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Slide 1 of 33 ACS Publications & ICOLC Establishing Partnerships Lisle, IL, October 2, 1999 Dean J. Smith Publications Division American Chemical Society.

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1 Slide 1 of 33 ACS Publications & ICOLC Establishing Partnerships Lisle, IL, October 2, 1999 Dean J. Smith Publications Division American Chemical Society Washington, D.C.

2 Slide 2 of 33 v ACS Products v ACS Performance v ACS Price v ACS People Structure of Presentation

3 Slide 3 of 33 v Print & Web Products ACS Web Editions

4 Slide 4 of 33 CORE v Chemists on editorial, production and technical staff v Robust peer review v Investment in infrastructure v High production standards v Highly cited WEB v Articles ASAP v ASAP Alerts v Intra & inter-linking v Multiple formats v Cross jrl searching v Electronic ILL v ACS - CAS Linking v Usage reports ACS Publications 2000: Print & Web

5 Slide 5 of 33 v Peer Review Plus Project started in 1975 v Goal was a highly structured and consistent database v Materials held in flexible format v Affords opportunities for electronic authoring & editing tools, accelerated peer review, online formatting features & delivery, etc. ACS Web Editions Driven Off of a Core Database

6 Slide 6 of 33 v All text edited in FrameMaker –Includes mathematics and chemical equations v All graphics scanned –Line art and photographs v Pages composed on Xyvision –PostScript output complete pages v Final files converted to SGML ACS Digital Production Stream

7 Slide 7 of 33 v ACS Electronic Program Carries a Total Investment of $5 Million with a Base Requirement of $1 Million in Annual Upkeep v 85%of our costs occur before we print a single copy or load an article Is It Worth the Cost? Cost of ACS Web Editions

8 Slide 8 of 33 v Articles ASAP sm v ASAP Alerts sm v CAS reference linking v Articles on Command sm v Electronic manuscript submission v PDF & HTML Formats v Organic Letters The Results: A More Flexible Product

9 Slide 9 of 33 v First SPARC journal project v First issue launched at National Org Symp v 1:1 mailed in July (203 pages, 43 papers) v Submissions well ahead of plan v Online submission used by 70% of authors v Receipt to publication time - 8 weeks v Acceptance to publication time - 3 weeks Organic Letters

10 Slide 10 of 33 Biomacromolecules 1999 2000 NEW ACS PUBLICATIONS

11 Slide 11 of 33 v Revenue generating arm of a non-profit Society whose mission is to widely disseminate top quality chemistry research v ACS quality is biggest asset -- committed to translating that to electronic v Deliver ACS Quality at ACS Prices It’s Worth the Investment

12 Slide 12 of 33 v Web Edition Performance ACS Web Editions

13 Slide 13 of 33 1998 Performance Highlights v Articles ASAP program launched, January. (20,000 articles delivered, 80-100 per day) v Launched Articles on Command, April. v Web delivery grew 12.8% per month in 1998. Delivering nearly 10 million “pages” per month. v Web servers available 98.41% of the time

14 Slide 14 of 33 v LibraryLink live, January v 50 free electronic reprints for authors v ASAP Alerts launched, March v Homepage Redesign, March v New Journals (Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry and Organic Letters), Jan/June v Account Management team in place, April 1999 Highlights

15 Slide 15 of 33 v Pubs/CA Linking v Delivery of softcopy manuscripts to reviewers and page proofs to authors( OL ) v Announce updated archive policy v Cross-journal searching v Improve web statistical reporting v Launch Biomacromolecules 1999 Highlights

16 Slide 16 of 33 v Pricing Evolution ACS Web Editions

17 Slide 17 of 33 v 1 Class C Subnet=Print Cost + 5% v Additional Class C subnets=10% of Print v Print & 1 Class C subnet=Print Cost+20% v Site License=Print Cost + 65% v Site License + Print= Print + 90% Wide distribution costs less than 1 duplicate print subscription First Attempt: Option A Pricing

18 Slide 18 of 33 v Librarians would like to keep print v Librarians felt that 190% over print was too high a price v Librarians want an organization wide license, no site restrictions v Librarians want InterLibrary Loan We listened to Customers and Added Price Option B

