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2010 PTFP Grantee Orientation Unlocking the Mysteries of PORTS and ASAP.

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1 2010 PTFP Grantee Orientation Unlocking the Mysteries of PORTS and ASAP

2 Webinar Overview Answers to the following questions Who handles what on the Federal side? Where to find information about required reports? How to use the PTFP Online Reporting and Tracking System- PORTS? How to use the Automated Standard Application for Payments- ASAP? What are your questions?

3 Two Agencies Administer PTFP Grants PTFP - Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (Program Office) PTFP Program Officer guides application process; handles program-related activities, PORTS, reporting and close-out NIST - National Institute of Standards & Technology (Grants Office) NIST Specialist handles ASAP, financial aspects of grant; reporting, accessing funds, and close-out.

4 Your Questions At any time during this presentation, please e-mail your questions to the webinar – At any time while completing your project: Questions for NIST and the ASAP should be directed to your Grant Specialist listed in your award documents, item #4, with contact information. See Questions for PTFP and PORTS should be directed to your Federal Program Officer listed in your award documents, item #5, with contact information. See

5 Automated Standard Application for Payments - ASAP Information about ASAP is included with the award package. This is the system for electronic payment of Federal grants. Register by October 15 so that payment requests can be handled easily and quickly.

6 ASAP #1 Recipients should be aware that all ASAP Recipient IDs are created by the EIN/DUNS combination that is listed on their application. You do not need to re-enroll if your organization is currently in the ASAP system and the EIN and DUNS numbers have not changed. To keep your ASAP account active you must check in every 60 days.

7 ASAP #2 To enroll, see Special Award Condition #14 for information. Provide your Grants Specialist with the following: – Your point of contact person; – His or her e-mail address; – EIN and DUNS Numbers; and then Your Grants Specialist will begin the on-line enrollment for you.

8 ASAP #3 When enrolling, you should list a Point of Contact who is available to complete the enrollment process. Avoid listing people who are too busy or unavailable, the enrollment process requires several steps to be taken by the recipient which takes some time.

9 ASAP #4 Recipient should make sure that the DUNS provided on their application indicates the same city that is listed on their application. To find out which city is listed for a specific DUNS, recipient can log in to and run a search. NIST requires that ASAP, CCR and Recipient’s Application/Award Documentation list the same

10 ASAP #5 RECIPIENT/REQUESTOR IDs will always be the same ID in all NIST financial records. Recipients cannot use a different REQUESTOR ID –this is important to note, especially for some stations that are run or associated with a University. In the past “centralized business” offices at the Universities were allowed to act as the Requestor only; this is no longer the case for new awards.

11 ASAP #6 If RECIPIENT has a valid/active ASAP Recipient ID that they are using for a new award, it is important to make sure that the ID is in fact linked to the appropriate ALC/REGION in - NTIA is Region 1306000102. If not, NIST can set that up. Then the Recipient’s Financial Official must log in to ASAP and link their ALC/REGION.


13 Where to Find Forms All Federal forms for grant administration are available through the Office of Management and Budget website. This is the direct link: The forms are listed by number.

14 PTFP #1 Construction Schedule: Due October 31 – Your first assignment is to prepare a Construction Schedule and submit it through the PTFP Online Reporting System – PORTS – You will find that the milestones for many of the reporting requirements are already listed on the Construction Schedule. – What should be on a Construction Schedule?

15 Detailed Instructions for Reports are found at the PTFP Website Go to Click on

16 PTFP #2 Submit reports and requests through PORTS Go to PORTS can be accessed through the PTFP Main Page and vice versa Click on “How to Use PORTS” for online information

17 PTFP #3 Use PORTS to Submit Reports – Construction Schedules – Quarterly Performance Reports – Equipment List Amendment Requests – Special Award Conditions & Extension Requests – Project Extension Requests – Close-out Extension Requests – Close-outs – Exception: Planning Close-outs must be submitted on paper.

18 PTFP #4 To finalize and submit reports – Fill in the appropriate blanks – Click on continue button at the bottom of the page – You will then be asked to confirm your submission – “Click to Confirm the Report” – The message appears: Report has been sent for [grant number]

19 Quarterly Performance Reports Quarterly Reports are due 30 days after the end of the quarter—the first one for this grant is due January 30, 2011. E-mail reminders are sent out to the PORTS contact early in the month that they are due.

20 PORTS Tip #1 Passwords expire every 90 days. If you request a link to change your password, you must use it within a few hours; otherwise the link expires.

21 Password Reminder A request to change your password was received from IP Address: on 05-Oct-09 at 11:02 AM. Please use the link below to change your password. ex.cfm?fuseaction=resetpw_EXP&req_id=2J75 216834395M0Z562S

22 PORTS TIP #2 You may either write your narrative report directly in PORTS, or you can write the report in Word and attach it to your PORTS filing; and remember to “Click to Confirm the Report.”

23 PORTS TIP #3 Keep It Simple – Unless the Construction Schedule has been revised, check the box “Use my most recently submitted Construction Schedule.” – If no equipment has been purchased during the quarter, check the box “Use my most recently submitted Equipment List.”

24 PORTS TIP #4 Ignore any warnings about a lack of a Security Certificate that appear when you go to PORTS. The Federal Government does not subscribe to the security services. Be assured that the PORTS and PTFP websites are SECURE. Click through the warning and continue to prepare your PORTS reports.

25 PORTS Grantee Contact Make sure that the person filing the reports is the official contact in PORTS. The PORTS official contact is not necessarily the Authorizing Official. The best person is closely involved with the project. There may be only one PORTS contact per project. The PORTS contact receives convenient e-mail reminders about reporting deadlines. This task can be delegated using the PORTS system.

26 Keep in Touch with Your Program Officer Before you submit in PORTS an equipment list amendment, extension request, or close-out.

27 PTFP Program Officers Lynn Chadwick: AZ, CO, GU, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT, & WY 202-482-8338 Larry Dyer: AK, CA, IL, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD & WI 202-482-1762 Brian Gibbons: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, & WA 202-482-6094 Walter Sheppard: CT, DE, DC, IN, KY, ME, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, VT, VA, & WV

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