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2 2 Academia & Pharma Alliances Not new but gathering pace now.. Knowledge, skills, risk…. –several big and complex academia, charities and industry in life sciences –Medical Research Council Stratified Medicine Initiative –National Institute for Health Research – Translational Research Partnerships - 36 universities and NHS organisations in inflammatory disease research Alliances are a challenge Good communication & relationships are key

3 3 What sort of areas are involved? Reason for alliance – (depends on specifics) Legal structure – negotiating and signing up – mutual goals and buy in Setting up teams, working patterns and communicating/reporting mechanisms Governance on decision making and resolving differences Monitoring progress towards goals, managing and rectifying problems Exiting gracefully if goals diverge Potential for massive complexity and countless occasions when there is a choice of direction and approach to those involved

4 4 Introduced by JANE JUNIPER Introduced by JANE JUNIPER JOHN PARKER UK President, Association Strategic Alliances Professionals UK Associate, Phoenix Consulting Group

5 5 John Parker, CSAP 40+ years experience in Sales, Marketing & Strategic Relationships in ICT Industry Member of ASAP and antecedents since 2004 UK Lead for Phoenix Consulting Group Contributed to PAS & BS11000 standard Helped design ASAP certification exams Contributing author to ASAP Handbook Contributing Author to ASAP Professional Development Guide President of ASAP UK Chapter

6 6 Collaboration, Partnering & Alliances Learning from standards & professional bodies; examples from different industries used in Life Sciences: Review of two guides: British Standards Institution – BS 11000 –Collaborative Business Relationships, a framework specification –Collaborative Business Relationships, a guide for certification Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals - Best Practice –Alliance Manager’s Practitioner’s Handbook –Alliance Management Professional Development Guide

7 7 Collaboration, Partnering & Alliances British Standards Institution – BS 11000 –About corporate capability, strategy and execution –21 certifications mostly UK Public Sector & contractors –Due to become International Standard in 2014/15 –Focus on what the organisation should do Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals - Best Practice –About operational alliance management –80 + corporate sponsors in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, IT, Financial Services –Interest from US Healthcare (Blue Cross etc.) –Focus on how the alliance manager & team should do it

8 8 And in addition to the complexities of the alliance itself, the organisations involved have their own strategic priorities, culture and patterns of working, organisational structures..and the individuals managing the alliances will reflect these

9 © The British Standards Institution 2010 BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships Part of BSI Management Standards Series BS 11000 provides a framework for collaborative business relationships, to help business entities develop and manage their interactions with other organisations for maximum benefit to all. Using an 8 stage approach, the framework is designed to enable organisations of any size and sector to apply best practice principles to its own way of working, to get the very most out of its business relationships.

10 © The British Standards Institution 2010 10 External collaborators Suppliers Internal departments Customers Collaborative relationship management Outsourcing Strategic supply chain Integrated programmes Public private partnerships Alliances Consortiums Development partners Integrated programmes R&D programmes Knowledge transfer Strategic suppliers Outsourcing Framework agreements Mergers Multinational cooperation Complex integrations Shared services

11 © The British Standards Institution 2010 11 The foundation of BS 11000 A structured framework for building effective and profitable relationships Awareness Knowledge Internal assessment Partner selection Staying together Exit strategy Value creation Working together

12 © The British Standards Institution 2010 12 BS 11000-1 2010 Awareness : addresses the overall strategic policy and processes. Knowledge : Looks at the development of knowledge in relation to a specific business opportunity. Internal assessment : requires organisations to take a structured and mature look at their capability to partner effectively Partner selection : Requires a structured approach to the evaluation and selection of partners

13 © The British Standards Institution 2010 13 BS 11000-1 2010 Working together : Focuses on the governance roles & responsibilities that deliver a successful outcome Value creation : focuses on methods for building on and gaining value and desired results from the collaboration. Staying together : Ensures the relationship is monitored to achieve its optimum performance Exit strategy : aims to require systems that support an effective and controlled disengagement when required.

14 14 Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals Mission ASAP is the leading global professional association dedicated to negotiating, planning and executing alliances and other collaborative business relationships. We provide forums for networking and professional development and access to resources. We work to elevate and promote the discipline of alliance management. 14

15 15 ASAP Tiered Certification Program Executive Certification  Aspirational at this time  CAAM and CSAP prerequisites CSAP  Advanced Certification  CAAM prerequisite + incremental education, training and experience  Roll out Summit 2009 CA-AM:  Certification of Achievement  Managing on-going alliance skill  3-5 yrs experience  Released September 2007 2007 2009 201X

16 16 ASAP Alliance Management Competency Map Strategic Align- ment Strategic Align- ment Corp Alliance Strategy Alliance Corporate Capability Portfolio/Network Management Portfolio/Network Management Negotiation Governance Operations Plan Organi- zational Alignment Launch Plan Metrics System Termination Transition Transfor- mation Termination Transition Transfor- mation Strategy Selection Formation Implementing and Managing Skills Mastery CSAP CA-AM Qualification Recruitment Selection Criteria Selection Criteria Alliance Specific Strategy Alliance Specialties NOTE: See Detailed Content Outline for specific competencies that are tested in the exam.

