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Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress. ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress At the end of this session you should be able to :  Understand.

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1 Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress

2 ASAP: Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress At the end of this session you should be able to :  Understand how SAP affects Financial Aid Eligibility  Learn how to calculate your GPA  Know the difference between SAP and UMASS Boston academic standing  Make informed decisions  Start the SAP appeal process

3 How SAP Affects Financial Aid Eligibility -Eligibility for federal and state fundsEligibility for federal and state fund  Grade Point Average (GPA)  Completion rates  Maximum Credits Attempted

4 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) To be eligible for federal and state student aid funds a student must be making satisfactory academic progress Three criteria used for evaluating SAP: 1.Grade Point Average – GPA 2.0 or better GPA required with 25 or more credits 1.75 or better GPA required with 0-24 credits 2.Completion Rate Must complete 67% of attempted credits 3.Maximum Credits Attempted – Maximum Time Frame 150% of degree credits required for degree = maximum of 180 credits

5 Grade Point Average GPA

6 Where do I find my GPA? Degree Progress Report Transcript (on WISER)

7 How is GPA calculated? Grades and Transcripts

8 How is GPA calculated? Multiply the grade points for each course by the number of credit hours each course is worth. The resulting value is referred to as “Quality Points” Add together earned quality points for all courses completed in a semester Divide the sum by the total number of completed semester credit hours Credit Hours Grade (Equivalent) Quality Pts 3 x C- (1.7) = 5.1 3 x B- (2.7) = 8.1 3 x C- (1.7) = 5.1 TOTAL: 12 23.4 23.4 (Quality Pts) ÷ 12 (credit hrs) = 1.95  semester GPA

9 UMASS Boston GPA Calculator GPA Calculator Note : This calculator is for estimating purpose only

10 Academic Standing Dean’s List/Honors Good Standing Alert Warning Probation Extended Probation Suspension Dismissal 3.2 + Less than 2.0 2.0

11 Completion Rates Successfully completed credits ÷ Attempted credits  You must complete, with passing grades, 67% (two-thirds) of the total number of credits you attempt. This includes non-degree coursework, and courses you might have taken at UMB many years ago  Grades of F, W, INC, NA or PRG must be counted as ‘attempts’  Transfer credits count as both attempted and earned.

12 How Completion Rates work Anna’s First Semester 1. GPA = 3.433 2. Completion Rate = 9 ÷ 13 = 69% 3. Max. Credits Attempted = 13 SAP 1 st Semester Subject CatalogComponentOfficial Grade Units TakenCourse Name MATH 115Lecture B+ 3College Algebra ENGL 102Lecture W 3Freshman English II PHIL 108Lecture A 3Moral Social Probls EEOS 120Lecture B 3Intro to EEOS - Lect EEOS 121Laboratory W 1Intro to EEOS Lab

13 Anna’s Second Semester 1. GPA = 3.433 2. Completion Rate = 9 ÷ 27 = 33% 3. Max. Credits Attempted = 27 Subject Catalog ComponentOfficial GradeUnits Taken Course Name ECON101Lecture INC 3Intro To Micro ENGL102Lecture W 3Freshman English II JAPAN102Lecture NA 4Intro Japanese II PHIL110GLecture W 4Equality & Justice SAP 1 st Year

14 Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic progress Academic Standing  Based only on your GPA  Affects your academic status Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  Based on GPA, Completion Rate & Maximum Credits Attempted  Affects your financial aid eligibility status

15 Informed Decisions -Grading/course options  Grading/Course Options  Resources options -Resources

16 Pass-Fail Grading Option  Pass = P (not in GPA)  Fail = F (in GPA) Things to consider: 1.Talk to your instructor 2.Some majors/minors don’t allow Pass-Fail: CHECK! 3.Declare Pass-Fail via WISER by deadline 4.Maximum of eight, one per semester Pass-Fail Grading Option

17 “P” with Pass-Fail With Letter GradeWith Pass/Fail ENGL 101: C MATH 115: C PHIL108: C PSYCH100: D Semester GPA: 1.75 ENGL101: C MATH115: C PHIL108: C PSYCH100: P Semester GPA: 2.0

18 Withdrawal Course Withdrawal  Withdrawal = “W” on transcript (not in GPA)  Student pays for the class Things to consider: 1. Talk to your instructor 2. Talk to your advisor 3. May affect financial aid: CHECK!!! 4. Declare “W” via WISER by deadline Course Withdrawal Option University Withdrawal  Must submit undergraduate withdrawal form by last day of classes. University Withdrawal

