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The Convergence of User Needs, Collection Building and the Electronic Publishing Market Place. NASIG Workshop #18 Jie Tian, Reference Librarian California.

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1 The Convergence of User Needs, Collection Building and the Electronic Publishing Market Place. NASIG Workshop #18 Jie Tian, Reference Librarian California State University Fullerton Sharon Wiles-Young, Team Leader Lehigh University

2 CSU FullertonCSU Fullerton Background Info Institutional Background Students 25,675Undergrad 21,279Grad 4,396 Arts7%5% SBAE28%13% COMM9%4% ECS5%6% HDCS10%17% HSS23%17% NSM6%6% Other12%32%

3 CSU Fullerton Background Info Network Environment Campus and dorm network upgrade in Jan.’98 Titan Access for off-campus accessTitan Access Library Resources 97 Electronic Resource DatabasesElectronic Resource 2500 Active Periodical Subscriptions 500 Cataloged Electronic Journals

4 Institutional Setting: Lehigh Lehigh University- Co-educational with 4000 undergraduate students and 2000 graduate studentsLehigh University Strong academic programs in Engineering, and the Sciences, Management and Education Campus is wired to all buildings including the dorms- Sign up for voice mail and computing as Freshman

5 Institutional Setting: Lehigh Continued Public sites for computing Upgrade of faculty computing- electronic resources unavailable to some faculty because of equipment New concerns for computing/libraries- off campus use, and distant education classes “I don’t even have to go to the library, all the information I need is right at my fingertips”

6 Institutional Setting: Lehigh Continued Print journals: 4000 current periodical titles Electronic journals: 2000 cataloged titles Electronic resources: 85 databases Indexes/Abstracts/ Full text databases accessible through the web

7 User Needs Service Provision User Education Electronic Publishing Publishers Products Impact Collection Building Selection Organization Access

8 Electronic Resource (ER) Use Survey Milestones in ER Library budget reallocation Migration of reference tools to the Web Revolution in article access via ejournals and full text databases Scope of reference to include article access Expansion of end-user workstations

9 Electronic Resource (ER) Use Survey User Needs as Reflected in -- Research topics--Database use --Course information--Date of information --Satisfaction rate Data Gathering -- Librarian service points --End-User workstations Time of the survey -- May 9-May 23’99

10 Who Are Our Users? Users by School Arts0 Comm12 ECS4 HDCS18 HSS60 NSM10 SBAE35 Total139* *139 users supplied course info.; 265 users in all responded to survey

11 What Are Our Users Looking for?* Dates of Materials After 1994 20076% Before 1994 17 6% Both Dates 4818% *Data based on 265 research topics Types of Materials Articles 19882% Articles and Books 115% Other Materials 3213%

12 What Databases Were Used? Databases Used: 74 total Highest Use Databases –Lexis/Nexis 5535% –EA ASAP 4322% –ERIC 1711% –SSA 106% –STAT-USA 106% –ABI 96% –OPAC 64% –HA 64%

13 Full-Text Database Use Profile Full-Text Database Use –Research Topics: 265 –Article Request: 198 –Full-text database use: 90 –Full-text article use: 66 Highest Users –HSS –SBAE –COMM –HDCS –ECS

14 Service & Satisfaction Profile Librn. Referral & Sat. Request for Articles 16868% Referral to Full-text Articles 5583% Satisfaction w/ Full Text NA1120% 100% 212% 359% 41222% 52647% Stu. Self-Help & Sat. Request for Articles 7832% Use of Full-text Articles 1117% Satisfaction w/ Full Text NA00% 100% 200% 3327% 419% 5764%

15 Usage Statistics for Lehigh Project Muse: –1997- 1658 total –1998- 2553 total –1999- 1155 total JSTOR: –1998- 88 total –1999- 5610 total Elsevier’s PEAK: –tokens used –titles used ACS: –1998 total hits: 7607 –Macromolecules; Journal of the ACS; Langmuir

16 IDEAL Usage: Lehigh Univ.

17 Beyond the ER Use Survey Applications for User Study Implications for Service Provision Challenges for Organization & Access Expansions in User Education Realities of Electronic Publishing Complications for Collection Building

18 Applications for User Study Challenging Balances Benefit to the greatest number of users vs. different needs of users Lower division vs. upper division user needs Full-text article vs. indexes/abstracts Electronic vs. print

19 Implications for ER Service ER Awareness and Promotion Professional Staffing at End-User Workstations Tiered Service for Differing User Needs Service Points as Dynamic Test Sites for Electronic Resource Evaluation

20 Expansions in USER Education Communication & Publicity Instruction Team’s Role Instruction Sessions Instruction Web Pages Informal Sharing & Assessment Instruction & ER Evaluation

21 Realities of Electronic Publishing Aggregated Full-text Databases Bundled Electronic Journal Collections Indexes/Abstracts Services Individual Ejournals Individual journals licensed to -- database producers--archival services --subscription agencies--index/abstr. services

22 Realities of Electronic Publishing Harvard Business Review, Where to Buy? ABI Inform via Proquest Direct 09/01/95 - Business and Company ASAP Mar-95 - DJI Abstracts 1/97- Expanded Academic ASAP Mar-95 - Ebsco Masterfile 01/01/95 - LEXIS-NEXIS, Jan.’76 - Print Microform Electronic Journal?

23 Complications for Collection Building Our Publishers, Our Products Formats, Databases, and Content Content Selection: Principles and Criteria Our Needs, Our Budget

24 Organization/Access Issues Presentation of electronic resources: –Catalog titles for OPAC access and/or create web pages for access Lists of titles on Web pages: –Useful as list growsUseful as list grows –Known item searches –More access from indexesMore access from indexes URL maintenance BI for full-text services

25 Access Issues IP access and password –Wiley journals -confidentiality Proxy server with databases Proxy server for electronic journals

26 Questions User Needs How is your library assessing user needs? –Are you examining usage statistics? What impact have they had on your collection development decisions? –What role do full-text/ejournals fulfill in your library? –What is the use pattern of ejournals and full- text databases in your library?

27 Questions Collection Building What criteria should we apply when selecting aggregated products? –How important is the integrity of content? Have you purchased your electronic resources through a consortium? –What are your experiences with this approach?

28 Questions Organization & Access How does your library handle identifying new ejournals and providing access to them? Has anyone developed local databases to provide access? Service Provision & User Education What has your library done to increase awareness and promote use of ejournals/full text resources?

29 Questions Electronic Publishing What would be the ideal product for electronic resources? –What services would you like the vendor to offer?

30 PeriodicalServices: Electronic journals: Full-text databases California State University (consortia web sites): Electronic journals New Subject pages Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources – Electronic serials Bibliography/ Resources CSU Fullerton PeriodicalServices: _Services/period.html Electronic journals: Full-text databases: California State University (consortia web sites): Lehigh University Electronic journals: New Subject pages: Current Information on Electronic Serials: Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources – Electronic serials:

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