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Creating Momentum in Your Business By ENVP Val Edwards.

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1 Creating Momentum in Your Business By ENVP Val Edwards

2 3 Foundational principals of network marketing are: 1)Consistent Effort 2) Duplication 3) Give It Enough Time

3 Consistent Effort Success, greatness, & character do not come from one grand moment. They are honed, and sharpened in the quite and obscure moments of each day. Making the follow-up calls, handing out samples, scheduling, selling, sharing, & sponsoring..collectively these things will create focus, & momentum in your business.

4 Consistent Effort.. cont. When someone says they don’t have time, they are not stating a fact, they are stating a priority. This is network marketing, not no-work marketing. Work your business in the nooks and crannies of your day. You can work your business part-time, full-time, just not sometimes, when you feel like it.

5 Duplication J. Paul Getty stated “ I would rather have on percent of the efforts of one hundred men working for me rather than 100% of my own efforts.” To grow a successful organization you have to have a simple systematic method to grow your business. The 2x2x2 Activity System ( gets you in front of about 48 people a month) Incorporates all reach out methods. What works for one will not work for everyone. THIS SYSTEM WILL GET YOU INTO SERIOUS MOMENTUEM!!

6 The Mathematical Power of Simple Duplication Imagine sponsoring only 1 person a month, and training that person to do the same. You would have more than 4000 people in your business in just 12 months. Month 1: You+1=2Month 7: 64+64=128 Month 2: 2+2=4Month 8: 128+128=256 Month 3: 4+4=8Month 9: 256+256=512 Month 4: 8+8=16Month 10: 512+512=1024 Month 5: 16+16=32Month 11: 1024+1024=2048 Month 6: 32+32=64Month 12: 2048+2048=4096

7 Give It Enough Time It takes a significant amount of time to grow a successful network marketing business. How many flight hours have you logged?  If you are not logging steadily increasing amounts of flight time, then there is no point in acting dismayed when your business is not reaching a point of liftoff. One will not happen without the other. He or she who does the most business presentations wins.  The more you present the better your presentation becomes. You learn to build a force field. You think of no with the McD’s drive through guy mentality. You learn to tweak and perfect your presentation. You learn just how strong you really are! Success is not about being a race horse, but a pack horse.

8 Pack Horse -Vs -Race Horse A race horse looks fabulous in the stall, at the starting gate, and running a half-mile track. But they don’t have the stamina for anything other than a sprint. A pack horse will not impress you with its speed or appearance. It will amaze you with its quiet strength, patience, and stamina. Like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going. A network marketing business is no different, it requires sustained focus. An NVP has dared to dream, and set our to pursue that dream one phone call, one sample pack, and one party at a time.

9 The Fortune is in the Follow-Up Did you know that if you sponsor a Preferred Client and they place an order their first three months as a new client, there is an 87% chance that they will order 4 to 6 more times throughout the year than those that only place 1 order their first three months? What can you do to be a pro at following up? 1)Utilize webstats ( follow-up orders for preferred clients to build client loyalty, increase sales & paycheck) 2)Schedule time each day for following up with clients, wholesale consultants, business builders. You can chunk your time with Focus 15 calling sessions. ( new sign-ups, prospects from parties, ect) 3) Use a binder system for keeping track of your business builders info & activity, clients order history & info, and hostess presentation info. 4) Use calendar to schedule in your call time, & write down the names of the persons you need to follow-up with on the date that you need to call them.

10 Earning ASAP points through Follow-up You will earn 25 asap points for every preferred client you sponsor that places a $150+ order in their first month. You will earn another 25 asap points when that PC places at least a $100+ order their 2 nd month. You will earn 100 asap points when that PC placed at least $100+ order their 3 rd month

11 You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Just go for it! Where else can you work on hundred hours and get paid nothing? And then you can work 5 hours and get paid for one thousand hours? NETWORK MARKETING BABY!!! On the front end you make work very hard and have to expect that there could possibly be nothing in return. Although on the back end you are paid far more than you worked for! You Can do this!! My business, my opportunity, my moment, & my vehicle!

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