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Central Air Safety Committee Status Update: ASAP & FOQA.

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1 Central Air Safety Committee Status Update: ASAP & FOQA

2 A little about me...

3 ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program Take Aways - 100% Voluntary How to answer inquiries from concerned crews Wildly Successful! FAA Enforcement Avoided / Co. Discipline Avoided ASAP Fixes the “System” NOT the Crews

4 Personnel Changes 727 & 777 Status Current Projects Growing Pains FOQA Fixes the “System” NOT the Crews FOQ A Flight Ops Quality Assurance Take Aways -

5 100% Voluntary “Enforcement Incentives” - FAA Crews have decided NOT to “play” Invited Crew: F/O did: Accepted. Capt did not: Excluded; now facing FAA Enforcement ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program

6 Concerned Crew FAQ’s Should I submit? YES!!! or - If you think you did it, you SHOULD submit it, or you won’t be acquitted! 3 Deadlines - Domestic / International / Notified 24/48/24 Exception to every rule! Sole-Source Report! Why? They WANT the info more than the consequences! If you did it - chances are someone else did or will do it too. ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program

7 How to File: WBAT - Through PFC - Painful process. PROMISED SINGLE SIGN IN SOON! ASAP Hotline 901-224-5203 - Cell Phones NOW, please. FAX 901-224-5140 EXPENSE IT from HOTEL room. Company WILL pay for this call on your hotel folio. 3 Calendar Days Extension 1/3 of Crew signed in to WBAT. ~1/3 of them had trouble! ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program

8 Login: Empl # / Cy080789 Submit an ASAP, FSR or Fatigue Report Log In Issues: 901-224-5124 Scott Reeves or 901- 224-5135 Mac Johnson Cell phones - ready reference Email: Need to report - NOT the time to be waiting for a password reset Meets ALL FOM 2.15 FSR Requirements NASA Report by checking a block - Response? Y es

9 Not your “Dirty-Thirty’s Flight Safety Report” FSR’s visible to all. Very circumspect in reporting issues lest they haunt you later. Be Very Open & Honest - Suggest Fixes! “Fatal 5” will get you excluded: Criminal Activity, Substance Abuse, Controlled Substances, Alcohol Involvement Intentional Falsification - This is the ONLY one you can control “after the fact” EVERYONE Reports - More complete picture to ERC ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program

10 Some Statistics: 1329 Reports as of 5/9/12 (8.25 / day & growing!) Enforcements Avoided: (This is nebulous... Can’t be 100% definite) 12 - 15 LOC / LOW (Letter of Correction / Letter of Warning) FAA Believes you violated CFR 14.... More Common: LONA - Letter of No Action Doesn’t Exist! Doesn’t Exist! ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program

11 Discipline Avoided - even MORE nebulous - 3 or 4 Case where we believe the company wanted to talk to the crew in addition to ASAP... which, “Could lead” to a section 19 hearing. To their credit, managers involved WANTED ASAP to handle it first. Agreement was reached, ‘no reason not to accept the report at regular meeting’ Still open - crew issues resolved, but ‘systemic issues’ remain that must be addressed ASAP Aviati on Safety Action Program Some More Statistics:

12 Concerns Only one - and it’s beyond our control... Company has designated only one person to be the Event Review Committee (ERC) Rep: Tom Jenkins. He has been great, but what if he’s sick or injured? Manager in Safety tells me that two people are currently being considered for Co. ERC Rep. Our Reps: Paul Zahner, Stu Harro, Ryan Travis, Mike Bender, Stacy Horn, Dennis Sparks, Dave Wright (Training) ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program

13 Capt Dave Wright - ASAP / FOQA Chair has expressed a desire to do ASAP only. F/O Gordon Oliver FOQA Chair / Capt Chris Croce FOQA Vice FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance Gordon: MS Systems Engineering NPS & ASO Course Retired USN F/A-18 Sqn CO Former VP Ops “Check 6” 135 Employee Co MD-11 F/O Tech Pilot Flt Test ANC PSIT Chris: 1983 Ole Miss - Computer Science USN F/A-18 ASO Lead Investigator 2 Class “A” Mishaps NPS Monterey ASO Recoded MUCH of our Bus & MD-11 Data Monitoring Airbus Captain FedEx Airbus Captain FedEx

14 727: Will NEVER be part of FOQA 777 - Flight Data being monitored by SAGEM Planning on “taking the 777 keys” to FOQA later this year 75, Bus, MDs ALL being monitored MD = Gatelink 75 / Bus = PC Cards - pulled and ‘read’ Up to 2 weeks before data gets to servers FOQ A Flight Ops Quality Assurance Status

15 FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance FOQA Monitoring Team - FMT 5 Company FMT’s + 2 Staff & One Manager 8 ALPA FMT’s - 6 of whom are “Gate Keepers” Gate keeper can only see “who” for 2 weeks before the data disappears forever. Can make a call to crew. ONLY gate keeper ever knows the crew’s identity

16 FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance FMT - Process: Tedious & Data Analysis Intensive Data input by Staff Validate Data e.g. 5,213 ‘Hi Power’ Taxi events... Must be validated as legit or not; location, LTAET etc Investigate further if needed Goal: Process for ‘trends’ e.g. Location most unstable apc’s Report Back to ‘Customers’: Crews, Trng&Std, Mx, Mgmt Mgmt (in that order, please!)

17 FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance Current Projects: Writing ‘Crew Contact’ manual - “When & How To” Hi Power Taxi events on ramps Stall Warning / Stick Shaker Events Unstable Approaches (as defined in FOM) Hard LandingHard Landing with Rapid Derotation after T/D Hard Landing Studying this to include crew contacts asking perspectives to expand on computer only data

18 FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance Hard Landing with Rapid Derotation after T/D to find common factors in previous landing incidents/accidents which continue to show up in the data (Hard, Rapid Derotation Rate and Bounced Landings) Get this trend data back to the crews through training and FOQA feedback

19 Resources: Space, Terminals & Licenses 5 Terminals shared by 15 people Input, Validate, Process, Report - VERY Intensive process Resistance to FOQA Facts Newsletter (PFC) Waiting for others to ‘chop’ that have no business chopping it e.g. Training & Standards because we’re not telling people ‘how to fly’ FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance Trouble in FOQA-Land

20 Leadership & Priorities - Metrics to Management FIRST Should be: Pilots / Trng & Stds / Mx / Engineering / Management FOQA Flight Ops Quality Assurance Trouble in FOQA-Land

21 SMS Paradigm not yet in place: Silos that don’t see themselves as ‘stakeholders’ in the success of FOQA No Process to communicate un-reported aircraft exceedances These concerns are being communicated to management - not ‘hinting and hoping’!

22 ReCat - It’s Coming soon - efficiency Wake Turbulence - FAA, ATC, Ops, ALPA Safety DG - Lithium Batteries - Scott Schwartz working with John Haynes EVAS - Coming - Haven’t nailed down a timeline Volcanic Activity - John Johnson 777 Capt / Geologist Schools - 7 AI-1, 5 AI-2, 1 AI-3, One or two more next month Central Air Safety Committee Ongoing:

23 Burning Questions?

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