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PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AMBASSADOR PROGRAMS. Orientation Meeting Three Developing Destination Expertise.

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2 Orientation Meeting Three Developing Destination Expertise

3 Meeting Topics Demonstrate knowledge of the following during an OM2 review: –Destination-specific history, geography, foods and customs –Ambassadorial dress code Demonstrate understanding of proper packing contents and procedures. Demonstrate their ability to participate in a ‘speed count-off’. Understand expectations and consequences for travel portion of their program. Articulate understanding of host country’s culture and appropriate etiquette for participation. Demonstrate knowledge of destination-specific religions and art forms. Home stay expectations

4 Agenda 1.Welcome and Introductions 2.Teambuilding 3.Speed Count-off 4.Official Visit/Service Project Update 5.My Phone Call Home 6.Home Stay Discussion 7.Behavior Scenarios 8.What Not to Wear 9.Religion, Art, Daily Life Review 10.Cross-cultural Communication 11.How to Pack 12.Suitcase Relay 13.Wrap-up

5 Assignments Due Today! Online Certification for Ch 6-8 Pre-Travel Journal Entry #1 – Will be checked abroad, but DON’T GET BEHIND! Explore Before You Go: Religion & Art/Daily Life Read Standards for Success Protocol (OnBoard Website) Make sure shirt size & passport information is entered on the OnBoard Website Read Clothing Expectations Handout, Suzy’s Suitcase, and the Art of Traveling (all found in the Student Packet) Cont. Preparing for the Project Fair Bring orders for backpacks and pins

6 Teambuilding Counting – Off – We’re going to practice our counting off techniques!

7 Service Learning Project Update Great American Clean Up!!! – May 19, 2012 … I will send you specific time info when I get it (8:30 am – 12 pm/1pm) RSVP to the Evite ASAP! I need to register us as a group! – Serve breakfast and lunch Vegetarians are not accommodated for as this is not a P2P sponsored event … I apologize! – Release form in both packets Please have this signed when you come to the clean up on May 19 th ESPECIALLY if you’re being dropped off. Students under 18 need a parent signature!! – Wear clothes for community service type projects Follow P2P dress code! No short-shorts & no straps!! You will be given a tee shirt that they ask you to wear

8 Home Stay or Guest House Stay Guest Stay Info & Reminders – Student & Parent Packets General Home Stay Etiquette – Student Packets

9 Responsibilities & Behavior Videos Reviews “Rules of the Road” WS – Airport Behavior Dress code, noise level, smart packing (today) – Buses/Travel Behavior On time, street rules, personal items – Hotel Behavior Check in/out, noise & roaming around (clothing), damage, roommates, adapters, locked doors, phone calls, problems, mini bars, bed checks, laundry – You represent US – Groups of 4 – No strangers – Be open to new things – Appropriate dress (today) – Home Stay Behaviors (today) – Budget/Responsible Purchases (next meeting) – Medicines – Restaurant Behavior Noise level, appropriate drinks

10 Behavior Scenarios Behavior/Hotel Behavior Activity – Student Packet – Break into groups Each group will be assigned a set of behaviors to evaluate After evaluating each behavior your group will share out solutions to each scenario Other delegates/parents can respond to solutions constructively Discuss Behavior Guidelines and Behavior Improvement Contract – Student and parent packets

11 What Not to Wear (Guidelines in Both Packets)






17 What to Wear - What Not to Wear Human Body OR Collage Activity w/Magazines – Parent Meeting

18 Split Groups! Religion/Art & Daily Life Review Cultural Etiquette – Discussion: How can we show respect for our host country’s culture? – Scenarios (Student Packet) – Communicating in Foreign Country (Student Packet) Fundraising Video Part 2

19 How to Pack Suzy’s Suitcase Review (Student Packet); Luggage Reminders (Both Packets) Acceptable Suit Cases: Unacceptable Suit Cases:

20 How to Pack Suit Case Dimensions – 1 bag per student – 54 inches = height + depth + width – 40 pounds (not 44) – Locks Carry-on – 1 per student – Back pack – 39 inches = height + depth + width – 11 pounds – Extra clothes & needed items Clothes – Checklist at next meeting – Comfortable & cool – A few warmer items – Good walking shoes – Wear things more than once – Dressy items?!? Assignment – Live out of a suitcase for one week – Wash jeans in the sink and air dry

21 Pre-Travel Journal Activity #2 Practice descriptive writing! Select one of the following topics: – Describe life in your hometown. Note all the details as if you were a foreigner visiting and every detail was new to you. – Describe in detail your school community. – Describe in detail your home or room. – Describe in detail your favorite place.

22 Wrapping Up … Missing Assignments Watch for emails regarding community service, travel updates, and airport transportation – Need your Community Service RSVP, ASAP – Turn in your release form today, if possible Continue to prepare for Project Fair (due in June) Assignments: – Bring actual passport to turn in – Chapters 9-11 Online Certification – Food & Customs (Explore Before You Go) – Student Ambassador Protocol: Read the budget section – Walking exercises – Suitcase & Jeans Challenge – Pre- journal Writing #2 – Emergency Info Form (Parent Packet) Next meeting: – Community Service May 19 th – OM#4 June 2 nd Burbank: 9am-12 pm @ CVHS SGV: 2pm – 5pm @ Mtn View Elementary

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