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LOGS.  What a log is  What a log isn’t  Why do a log  How to do a log  FAQS about LOGS.

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2  What a log is  What a log isn’t  Why do a log  How to do a log  FAQS about LOGS

3  A collection of literature and the work done on it.  A collection of student’s feelings about this work.  An ongoing process of learning.  Different types of assignments.

4  A collection of random pages  A mess  A notebook  A diary  A piece of wood !!

5 It’s not a waste of time !!

6  Improve English  Assess pupils differently  Teach skills  Assess pupils on what has been taught  Support  Less pressure for pupils

7  Notify parents  Notify administration  Explain the process to students in their mother tongue

8 First –choose literature; get inspector approval Then -map out HOTS,literary terms / devices for teaching and spiraling for each piece Next- prepare UNIT PLANNERS Finally – Collaborate with colleagues !

9  Keep a file of all the pages and plans you prepare.  Assess components as you go  Include activities which are not in writing  Set clear deadlines and stick to them but be flexible for legitimate problems.

10 Remind them: keep work in file Show them a way to keep the work for each unit on literature ( a plastic sleeve/ paper folder etc.) Give a checklist Keep checking with them to make sure they have / are keeping their work. Give back graded work ASAP. Update students if they are missing work.

11  Collect all work again for final grade at end of each unit.  Keep a record of the grade.  Remind them to put this work in their main file / loose-leaf/ safe place at HOME.



14  “Looking back at everything now, I see how much I have actually gained. I was shocked to see how much work I've gone through and seeing everything in a neat, organized file really did open my eyes to see the importance of every piece of work that I have done.”  “I think I have learned more this year in English than I have in any other subject and not only did my skills improve and my vocabulary get enriched but I've gotten to learn every day skills that will help me out in life through the HOTS and the LOTS.”  “I really enjoyed learning everything we've done and I would definitely do it all over again.” ~Shelly (girl)

15  “Over all when I look back and my English file and I see all my work organized neatly and I realize and understand that the past two years of my English studies have helped me in many different ways other than just in academic ways. I have learned skills which will help me later on in life. I appreciate all my work I have done. “ Leah (girl)  “ Since I heard that our ‘F’ bagrut will be a Log I was very happy. First of all, I found it more interesting than doing another test, but also, learning all the poems, stories and HOTS actually made me think better in English, which I think is great.” Shvo (girl)

16  “ For me this LOG was very important because the process didn’t make me nervous at all, and I think it affected my grade because I was more relaxed. Also, it was very enjoyable. It was learning in a different way in some parts in the different activities. Plus, I think I gained, learned, and improved my English much more and in more ways than I would have if we were doing the regular module F. “ Inbar (boy)  “ In my opinion this kind of Log must be done. I had a wonderful time doing it and I think I learned a lot of new things and more important about myself that I succeeded although I had difficulties along the way.” Shaked (boy)

17  What if the students lose the work ?  Work can be made up or if you have the grade, and it’s only one piece it’s not the end of the world if the student is missing it.

18  What if there is not enough time?  Remember that this is instead of a module and that students can learn to write through the work on the log. You are not wasting time!!  How can students move from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5 points ?  Moving should be done in 10 th grade and no later but it is possible with careful planning ahead.

19 The Log is not perfect.Yes there are problems But in the long run the students benefit and become better students and more responsible for their own learning. AND YES, BETTER IN ENGLISH and they have FUN and enjoy class !!


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