19 Slide 19 of 33 v Web with print subscriptions v Customer promises to keep all print for 1998 v Site license costs 25% more than base print price v Organization wide license, no site restrictions Price Option B: Web With All Print Subscriptions (1/98)

20 Slide 20 of 33 v Option B is designed for Consortia v All institutions participating in a consortium can have Web access to the maximum number of titles subscribed to by the consortium members ACS Offers Consortia Licensing Plan (2/98)

21 Slide 21 of 33 v Worked with economists v Consulted ACS Library Advisory Group v Looked at usage models v Still in transition from print to Web v Elected to increase usage ACS Web Editions Pricing 2000

22 Slide 22 of 33 v Print prices increase by 8.65% v Reduced Web premium from 25% to 15% v Web price based on 1999 holdings ACS Web Edition Option B Pricing 2000

23 Slide 23 of 33 v Pay for current print subscriptions plus 15% v Agree not to cancel current print subscriptions for 1999 v Current print subscriptions defined as of Jan. 1999 v All member institutions pay just for their current holdings, but get access to all Web Editions licensed by Consortium ACS Consortia Pricing 2000

24 Slide 24 of 33 Wide Variety Of Customers Count As “Authorized Users” v Faculty and other employees –Full-time, part-time, visiting, contractors v Students –Full-time, part-time v Walk-in patrons v Distance Learning

25 Slide 25 of 33 v Authorized Users may search and retrieve articles for personal use –Research, scholarly, or educational use –View, download, or print articles v Authorized Users may make printed copies for other authorized users v Dial-in access allowed by Authorized Users Connected through institution’s network Permitted Use Defined to Support Research

26 Slide 26 of 33 v For use by non-commercial libraries to support research –Public, school, college libraries v Use Web to find and retrieve PDF article –Print and mail or fax to requester –Forward PDF file electronically v May not be used to fill requests by commercial customers Limited ILL Allowed

27 Slide 27 of 33 v May not modify, alter, or create derivative works from ACS material v May not remove or obscure ACS Copyright notices on articles v May not sell to others or use for fee- based Document Delivery v May not be stored in aggregate quantities for later retrieval A Few Usage Restrictions Apply

28 Slide 28 of 33 v Every annual subscription includes access to Web archive: Jan. ‘96 to date v ACS committed to maintaining an electronic archive v Open to suggestions on mutually acceptable ways to provide access to that archive should subscription end Archive Question Remains to be solved

29 Slide 29 of 33 v Customers want an archive v Customers want Metadata v Customers want all-electronic pricing v Customers want ownership vs. license v Customers want simplified licenses or one standard document v Customers want C&EN Online We hear your concerns ACS is Still Listening to Customers

30 Slide 30 of 33 v Adopt standard license for each consortium v Develop with consortium mutually agreeable contract administration –Signed license from each member institution –Single master license covering all members v Multiple year agreements possible v Consortia works out payment structure What ACS Can Offer Consortia

31 Slide 31 of 33 v The greatest possible distribution and usage of ACS Web Editions on a global scale What Consortia Offer ACS

32 Slide 32 of 33 v “Making the ACS journals available to students and faculty is the single most important thing I have seen any library do.” v “Look at the total cost of the information package rather than to look separately at the paper and electronic components…our cost per use on ACS journals is among our lowest…our faculty rate their quality above that of the more expensive publishers.” v “An excellent conversion of the ACS journals into an electronic, web-accessed version.” Feedback from Consortia

33 Slide 33 of 33 v People Behind the Journals ACS Web Editions

34 Slide 34 of 33 v Bob Bovenschulte, Director, Publications Division v Lorrin Garson, Director, Electronic Publishing v Mary Scanlan, Director, Production v Jack Ochs, Director, New Product Development v Justin Spence, Director, Sales & Marketing The ACS Web Editions Team

35 Slide 35 of 33 v Contact us to review special concerns v Dean Smith, Sales Manager, Global –; 202-872-8063 v Amanda Werth, Account Manager, NE, SE –; 202-872-6362 v Alan Diehlmann, Account Manager, MW, W –; 202-872-8067 v Dawn Hayes, Inside Sales Specialist; Price Quotes -; 202-872-4437 ACS Consortia Contacts

36 Slide 36 of 33

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