17 Advanced Alliance Skills Mastery and CSAP Prep 17 March 3, 2013 What is an Alliance? Trans- action Out- sourcing Channel OEM or Licens- ing Contract Alliances Virtual Joint Venture Joint Venture M & A Degree of Collaboration A collaborative business relationship between two or more entities that share assets, expertise, risks, rewards, and control to create greater value for their customers and for their own organizations than could be efficiently accomplished independently.

18 Certification of Achievement – Alliance Management 18 February 2013 Strategic Convergence Partner Strategic StrategicImperativesPartner Imperatives PartnershipStrategicImperatives Your Company Strategic StrategicImperatives Your Company Strategic StrategicImperatives Value Revenue Cost Value Revenue Cost Customer Strategic Imperatives Best Practice Guidance: Build your strategic alliances in alignment with the strategic objectives of both organizations

19 Advanced Alliance Skills Mastery and CSAP Prep 19 March 3, 2013 Alliance Lifecycle Framework Partner Life Cycle Cycle Alliance-Specific Strategy Analysis & Selection Building Trust & Value- Creating Negotiation Operational Planning Launching & Managing Alliance Structuring & Governance Transform Innovate Exit Collaborative Capability Strategic Business Drivers

20 Advanced Alliance Skills Mastery and CSAP Prep 20 March 3, 2013 Innovative Business Model Lilly Partnership for MDR - Tuberculosis Defining the Challenge: Patient Compliance and Prevention Treatment, Training & Surveillance Community Support Patient Advocacy Workplace Awareness & Prevention Transfer of Technology & Drug Supply Int’l Council of Nurses, WHO, World Medical Assoc. US Disease Control and Prevention Red Cross, Red Crescent TB Alert, TB Survival Project World Economic Forum, Business Alliance to Stop TB Aspen Pharmacare, SIA Int’l, Purdue University

21 Advanced Alliance Skills Mastery and CSAP Prep 21 March 3, 2013 Objective: Exponentially increase the number of families served annually Challenge: Unprecedented demand due to lost homes –Increase services delivery –Maintain HFHI values and brand integrity Solution –Recruit a network of local service providers: builders, community outreach organizations –Include assessment of values in selection criteria –Team with competitors to increase the pie –Retain control of final family selection

22 22 ASAP Global Members 22

23 23 ASAP BioPharma Corporate Members 23 Astellas US Bayer HealthCare Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals CDC's Office of Public Health Preparedness & Response Cerner CGI Group, Inc. Colgate Palmolive Communications Media Inc Covance D&H Daiichi Sankyo Diebold, Inc. The Dow Chemical Company Emergent Biosolutions Enbridge Strategic Alliances F. Hoffman LaRoche Fluor Canada Ltd Gilead Sciences Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Halozyme Therapeutics Ipsen Pharmaceuticals Labex Entreprende/ University of Montpellier Merck & Co. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Communication Pfizer PPD – Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc. Polycom, Inc. Reckitt Benckiser Revenue Storm Servier SUSE Takeda Pharmaceuticals Teva Pharmaceuticals Vebego International BV Woodward, Inc.

24 24 Strategic Alliance Magazine Recent Features Included: Critical Importance of Accurately Documenting Alliance Meetings - Eli Lilly Takada Pharmaceuticals’ Alliance Management Practice Strange Bedfellows – Novartis & Proteus Digital Health, Merck Serono & Dr Reddy’s, Biogen & Samsung, Merck & Fujifilm, Amgen & Watson Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi & Coca- Cola, etc. When Prof (Universities) Met Big Pharma Open Innovation Alliances between Industry & Academia – authors from AstraZeneca 24

25 25 ASAP - The Go-To Organization Professional Development –Alliance Management Certification –Conferences –Alliance Excellence Awards –Career Center –Chapter Events Networking –Member Directory –Chapters Resources –Netcast Web Seminar Series –Member Resource Library –Publications –White Papers, Research, & Presentations –Video Interviews –Strategic Alliance Magazine 25

26 26 Best practice partner strategies, programs, and marketing. We help companies transform their partnering practices to drive corporate growth and build shareholder value. Norma Watenpaugh – Principal, 001-408-848-9514 John Parker, UK Associate. Tel 07946

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