 3070 Mobile Robotics 3080 Mechatronics 3090 Electronics Bleu= New Competition in 2010 Red= Team Competition Construction & Building 4010 Landscape Gardening & Design 4020 Installation Technology 4030 Building Construction 4040 Plastering 4050 Painting 4060 Road construction 4070 Woodcraft Technology 4100 Dry Wall System Transportation & Logistics 5010 Transport Technology 5020 Automotive Technology Light Vehicle 5040 Motorcycle Technology Social, Personal & Hospitality Services 6020 Caring 6030 Farrier 6040 Cleaning services 6050 Energy Resource and Land Use Conflict 6060 Cook & Serve 6070 Hotel Reception 6080 Health & Safety Management

21 21 EuroSkills 2010 Lisbon

22 22 EuroSkills 2010 Venue

23 23

24 24

25 25 EuroSkills Village Conferences & Seminars

26 26 ManagementOrganization Initiative Meeting TypeThematic Portuguese National Skill Organization (IEFP/Skills Portugal) IEFP-3 Seminars -3 technical meetings -2 Workshops - New Technologies - Emerging Trades - New Skills - Innovation & Quality of Education and Vocational Training - Techniques and Equipment’s Other’s Organizations - 4 Conferences- Portuguese Technology Plan - Lisbon strategy - Portuguese national system of qualifications - Initiative “New Opportunities” Sponsor’sTo find ASAP

27 27 ManagementOrganization Initiative Meeting TypeThematic European Skills Promotion Organization (ESPO) Head quarter’s of European Union - Conferences - Seminars -European Qualifications Framework -ECVET -Apprentices mobility -Education & training 2010 program -New Skills / New Jobs -Professionalization of teachers and trainers National Skills Organizations EuroSkills 2012 / 2014 ………… Sponsor’sToyota ……….. InternacionalWorldSkillsWorldSkills 2011 / 2013 / 2015 …….

28 28 WorldSkills and EuroSkills competitions Sep 2008, Rotterdam, NL1-st EuroSkills competition Sep 2009, Calgary, Canada40-th WorldSkills Competition Nov. 23-26th, Lisbon, Portugal2-nd EuroSkills competition Oct 2011, London, UK41-st WorldSkills Competition Sept. 2012, Spa, Belgium 3-rd EuroSkills competition July 2013, Leipzig, Germany42 nd WorldSkills competition

29 29 Any Questions ?

30 30 Thank you

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