19 “F” vs. “W” “F” with Pass/Fail With Withdrawal ENGL 101: C MATH115: C PHIL108: F PSYCH100: C Semester GPA: 1.5 ENGL 101: C MATH115: C PHIL108: W PSYCH100: C Semester GPA: 2.0

20 Incomplete INC + 1 year = IF = F Incomplete Grade Policy

21 Repeat Policy  Maximum of four repeats allowed  Both the first and the second earned grades appear on transcripts  When student repeats a course, the first grade comes out of the GPA, and the second grade replaces the first  Credit is only earned once Each repeat counts as an attempt for SAP Example : You failed English 101. This counts as 3 credits attempted, 0 credit completed.You repeat and pass English 101 the next term. SAP calculates this as 6 credits attempted, 3 completed.  Students cannot retake a course out of sequence (cannot repeat SPAN 101 after passing SPAN 102) Course Repeat Policy

22 Tips for Maintaining SAP  See your Academic Advisor regularly  Review your degree audit as frequently as you can  Focus on your degree/graduation requirements by taking only courses that pertain to your degree while also completing your general electives  Educate yourself on SAP criteria by regularly visiting the Financial Aid Services web page on the UMass Boston website.

23 Resources  University Advising Center – CC-1-1100  Academic Support Services - CC-1-1300 Subject tutoring, Math Resource Center, Reading, Writing, & Study Strategy Center, & Skills Workshops  Career Services - CC- 1- 1300  Disability Services(Ross Center),CC-UL-240  Counseling Center- Quinn- 2- 39  Health Center- Quinn- 2- 40  College Success Centers, check with your college

24 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Process  Submit the SAP Appeal  Complete the Academic Plan Form  Take the next steps

25 Appeal Process  Check your Wiser student center for information regarding your Financial Aid SAP Appeal Status  Follow up questions, contact: Financial Aid Services Kimberly Mann, Student Retention Specialist, Phone: 617.287.6341Fax: 617-287-6323

26 How to Process your Appeal 1. Attend Achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress Workshop (ASAP) 2. Answer appeal form questions, w rite your personal statement, and attach documentation, if necessary 3. Submit completed appeal form to Financial Aid 4. Finanacial Aid may refer students to their assigned academic advisor to complete an Academic Plan Students don’t have to be full-time. Minimum six credits is needed to receive financial aid

27 Academic Plan  If you are referred for an Academic Plan, you will need to meet with your advisor  Once you submit an Academic Plan to the Financial Aid Office, you need to follow that plan. You may not change your schedule without consulting your advisor and preparing a new plan  At the end of the semester, the Financial Aid Office will review your progress and verify if you followed the agreed upon Academic Plan. Failure to adhere to your plan may result in loss of financial aid eligibility

28 How to complete your Academic Plan  Make sure to schedule an hour-long appointment with your advisor.  Please DO NOT attempt or expect to complete your academic plan in a walk-in session  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies are available at: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies  The academic plan is for financial aid purposes which does not substitute for the university’s review of your academic standing. To complete your academic plan, make an appointment to see an advisor, based on your college or major, at the location listed below:

29 Where to complete your academic plan College AffiliationLocation Undeclared students,CLA and CSM University Advising Center, Campus Center, 1st floor, room 1100, 617-287-5500 College of Liberal Arts declared students CLA Initiatives Office, Wheatley Building, 2nd floor, room 4-10, 617-287-7897 College of Science & Mathematics declared students CSM Success Center, Science Building, 2nd floor, room 60, 617-287-4846/3974 College of Management students with fewer than 60 credits University Advising Center, Campus Center, 1st floor, room 1100, 617-287-5500 College of Management students with more than 60 credits CM Student Services, McCormack Building, 5th floor, room 610, 617-287-7625 College of Education and Human Development Wheatley Building, 1st floor, room 51, 617-287- 7625 College of Public and Community Services with less than 60 credits University Advising Center, Campus Center, 1st floor, room 1100, 617-287-5500 College of Public and Community Services with more than 60 credits Wheatley Building, 4th floor, room 151, 617-287- 77100 College of Nursing and Health Sciences Science Building, 2nd floor, room 13, 617-287- 7500 Student Support Services (SSS) Campus Center, 1st floor, room 1100, 617-287- 5820

30 Next Steps  Financial Aid Appeals committee will notify you of their decision within 14 business days of receipt of completed appeal  Appeals which are approved will be on a probationary basis and will be reviewed after one semester  If your appeal is DENIED, you will not be eligible to receive Financial Aid until you meet the requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress  Have a back up plan for tuition payment in case you are denied financial aid. Consider setting up a payment plan with the Bursar’s Office

31  Stay on Track  Have a Great Academic Semester  Let us know how we can help you

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