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GCC Tape Room and Library Status of 19-Mar-2006 Gene Oleynik

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1 GCC Tape Room and Library Status of 19-Mar-2006 Gene Oleynik

2 Tape Library Bill K. has requisition for Library, 15 LTO-3, Fire suppression system & installation. License & 1yr Maintenance reqs in MMS Bill says earliest PO can be cut is April 14 News from Storage Tek is 10K slot library not available until May 4 Option to get 6600 slots then expand to 10K in May doesn’t help unless May 4 date slips Desire to get ADIC out of warehouse ASAP. Would release to STK as soon as PO cut.

3 Tape Library Room Facilities Redundant power from 1000 KVA in computer room and 40 KVA in Tape Room Facility Ops assert able to cover until portable generator can arrive Question about Generator including CRAC in humid summer months for any extended downtime

4 Tape Library Room Facilities con’t Primary (40 KVA) available this month – Fac Op Secondary 1000 KVA power available circa end- April – Fac Op Planned for up to 10 racks with redundant power (4 30A per rack – 2 from each source) Overhead sprinkler of wet variety as in all of our computer rooms. Room with Electrical

5 Tape Library Room Facilities con’t Security via Key card access: ISA, ESS, and Storage Tek Field Service Fac Op plan to install cameras that monitor entrances and record on DVR Locked Cabinets will be supplied for STK parts, ISA spares Blank tapes will be secured

6 Facility monitoring Humidity and temperature measured at CRAC currently. Want several other collection points in room (DR) Work to alarm and page when humidity or temperature are out of range (DB,DR) Web pages displays Application work to shut down the Library when UPC batteries run low (DB, DR)

7 Tape Library Room Furnishings 2 Locked Cabinets for STK parts, ISA spares. Desk & chair (KC). Crash cart need to be ordered, PC (ISA - GS) Blank tapes will be delivered to GCC and will require secured storage for 1000-2000 in the small room off the library room (MB) Need Hand pallet jack (to receive tapes on dock), 2 rubbermaid heavy-duty service carts with lipped shelf to unload and cart tapes (MB)

8 Tapes Order for starter 250 quantity 400GB Fuji LTO-3 - Division Head approval Labels will be made at FCC with label printer. ADIC LTO-2 label samples sent to STK to see if the format will work with SL8500 Have 5 tapes in hand for testing Read back d0 LTO-2 on LTO-3 drive

9 Movers and Mover racks Need throughput over network to tape of 80 MB/s continuous to stream the drive at 80 rather than its second lower speed of 40 MB/s Redundant power required 16 per rack with 4 10 outlet strips and power console Have received external LTO-3 (LVD) to test mover rate and against ftt (WB, VS) Yet to specify mover, need to run some throughput tests on current mover and other candidates (WB, GO, SF)

10 Networking Extend Private (ACSLS) LAN between FCC and GCC in April (PD) Phil D. has requisition in for a Catalyst 6509 switch - Special Approvals See accompanying CCF design note 101.0 http://www- Initially stken, cdfen, or d0en will own drives in it (a la dlts in the ADIC)

11 Enstore and monitoring The library has 4 arms each serving a plane of slots and drives. Each will appear as an LSM to enstore Need to integrate this new library into enstore web pages (CCF) Tape loads will require different procedures (to get them in plane to minimize inter-plane elevator movement)

12 Milestones Site pre-install visit by STK and fire suppression system experts ASAP (GO will arrange this week) Cut Library PO mid-April (BK) Cut mover requisition ASAP (GO, WB, SF) Test LTO-3 drive on ftt, read LTO-2 tape – April (CCF) Full redundant power available end-April (Fac Op) Enough presence (rack, mover, enstore media changer and library) available end-April to test system (CCF) Private LAN extension April (PD) Delivery May 4 th, Library Installation May 5 th (GO, KC, STK) Installation of Fire Suppression. When, how long? (Fac Op) Testing of system in with media changer 1 mover by ~ May 15 (CCF) Delivery and installation of networking late May (CCF) Delivery and installation of 16 mover rack late May (CCF, D1?) Integration into enstore Late May (CCF) Installation of infrastructure April-May (desks, shelving, procedures, etc)

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